Are you a bodybuilder and you are looking for some new exercises to try? Those which are at an extreme level and will help you in gaining muscle mass to make your biceps bulge? Then, you are at the right place as we are going to share with you some thrilling workouts for both back and bicep. 

Although, there is not a day assigned for this workout officially as most fitness trainers call Monday as the “chest workout day” then you can make Tuesday as your Back and Bicep Muscle mass. Let us keep reading till the end to learn some new extra operative back and bicep workout for muscle mass today! 

Back and Bicep Workout for Muscle Mass Gains

Back and Bicep workout for muscle mass is classified to increase gradually . These B’s are often paired up which each other and when they come together, they provide effective and fast results. However, there is not such an inflexible and rigid regulation about both of them to come together.

There is still a logic if we combine them both, they will show some incredible outcomes. When your fitness trainer asks you to try back workouts, likely, the next thing he is going to add up in the session is biceps. Certain protocols should be followed before starting your workout.

Typically, you should start off with pull-down or pullovers. We will be sharing the warm-up exercises below. It is not generally heavy lifting and endurance but these are the techniques and forms that you should keep in mind. These forms are the workouts that are most effective in the back and bicep muscle gain. 

Back and Bicep Workout for Muscle Mass

Back and Bicep Workout for Muscle Mass Together or Separately

If you a gym freak then you will be familiar with the technique of push-pull split. In this practice, a muscle is pulled one day and the next day another one is pushed. You should follow a schedule that does not skip any muscle group to stay organized and make sure that your full body is targeted not leaving a single muscle.

For instance, if you are training a group of muscles which includes your triceps one day then the next day you shall go for biceps. This will cause a pull-push split and will show better outcomes. 

Considering this push-pull split, it is more often that trainers consider backs and biceps together. Their muscle positions are inclined towards each other and training them together will help your body and muscles to catch the flow. Nevertheless, It is usually advised to train the back muscles before starting your biceps. 

Back Muscles

In conjunction with the back muscles, the muscles involved in training back are:

Middle and Lower Trapezius

These muscles retract the scapula and rotate and depress the scapula respectively.


They elevate, drawback, and rotates the shoulder blades. 

Teres major

It helps in moving your arms back and down. 

Bicep Muscles

The major muscles involved in the biceps are:

Biceps brachii

It flexes your elbow and winds your wrist outward.


It also aids in stretching the elbow.

Back and Bicep Workout for Muscle Mass

Warm-Up Exercise

These muscles are very delicate and if overworked they can result in injuries and can be a cause your muscles to get hurt. Well to avoid that you must warm up your muscles and body. Warm-up tends to make your muscles ready to move vigorously. It is just like getting yourself ready before going to work.

If you are unintendingly rushing and trying to go to an extreme level, it can lead to problems. You should prime your central nervous system. These warm-up exercises will prepare you for the upcoming intense training. Stretching is also a good source of warming up your body.  

After the warm-up session has been completed, let us move to the extreme back and biceps workouts for muscle mass. 

Extreme Back and Bicep Workout for Muscle Mass

Divided into two forms, these are the extreme back and bicep workouts:

Extreme Back Workouts

Back in the mandatory part of your body and it helps in sustaining the gains. Workouts specified for extreme back workouts are:

Vertical Pulls

A simple yet very effective workout for the back is vertical pulls. In this, you pull yourself down in a straight line and similarly pull yourself upwards. It includes several variations. Vertical push target the shoulders of the muscles. This targets the Lat muscles. You would probably require a Lat pulldown. 


You have to lay on a Lat pulldown. Your shoulders must be widely open holding the bar. Not pushing the stack. Lift your shoulders towards your ear. Next, keep your arms entirely straight and push your face to the ground. Allow your shoulders to lengthen as long as they approach your ears. This will pull pressure on your back causing your muscles to stretch.

Lat pulldowns are also a part of vertical pulls being an extension to the former exercise. Hold the bar and pull it straight downwards. Do not let it touch your chest but rather try to keep your forearm straight. The next step is pullups, they require an assistant machine. They are not like general pullups. They can be performed in the same way as pulldowns, changing the direction. You are required to work hard and it will make you clear about how hard your muscles can perform. 


This form of workout will add width to your upper back and will target the teres major muscles of your back. They are very intense and will require a lot of strength. 


There are several ways you can complete this exercise. Some of them are named as: 

  • Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown.
  • Neutral-Grip Lat Pulldown.
  • Neutral-Grill Pullup
  • Chin-up 
  • One-Arm Cable Down Pulls.
  • Supinated Pulldowns.

Horizontal Pulls

Imagine your body in a standing position, try to stretch your arms inclining outwards from your chest. Try to bring the arms back pushing something. This is what is considered horizontal pullups because your arms are in a horizontal plane and parallel to the ground. It is a type of row and any exercise done in this way will be called a row say it of any type.

Even though if you try to change your body’s position and bent down towards the earth, even after that your torso will be straight up and your arms will be horizontal concerning your body. These types are either done in the form of straight flat pulls or with dumbbells. Rowing covers most of the workout area of your back.

If you think about your daily life, you will see how often we are using our arms in the same direction as required in this exercise. While driving, texting, or typing our arms are constantly in motion. This causes a lot of pressure on your back and can make your muscles weak.

It is recommended to try out horizontal pulls more than vertical because we have to recover the injuries and pains that we get in our daily life routines. They are not only important but are as beneficial as any other healthy form of movement. The muscles targeted during this workout will improve your posture. 


This can be done with the help of an incline bench and a pair of dumbbells. Get your dumbbells and leave your arms in the air. Lower your arms as low as possible. Pull your dumbbells and slightly lift your chest up. Single Arm Rows are also used using an incline bench or a seat. It can be done with the help of a single hand. Set your shoulder and pull it towards your body.

