LGD 4033: What You Need to Know About Ligandrol

The use of SARMs has increased in the recent past and LGD, also known as LGD or Ligandrol, is one of them. Just like any other SARMs, LGD 4033 (Ligandrol) can help in building your muscles and at the same time save you from some of the side effects that can result from the use of steroids. It is commonly used by people who do not want to hit the gym but want extra muscles without necessary using steroids.

Belief History about LGD 4033 (Ligandrol)

LGD 4033 Ligandrol, initially developed by Ligand Pharmaceuticals thus the name Ligandrol, is a synthetic drug belonging to a class of drugs known as Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs). SARMs are supposed to give the same anabolic effects with steroid, for example, increasing the density of muscles, without side effects that can harm the body. Contrary to many people believe, LGD has sides’effects such as the more a person takes, the higher the Testosterone suppression.

These drugs originated from pharmaceutical company research, but nowadays you can find them in the supplement industry. The truth is, SARMs are still being developed, and some of them are in their last stage, which is the clinical trial, awaiting the approval by FDA.

How Does LGD 4033 Work?

Unlike anabolic steroids which increases androgen activity in many tissues, SARMS increases androgen activities in specific tissue since it works by binding with Androgen Receptors of particular bones and not in all parts of the body.

Additionally, steroids have been found to increase the size of the prostate which can lead to benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), that can result in adverse results on your health thereby making LGD 4033an excellent alternative to steroids.

What Is the LGD 4033 Right Dosage?

Since proper research on LGD 4033 has not been done, there is not enough information about the optimal dosage for LGD 4033, and the only thing known is that 1mg/day is sufficient. You are however warned against taking too much of the drug for too long since it could lead to some real damage that you are not likely to note immediately.

Is the Use and Sale of LGD 4033 Legal?

Currently, it is illegal to use LGD 4033 which does not mean that you should use it as a supplement. Contrary to many companies’ thinking, it is illegal to sell SARMs because it is not only unapproved but also the patent of this drug is owned by the company that initially made it. Any company producing or selling LGD 4033 is developing someone else Intellectual Property (IP) and sooner rather than later, he or she will get sued. However, if you plan to use LGD 4033 for research purposes, you can go ahead and purchase it since it is legal to use it for such a reason.

Therefore, if you plan to use LGD 4033, only use the right amount since high amount can bring damage to your body in the long run. You should remember that the drug has not been approved and use or its sale is illegal unless if you want to use it for research purposes.