Andarine (S4 SARM) Review: Get Crazy Results

Developed by GTX, Andarine is an Investigatory Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. The hallmark of the compound is that without using steroidal anti-androgen, it is very effectively used in the treatment of muscle loss, osteoporosis and benign pro-static hypertrophy.

The compound secures a projecting place in the treatment of the conditions mentioned above. Apart from this, the benefits this product brings to the user are also worth mentioning.

What is Andarine?

Let me first foreground the subject. In fact having stamina, bodily fitness and stronger muscles with increased performance duration is as important to athletes, bodybuilders and sports people as oxygen to lungs.

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So in this regard, taking in good least caloric diet, a strenuous exercise and the use of drugs go hands in hands together on the way to get stamina embedded potency. These are the drugs which are named as SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator).

Andarine S4The higher platform, we find the Andarine is condensing undoubtedly. Here one thing needs to be kept in mind that the roles performed by certain kinds of SARMS differ from one another. The reason why Andarine is most extensively used SARMS is that Kaken Pharmaceuticals originated the compound to facilitate osteoporosis stricken.

In a nut shell, Andarine is the best choice, if we want result oriented and promising performance from the product regarding safety and effectiveness.

How Does Andarine Work?

Before switching to the functioning of the Andarine, let me update you that we are born with androgen receptors in our bodies. The receptor is actually responsible for the changes of our routine working. SARMs like chemicals help to enlarge working.

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Being an AR antagonist, Andarine functions in an opposite manner by not stopping the way of antagonist and clinging it to agonist or separating from it.

The structure of AR is influenced by the modulator (agonist). Consequently, various outcomes can be noted, still testosterone’s strength is influenced along with other AR chemicals in respond to enhancing potency.

Legal Status Of Andarine

Though the athletes have shown very good results by the use of the compound, still with other SARMs Andarine is also strongly banned. We cannot consider Andarine a legally allowed product in any way.

Legal in Sport

The Legal status of Andarine is not that lucky one, as the compound was banned by WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) in 2008. It was not banned only rather the use for the athletes was strongly condemned. The use of Andarine is viewed so negatively in competitive sports.

The reason behind this is that one must not take advantage of using drugs upon others who avoid taking such compounds. The user or the professional sports man on using S-4 has to meet very unpleasant results in the form of fine, a temporary exclusion from or even imprisonment.

Legal in Diet

So far available studies are concerned; the FDA has not yet shown any certified consent on the use of the compound which could go in the favor. So, in any case it cannot be taken as the food supplement. Moreover, its use in diet supplements is also not recommended.

Legal in Medical-Research

Andarine is legal so far medical research is concerned. But the legality seal does not remain there if the compound in any way is used for the human intake.

Uses/ Good Effects Of Andarine

As it has already been mentioned that Andaine is the most frequently used compound due to its services offered to the bodybuilders and other diseases affecters. Fortunately, steroidal based negative changes are not received as the product is effectively used in treatments.

For Bulking

For beefing up the body too Andarine is very much helping but other substitutes like Superadol are far better in performance than this. Without giving a conscious effort the body gets bulk in no time.

Another distinction of the compound is that body gives its original shape with bulk instead of fake enlarged sized due to water retention in the body. This is because that it does not have anything to do with keeping water in the body.

Moreover, the effects given by the compound are also not temporary as the bulk achieved is not shed as we quit intake.

For Cutting

The most salient feature of the compound that is constantly performing a dynamic role in increasing its popularity among the buyers is that it sheds the fat away. Andarine functions very effectively by de sizing lipoprotein and giving a raise to the oxidation of the fat. Thus, the compound enables the user to wear a strong look without self clumsy feeling.


In my truthful opinion, the compound being non steroidal Is not that potent for recomposing, so it is advisable to make a combination of other SARMS while taking it in.

Expectations From Andarine

SARMS do have different functions to play in the body, so knowing about the working of kinds is much important before making a choice or buying. As the most distinguished features have already been mentioned but luckily much more could be expected from Andarine.

Expectations From Andarine

Harmless to Sexual Organs

As a matter of fact, the user might get apprehensive about the negative sexual issues but there is good in its intake as such drastic consequences are not reported while taking this SARM into consideration. We find no or least visible effects only on our sexual parts. It neither causes gynecomastia nor enlarges women’s breast size.

No Toxic Liver

Normally, the SARMS chemically based on steroidal effects are believed to give negative effects to the body as do the steroids. Damage of the liver is considered to be the most frequently seen change. But while talking about the use of Andarine, we find no reported cases of liver damage.

Moreover, it does not lead to hepatitis nor causes hepatotoxity.

Popular among Ladies

This is growing concern about the usage of SARMS, that they do give an un wanted raise to hair growth on all the pats of the body especially beard in ladies. So, we owe a great debt of gratitude to this SARM Andarine that does not affect beauty of females.

Safety Ensured of Other Internal Body Parts

Another favor Andarine gives to user is that, it does not have anything to do regarding the enlargement of the other inner organs of the body like the most important part heart. So, it may be called a heart-friendly compound.


However, the Andarine has the potency to deal all the issues regarding body fitness and treating the different diseases but it is advisable to use it with other SARMS to multiply its benefits. In this regard, need based choice must not be ignored, the results could go otherwise.

For Cutting

Andarine does provide a smooth sailing while we talk about cutting the fats as the process goes on without any side effects. The combination of 25 mg of Andarine with 20 mg of Cardarine gives the user multiple benefits by fantastically working on both the aspects. Users do cut the fats but without getting deprived of muscle mass.

