AC-262356 – What Important And shocking To Know

What Important To Know About AC-262356

AC-262356 performs the same role as done by the SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptors Modulators). Developed by Acadia Pharmaceuticals in San Diego, AC-262,356 does contain the chemical that is named as endo-exo isomerism combined with endo from being the active form.

Though the main idea attached to the product is that it works in a safe and intact way unlike anabolic steroids but we must not overlook the fact that studies on SARMs which started approximately one and a half decade back are still in progress. Moreover, the available results of the researches are animal- based only.

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There is no explicit evidence of human-tested research embedded outcomes. So, now the question does arise that how can this be fully trusted about its carrying out different targets in quite intact way. So, in my suggestion a wait is required on part of the conscientious user.



How it works?

Like all the SARMs, AC-262,356 binds itself to androgen receptors those in muscles and bones. The uniqueness of its function does lie in the fact that it leaves no adverse effects to sexual tissues. Usually, it is believed that androgen receptors do bring negative change to sexual development.

And most significant fact is that when androgen receptors are activated by testosterone, they widen up their undesired working by affecting other internal human organs like liver, muscles, and bones and most importantly the brain. So, a blind trust is not less than an act of stupidity.

As a matter of fact, the more the growth of muscles and other related tissues, the higher the risks of prostate cancer with shrunk testicles. Enlarged clitoris is reportedly evident as a vice e versa effect in females.

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Why to Prefer AC-262356

But no worries, the novelty of the working of AC-262356 is still there as unlike other SARMS, its interaction with androgen receptors is not direct, thus lessens the risks of adverse effects in a natural way.

Works like ACP-105

However, the way it works might invite a comparison in a most usual way with ACP-105, as the level of the performance of both the mentioned above is quite similar.

How powerful is AC-262356?

Though little, but researchers conducted till date evidently prove that it maximizes the benefits to 60% than from those acquired by the testosterone. So, the anabolic androgenic ratio is 2.45:1 of AC-262,356. This fact is crucially important that SARMs  usually called “Anti-Libodo” by those who know insufficient, interfere in the use of AC-262,356 with all the typical qualities.

Though there are other SARMs like RAD-140 are believed to show the anabolic ratio of 90.1 that is outstanding in any way, but it does not apply the meaning that we must condemn the idea of using AC-262356.

Benefits of AC-262356

As a matter of fact, AC-262,356 is a SARM, so we are safe to say that without giving anabolic steroidal effects like SARMs, this compound too performs a dynamic role in resolving bodybuilding related issues, giving reality to their dreams and treating certain diseases.

In this regard, both muscle building with strong bones and treatment of certain diseases go hand in hand together on the way to effectiveness with the use of AC-262,356.

Preventing Prostate Cancer

This benefit is closely linked with DHT
(dihydroxytestosterone) that is generally believed to be hyper active in the development of prostate cancer. The fact just mentioned is research-oriented. DHT gives a raise to cells in prostate premises. AC-262,356 does have antagonizing impacts on DHT lessening the risks of prostate cancer.

So, now it is an evidence-proven fact that AC-262,356 shields the users against cancer by working in a significantly unique way on DHT.

AC-262356 Increases Muscle Mass


It is generally believed that while talking about muscle growth, testosterone come up with side effects. But quite contrary AC-262,356 by giving a raise to anabolic parameters, it enlarges the size of pelvic muscles. The mentioned above facts are research-oriented recently conducted on rats.

AC-262356 For Treating Alzheimer’s disease

A very thoughtful and discreet suggestion is that for user that “blind trust” is always harmful. Moreover, it has rightly been said that little knowledge is always dangerous.     If we talk about AC-262,356’s being so potent to get rid of diseases like Alzheimer as it accelerates androgenic receptor levels.

On the other hand, it plays a pivotal role in increasing the spatial memory control. Though the researches are conducted by Acadia Pharmaceuticals, but hard reality is that the laboratory studies were limited to animals only, so a definite statement about its being useful for the humans in the treatment of under discussion is not a sensible act.

AC-262356 Increases Pelvic Muscles

The most significant use of the compound is that it gives an acceleration to muscle growth with 60%’s more as compared to those given by testosterone. The most amazing fact is that it does remain harmless to other organs. Mice-based clinical studies have also proven that AC-262356 gave a significant raise to anabolic parameters.

The process is carried out through influence the working of pelvic muscles.

Expected Side Effects

SARMs are banned by WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) and its use in food, supplements and in sports is also not approved by FDA. Here question does very strongly haunt reader’s mind that why do users then prefer SARMS to anabolic steroids.

As SARMs’s use is considered to be safer unlike that of steroids because of having no or least side effects then why SARMs are not legalized. The reason behind this complicated reality is research that is unfortunately too insufficient to finalize its recommendations.

All the SARMS get directly interacted with androgen receptors like anabolic steroids which might lead to mildest steroid like adverse effects, but here this point is note worthy that AC-262356 unlike SARMs binds with androgen receptors indirectly. So, enlargement of clitoris in female and shrunk testicles as a result of consuming AC-262356 is nothing to be afraid of.

What to Expect From AC-262356

In reality, studies conducted on SARMs are not completed yet, so by that time giving an authentic fact-based opinion is like throwing arrow in dark. So, researches need to be conducted to reap richer benefits of AC-262356 with a realistic awareness of its human tested adverse effects.

The measures to avoid or minimize the negative effects will be clearly elaborated by the perfectly conducted researches.

Dosage of AC-262356

Though needs vary from individual to individual but there is always a standard set of rules to be followed regarding dosage and duration. As all the SARMs are with mild expected adverse effects, so do AC-262,356.

In my opinion, there must not be any sort of over-stepping in the quest of better and quick results as this act might lead to vice e versa scenario bringing numerous intensive side effects.


Studies conducted on rats recommend the dose from 10mg/kg to 30mg/kg. But the question does arise here, “What is the suggested dose for humans?” So to me, till the time we get final research-oriented results we must not exceed 10mg to 30mg to avoid expected adverse effects. This amount is recommended by the concerned authorities.


To get more effective and better result a stack of Andarine and Ligandrol is advisable for the user.

Does It need a Post Cycle Therapy?

In fact, the process of studies and researches on SARMS have not yet been completed so far, so conducting a PCT trial is must keeping in view the above mentioned to avoid expected adverse effects.

It is extremely helpful in the process of muscle mass maintenance during the compound intake for strengthening endurance and enhancing mood. To come up with the complete SARM CYCLE is also important so that the user may not overly depend on the compound.

A shorter PCT for at least four weeks is too just right to safeguard against adverse effects. So, this is not significantly important do PCT during the intake of SARMs. The duration of PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) depends on the time you are taking the compound for.

Both are correlative and interdependent. For example, if you look forward to use SARMs for 12 weeks, then it is also important to carry out PCT for the same duration. Test Booster is also very much useful in this regard. Bodybuilders too recommend it.

Final Thoughts

As a matter of fact, both testosterone and AC-262356 have the same good effects. Fortunately, AC-262,356 is far safer in adverse effects as compared with testosterone.

And in connection with strengthening stamina with muscle mass and cutting fat, it is equally useful, but this fact must also not be overlooked that the product has not yet given an authentic end to its clinical researches.

Moreover, studies conducted up till now are only on animal-based, so a long distance is yet to cover to confidently decide whether to use it or not. To me, preference must be given to well-researched SARMS as LGD-4033 and MK-2866 to ascertain the effectiveness in a more authentic manner.

And finally an adequate knowledge of PCT is also crucially important before making a final decision about the use of AC-262,356.

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