ACP-105 SARM: What To Know Important

A very straight forward and direct fact is that ACP-105 is a SARM that gets interacted with androgen receptors in tissue and bones. This is how it gives a raise to muscle growth. This is non steroidal and was developed to be a risk free substitute to AAS and prohormones.

However, it has slightest impacts on prostrate in preclinical models and is quite similar in working to testosterone. This thing must be kept in mind that ACP-105 is not full agonist like LGA4033.

ACP-105 Review

SARMS (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator) are designed to treat certain diseases like oesteoprosis, cancer and muscle wasting in better and safer way unlike anabolic steroids. ACP105 works uniquely and no less than testosterone that carries out desired functions in a very secured way. No worries at all about the most feared of side effects strongly associated with the usage of anabolic steroids.

What is ACP-105

Being a SARM, ACP-105 is selective androgen agonist. Its relation with the molecules SARM is so strong. Fortunately, ACP105 has given remarkably wonderful results in all the preclinical testing regarding pharmacological properties and ensuring a harm free treatment. A Swedish Pharmaceutical firm Acadia developed this SARM.

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As a matter of fact, it is a new addition in SARM family. It is there from 2009. This is another bitter truth that we do not find much available information about this SARM. And the research conducted up till now is done on rats, not on humans.

Is ACP-105 Strong Enough?

In fact this SARM is comparatively new, so a lot of fact embedded information is not in hand currently, but it is strongly believed that ACP-105’s potency is so much that on the basis of having anabolic impacts it may be compared with Testosterone. While talking about strength of ACP105, we are safe to say that its anabolic to androgenic ratio is 3 to 1.

Though ACP-105 holds a pedestal place in strength, but its comparison in any way cannot be made with LGD4033 that has a ratio of 10.1. This is how we get a glimpse of how strong ACP105 is. It is generally conceived that ACP’s working is quite similar to that of Testosterone while testing on animals.

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But here one significant point is note worthy that the facts received are not candid enough.

So, it is advisable to go through a self conducted research to know the factual truths about ACP105. As ACP105 is a SARM, so it also causes suppression though very mild. Its suppressive effects are not that strong as that of RAD-140. According to studies ACP-105 also safeguards against radiation. Individuals do react differently when coming across with hormone suppression, so PCT is suggested.

How to use Acp-105?

Though amount of dose and duration do vary from individual to individual according to needs, but a standard suggested dose must be there to avoid undesirable conditions and to get the demands fulfilled. Cycle requirements are always there. Moreover, targets set by the individuals also varied.

Best Acp-105 Dosage

Before proceeding, let me unveil the fact that ACP105 can be found through doping tests. And another truth is that studies conducted up till now are on rats only. Those animals were given 1mg/kg per day. But in the case of humans, the suggested dose is 11mh per day for a 175Ibs male.

For Men

Men are suggested to take 10mg of ACP-105 every day. They must take it approximately one hour before they start their work routines and after meals. The cycle must be of eight to twelve weeks.

For Women

Women are recommended half the men’s dose. They are suggested to take 5mg every day. Preference must be given 30-40 minutes before work and after meals. However, the duration of cycle or women is shortened to six to eight weeks.

Half Life of ACP-105

Amazingly, the half life of the product is only 4-6 hours. So, men are suggested to divide the recommended amount of the dose into two equal parts; one in the morning and second in the evening. Women too are advised to observe the same tip.

Expected Benefits


Let me bring you in light that ACP105 is a new SARM, and very little studies have been conducted on it up till now. Moreover, people do not consider it to be researched anymore. It is also generally believed that ACP105 is comparatively a weaker SARM than others.

But it simply does not imply the meaning that it is totally ineffective to use. Most of the users have given positive comments about ACP105. Anyways, the compound more likely seems to yield the following benefits:

  • Strengthens Stamina
  • Energy is boosted up
  • Best for muscle gain
  • Gives quick results
  • Within 3-4 weeks ensures a gain of 3kg
  • Muscle recovery is quickened
  • Not that harmful as are anabolic steroids
  • Dramatically influences levels of endurance
  • Outburst of power is imparted
  • Accelerates growth of muscles 66% more effectively than Testosterone
  • Equally useful both for athletes and patients

PCT With ACP-105

Indeed SARMS are taken in to resolve body building related issues and to treat certain diseases like cancer. So, a mini PCT of 4-6 weeks is suggested with this lighter SARM. Anyways literature may be consulted to get thorough guidance. As a matter of fact, use of SARMS causes testosterone suppression, so to bounce back these effects it is important to have a PCT.

So, some medicines like Support 90 Capsules are suggested for SARM Cycles to avoid any adversity and to get the achieved results maintained. This will ensure better results of using SARMS with complete cycles.


I have already mentioned it in one of my article that Ostarine is much researched SARM. Quite contrary to other SARMS, ACP-105 is least studied SARM. Researchers in fact do not heed this SARM, this is why this SARM is least bothered.

Consequently, the user very conveniently choose other SARMS as LGD-4033, MK-2844, Cardarine and others instead going for ACP105 which has little currently available information. To ascertain the effects of ACP-105 we have to wait for research oriented facts to get the benefits to a fuller extent and to avoid the vice e versa impacts.

By the time studies based truths are exposed other SARMS like LGD-4033 and others must be preferred to buy. Another solution about uncertainty is that it must be bought from an authentic, reliable and trust worthy vendor. But I foresee the future of ACP105 with an optimistic approach.

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