Squeeze your muscles and twist your body. You can also do it by standing in front of a wall. Putting your one hand on the wall and use your dumbbell with the help of the other hand and pull it towards your chest. To make this exercise the heaviest, you should be bent over barbell rows and bend your body, Heavyweights will increase the effectiveness. 


This form of exercise targets almost all the major back muscles of your body. It helps in making a thicker back. Also affects the wideness of your back. 


There are several ways in which you can complete this exercise, these are:

  • Barbell bent-over row.
  • One-arm dumbbell row.
  • Seated Cable Row.
  • Pend lay Row.
  • Machine row.
  • T-bar row.

Straight Arms Pull Down/ Pull-Overs

The above two inclined movements are different and involve the biceps as a second component. Keeping the elbows in a fixed position, you will need to use very light weights as compared to other exercises. These are also called isolated exercises. In these movements, your mind and muscle should be connected to see the results.

Some fitness trainers call it a mind game. Your body should work hard but your mind should be focused on diverting all the extra thoughts that come into your brain during these isolation movements. 


It will act on your teres major and Lats. It does not majorly involved biceps. 


Equally, there are some forms in which this exercise can be performed. These are:

  • A rope attached straight arm pulldown
  • Cable Pullover
  • Dumbbell pullback 
  • Barbell pullover 
  • One arm-pull down and more

Back and Bicep Workout for Muscle Mass

Extreme Bicep Workouts

Biceps are a crucial part of your body because they are attached to the elbow and the elbow doesn’t offer a flexible movement. So, there is only one form of training that can be performed in many ways to work with your biceps. These are called curls and the way they can be achieved are:

Preacher Curls

This workout improves and works on the thickness of your biceps. It emphasizes the short head of your bicep. For this, you will require a machine that has a bar attached to it. You are required to pull the bar towards your face. It will give a twist or a curl to your bicep. Squeezing your bicep is the key in this workout. It hits the lower part of your bicep. The bench required for this workout is called the preacher curls machine.  


This form of workout specifically targets the brachialis. It aids in the flexible movement of the elbow. It is an excellent form of exercise for targeting the inner portion of your bicep regardless of how you perform it. 


You can either use a dumbbell or a barbell while doing this workout. There are always two ways of performing it either while standing still or being seated on a bench depends on the form of machine you are using. You are advised to lower the weights of the dumbbells you are using after a spell of workout. 

Dumbbell Curls

It is a very simple yet very targeted exercise. You just have to hold your dumbbells and move them back and forth. Make sure to lift the dumbbells which are according to your capacity. Too heavy dumbbells can cause injuries to the muscles. Maintaining a proper form with this type of workout is difficult. 


They target the muscles of the front upper and lower bicep. The brachialis and brachioradialis are the two main muscles that are targeted during this form of exercise. This type of workout aid in making your biceps thicker and powerful. You have to be patient with this form of workout.


This form of exercise can be done at home or in the gym. You will just need a pair of dumbbells. It is up to how heavy you are willing to carry. You can either curl both arms holding dumbbells at the same time or you can alternate the curls. It depends on your strength and stamina. 

Pronated Grip-Curls

In this form of exercise, your palms face you in the downwards position. You are in the down position. Hold two dumbbells or a barbell bar and push it towards your chest. Curl your arms. You must have a strong grip. Lower back down to the initial spot. 


Just like other forms of curls, this workout also targets the brachialis and the brachioradialis muscles. It affects the lower part of the bicep. It affects the biceps to a greater extent as compared to the workouts mentioned above because it requires a lot of body movements at the same time. 


The forms of exercise in which this workout can be done are:

  • Reverse Curl
  • Barbell Curl
  • Cable reverse curl
  • Dumbbell Curl

Back and Bicep Workout for Muscle Mass

Shoulder Extension

Last among our list, but not least is shoulder extension. In this workout, the upper arms are protected and the elbows are brought straight in the front of the chest. You can keep your upper arms behind your torso. You can lie back on an incline bench to perform this sort of training. 


Performing a workout like this in which your shoulders and biceps are stretched puts pressure on your long head biceps which is the outermost part of the bicep. 


There are several forms in which you can perform this exercise, these are:

  • Dumbbell curl
  • Table Curl
  • Incline Cable Curl
  • Back-Cable Curl 

Many Reps and Sets Required for Back and Bicep Workout for Muscle Mass

This is very critical to decide how many reps and sets your body requires. Your body can hold the intensity of the workout to decide if you are capable of performing a heavy training session. For a good hold, especially if you want to get those muscles, it is usually advised to do 3 to 4 working sets per exercise.

You can do 3 sets of back and 2 sets for biceps. Each set has many reps that should be recommended by your fitness trainer. Some suggest 8-25 reps for each set. For biceps, you can easily do 10-50 reps. Make sure you take breaks between each set to gain the energy to start again. 45-60 seconds of rest is recommended. 

Ps of Exercises of Back and Bicep Workout for Muscle Mass

3 P’s of Back and Bicep Workouts are:

1- Prime

It is another word for warming up your body. Priming exercises are important as they will help in making your nervous system active. 

2- Perform 

It is a small strength-training that consists of 8 reps. You have to be very focused while doing this. It is more vital as compared to prime but that does not mean you can skip prime. 

3- Pump 

The last P is about Pump which means you are actually going to kick off your extreme hard training workout for the bicep and back. It is a cycle of the low-to-moderate-to-high level of workout. 

The Bottom Line Back and Bicep Workout for Muscle Mass

After all, we have discussed above, it is clear how effective these exercises can be for all the bodybuilders and trainers. Your muscle groups are very crucial choices and you should choose them wisely. You can opt for the exercises above but make sure that you practice in a good form. Stay fit, stay happy!