For Strength

Undoubtedly, 50 mg Andarine while stacking with 25 mg of Ostarine Ostabolic and 20 mg of Cardarine enhances the level of strength and potency beyond limits. Consequently, the user gets a well shaped body without extra fats. Another ideal combination is of 50 mg of Andrine with 10 mg of Ligandrol in this connection.

For Bulking

SARMS do perform numerous roles in our body differing from one another. A careful analysis needs to be made before we make a decision to stack SARMS. A combination of 50 mg of Andarine with 10 mg of Testolone with an enhanced nutritive food is ideal for those who desire to get bulk.


Andarine S4 Vs Ostarine

As discussed already, before getting enthusiast to get the benefits of the SARMS, one must go through a thorough study of different kinds of SARMS, so that a right choice according to individual needs could be made. A very ignoring aspect in this regard is research, being easy going we avoid to get into a long tedious process of getting an in depth knowledge of different kinds.

Consequently, a wrong selection is made leading to vice e versa effects. While making a impartial comparison between the two, the Andarine and Ostarine, we find Andarine less potent than Ostarine.

SARM RAD-140 has an extensive bio availability and Andarine, S4 (Acetamidoxolutamide) shares the qualities of it. But in my truthful opinion, despite being weaker in effects as compared to Ostarine, Andarine’s consumption is much excessive. This is because along with fulfilling the desires set by bodybuilders, it very treats certain diseases and cancer is at the top of the list.

Expected Side Effects

The question does arise here, “Why SARMS are preferred to steroids?” Simply no one wants to get the bodily damages that occur in respond to the use of steroidal chemicals. But this is also a fact that there are some pros and cons with every chemically combined product so is the case with the SARMS and Andarine is not left out.

Though Andarine brings no or minimal side effects to the user but having sufficient basic information about the user, needs and dosage is must to get a safer through.

Blurred or Weak Sight

Commonly, it is very strongly believed that Andarine carries out its function in the best possible way without bringing any visibly marked and harmful damages but we cannot swear blind about the compound.

Andarine slightly affects the vision as S-4 molecule in Andarine is directly related with retina, so a yellowish blot can be expected with its intake. This off course directly influences the sight at the time of nights.

No worries at all, as the stop of Andarine wipes away all the damages brought there during consuming the product. As a preventive measure to avoid such undesirable changes, smaller dose is recommended.

Hormonal Change and Mood Swings

Though it is very strongly believed that use of Andarine is quite safer for sexual issues but we cannot deny the fact that undoubtedly it influences the reproductive hormones of both the genders. LH and FSH which play a remarkable role in our reproductive system could get suppression as the result of Andarine’s consumption.

Though studies on rats discovered that only certain   least vigorous kind is affected, still the dose of Andarine needs to be decided discreetly to avoid any dire consequences.

The most important thing one must keep in mind is the adjust-ability of the compound to the body. Why to go to the vice e versa effects of using the product, why not making a smart choice of other SARMS if any certain kind does not meet the needs of the body.

In my strong recommendation, the use of the compound must be at once stopped if it is leading towards undesirable mood swings instead giving a pleasant feeling at the day end routine. Having depressed feelings with anxiety is no doubt much damaging to mental and physical health.

As we don’t find any research oriented information in this regard, so the reasons of mood swings are still not known. So, this aspect of using Andarine needs to be given a sizeable consideration.

The Best Dosage For Andarine

To avoid any expected side effects, a great care needs to be made regarding dosage. As a matter of fact, Andarine is half life, so instead of taking one heavy amount in one stretch, it is advised to take it in two parts: first in the morning and then in evening.


Andarine S4 Dosage

Andarine’s use does not lead to any sleeplessness conditions, so it can be used with convenience at night time as well.

Based on gender, the amount of dose differs for both men and women. The ideally prescribed duration for taking up this compound is from 8 to 12 weeks. And the recommended dose for men is 50 mg daily while women must take half the amount men do take.

Another thing must be given a great consideration that taking Andarine with high expectations of getting great results is nothing but an act of stupidity, if we are not consuming up right kind of prescribed healthy food. This thing will multiply the benefits to many folds.

User’s Experience

Though it is not a child’ splay to find the candid comments from the real users about the outcomes of the consumption of Andarine yet we are lucky enough to find some with views based on personal experience.

A user viewed noticeable changes in his body regarding strength and stamina in a very short span of time comprising one week only. The product was consumed up with other SARMS to boost up its efficiency. The only minimal side effect could be seen that was retention of water in the body which was not given due importance by the user however.

A lady user owes a great debt of gratitude to the product for bringing her amazing results in connection with size and strength. And she not only appreciates highly the product rather very strongly recommends it for others as well.

The lady is least concerned with the slight and mild side effects the product might bring. She is enthusiast to give reality to her dreams about bodily fitness and potency.

Andarine S4 for Sale

As the fact is already known that in 2008, Andarine along with all the SARMS was banned by WADA (World Anti- Doping Agency) due to its steroidal side effects so its use in supplements, sports and diet is illegal. This is the reason that mostly vendors do claim that the product is not for human intake rather it is sold for scientific research.

Thus, linking the sale of Andarine with educational purposes, the vendors to somehow safe guard themselves against any fine charges, imprisonment or other legal action.

Moreover, the possibility of non availability of SARMS in the compound is also there despite the claiming by the concerned. In this regard two things are very important to consider;

  • First a research needs to be conducted to check SARM being in the product.
  • Secondly the purchase must be made from trustworthy, known and loyal vendor only.

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