Arimistane Supplements: Everything About Arimistane PCT

Have you ever felt the post-cycle effects that are prolonged and frequently cause dilemmas? Are you an athlete and want to control your estrogen levels? Sounds crazy? Then let us have a look at the review below that is going to introduce you to the Arimistane supplements.

It is everything that you need to know about the Arimistane supplements!

What is Arimistane

It is very critical to know about the compound itself before diving into its details. Andros-3 5-diene-7 17-dione (I know they are hard to pronounce) are also known as Arimistane. It is basically an aromatase inhibitor.

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Inhibitor acts as an obstruction or constraint to different enzymes and hormones produced in the human body. It is one of the most famous pro hormones right now. It performs the functions of lowering the estrogen levels in the human body.

To lose body fat, build muscles, increase strength, it is being widely used among all the bodybuilders and strength trainers as it causes a great increase in testosterone levels. It is habitually used for post cycle therapy.

It naturally occurs in the human body and there have been several studies and researches to prove the fact. In the 1970s, East German chemists fashioned Androsta-3 5-diene-7 17-dione in human urine. 

Arimistane Assistance

It assists in a variety of disciplines. It is one of the most effective OTC aromatase inhibitors which have been helping many people for a long time. Their several ways this compound can be used for.

Most frequently, it targets the human hormones after cycle therapy to activate the natural hormones for those who are taking SARMs and steroids. One thing to be kept in mind is that this drug is not essentially responsible to produce testosterone in the body rather it acts to stimulate hormone production.

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Certainly, it is very logical and advantageous to take it as a testosterone booster. It doesn’t cause any harm or side effects to the normal human hormones system. However, steroids should be used more for this cause, yet long term uses of this compound can cause side effects such as hypertension and hyper activeness.

The androgenic ratio of steroids causes a sudden increase in estrogen along with testosterone. To confront this issue, one must put their hands on Arimistane Supplements to avoid such problems. 

Arimistane Supplements


Everything has its own usage protocol, anything taken without provisions can result in serious issues. After doing a cycle of any compound such as SARMs. It is taken as a PCT which is the POST CYCLE THERAPY.

After you have completed a cycle, your natural testosterone levels are decreased. This will result in muscle loss and lower energy levels. It is said to immediately take the Arimistane supplements to balance the testosterone levels.

All the unnecessary estrogen will be blocked and Androsta-3 5-diene-7 17-dione will do wonders for you. A 2-4-week period is a recommended cycle after which strength trainers and muscle builders take it to rise the gains.

Some people might need a therapy longer than 4 weeks, it is now up to you to play with your body and analyze it on your own. 

NOTE: Taking it longer than 6 or 7 weeks can cause emergency lower levels of estrogen and if it drops more than needed, it is not funny!

Long story short, Arimistane should be taken to recover your body for post cycle therapy. A detailed introduction to PCT is given below.


Arimistane is not hazardous to practice at all. Many people have not reviewed any negative feedback even after taking it in high dosage. Although, the usage is recommended yet a little bit of imbalance unlike other steroids cannot be so dangerous.

It is a misconception about it that it leads to complete shut off of estrogen but no matter what we do, a complete shut off is not practically possible. To not experience any harmful aftereffect, one should always follow the strategies and guidelines. 


PCT is also known as Post Cycle Therapy is a run after SARMs cycle or steroid cycle that causes a change in your hormones. Since the estrogen is blocked to an extent during the intake of steroids, having Arimistane can help get well your body. 

Arimistane Supplements


Not stacking it with any other compound is principally Arimistane standalone. Most athletes use it to lift up their energy levels which can help them in increasing their power and better performance.


Gyno is a state when the breast of men is increased due to muscle gain. This is an alarming condition for men. To avoid the increase, it is used.


Proper dosage is used when starting off something, it is always advised to start off with less and increase the dosage with time. Arimistane Supplements gives the best results with 50-75 mg per day. Beginners should always start with 25 mg. However, you should never take it too much.


It is recommended to use it throughout the day because it has a very short life. Its half-life is usually 2-4 hours. 

By dispersion of the supplement, it will give the best results to your body. 


It has exceptional effects on Cortisol hormone. It is formed in the adrenal glands. It can suppress the human immune system. If cortisol is elevated for a long time, it can cause allergies and inflammation.

Thankfully, It comes to the rescue as it can inhibit the cortisol hormone and make sure it stays in the standard assortment. 


The basic difference between Arimistane and Arimidex is the latter is severely effective. Arimidex is especially used for women with menopausal effects. It comes in the prescription of breast cancer for women.

We would not recommend taking it as it can cause higher effects but works the same as Arimistane Supplements so why take the risk?


So many online stores sell several supplements. A top-rated supplement is Rebirth PCT which has so many positive effects. Each vendor offers a lot of options. You should do detailed research before choosing anything. 

Arimistane Supplements

ARE Arimistane Supplements LEGIT TO USE?

There are plenty of reasons to try Arimistane because of its wide circulation, acceptance, and efficacy. It doesn’t cause any side effects as long as taken into consideration. There is no reason to prevent its usage. It can be taken alone or with other supplements.

You don’t have to be very cautious while using it so on the whole, it is one of the best compounds to take during bodybuilding. You should definitely try it.

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