BKB Herbal Kratom Vendor: An Honest And Detailed Review

Misinformation about BKB Herbal

There has been quite a noise about BKB Herbal leaving the kratom industry for quite a long time now. Many people started spreading rumors and misinformation about the vendor that they have completely shut off their business. At once, it seemed like the vendor could not stay in the business because of any competitor putting continuous pressure on them to leave or surrender.

Or another reason that could have led to them leaving is their inability to accept any major credit cards or expand their payment options. In either case, it was a huge splash and it raised quite a buzz in the kratom world as many people loved this brand for selling the best items. Luckily, for all of their lovers, this news turned out to be wrong and baseless as the reality was far beyond these assumptions.

The main reason for BKB Herbal leaving or in other words, leaving the industry market was their low inventory due to which they shut off their online vendor store for a while. It shall not last long as the vendor is expected to give a grand come back with amazing new products and Kratom inventory.

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They shall be sourcing their products from the Southeast Asian region and along with the great products, they will be coming back real soon. So, all the BKB fans, wait a little more.

BKB Herbal

Florida-Based Company

Serving the great Broward Country Area, BKB Herbal is a Florida-Based Company. They are made to ensure that people from all over the world specifically the United States can make full use of their products. They offer their services to all of the states where Kratom is legal to use.

They not only deal with Kratom but are also known to have a great dealing of CBD and other accessories. They are a top-notch high-quality shelf for various supplements which are in demand these days. They are indifferent from others because of having a wide range of products available each of the different types and forms.

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They even have their current store bracelets and key chains which are made for promotional purposes saying “I LOVE BKB” or #Kratomsaveslife. A very famous tagline says “Keep calm and Kratom on”.

Fine Aroma

BKB Herbal is the very first vendor that emerged as a Kratom center in the U.S. Many people tried them out and were astonished to see the amazing effects which could be felt after the intake of their products. Their products hold a very gentle and fine aroma which is something to die for. It instantly gives you a pleasant feeling and switches your mood from bad to good.

You can always try them out not only to get the best and top quality of Kratom but also to get the perfect fragrance that you have been looking for. A little number of their products shall fill up your house with an attractive sensational aroma.

Products BKB Herbal Offers

As mentioned earlier, the product line is not available as the vendor is currently on a break, or in other words, it can be said that the vendor is stocking up their Kratom inventory. However, they have a wide range of products. BKB Herbal offers a host of green, red, white, and other kratom strains along with their sub-types.

Crisp is the green powder that you can get from them. Some of the products or strains that you can expect to get from this vendor along with their sub-types are mentioned below:


  • Crisp
  • Green MD
  • Green Tawa Indo
  • Plantation Maeng Da
  • Super Green Horn


  • Red Bentuangie
  • Red Horned Leaf
  • Red Indo Santai
  • Red MD


BKB Herbal

Best Strain By BKB Herbal to try

The best strain is the one having a unique name that attracts the people and is usually eye-catching. The same is the case with this vendor as their best strain is without any doubt the one having a funky name also known as “Tidak Takut”. Just as it sounds, this product is very exotic and has a great aroma that feels like a paradise when it goes to your mouth.

When you munch it in, you will get the excitement and a pleasant feeling. You are surely going to feel a lot calmer and more relaxed after the intake of this item which is also called to be the best strain of this vendor. You might be wondering about the name of this strain. Yes, this different and unique name comes with the meaning “no fear”.

This is what it translates to. It works just like a strong cup of coffee and has similar effects to caffeine makes you feel picked-up in just a small amount of time. If you are someone who is lacking confidence or is less talkative, then you should without any doubt try this strain out as it has some amazing benefits which will help you in getting more social and help you in becoming an extrovert.

If you want to know more about this product, you can definitely ask them for a free sample as the vendor provides a free sample to people who want to buy products from them.

Price Range of BKB Herbal

Again, BKB Herbal keeps on surprising us. Despite having the most unique and rare products and strains of kratom which are usually hard to find, this vendor provides strains of all types at just a reasonable price which you cannot believe in. They offer industry-friendly rates and are known to provide you with the best without any extra burden to your tiny pocket.

Their exotic variety is not the only good thing they have got to offer. Unlike other vendors, they sell all of their products at the same rates. No matter how rare a strain is, you can get a kilo of it in just $80. If you want to get a 500 gram, you can also get it for just $45. Their price range starts from $25 and ends at a standardized price which is $80. 

Coupon Code of BKB Herbal

Having all these amazing qualities and attributes, a person’s first and foremost demand is to get discount codes that are applicable to make your total bill much less. Alas, we are sorry to inform that this vendor does not provide any promo codes or coupon codes that might help you in making your final payment and deduct the prices.

However, their rates are affordable but not giving a discount is a big drawback. You can always keep an eye on an eagle on their website to ensure that you are not missing out on any mega sale. 

BKB Herbal

Shipment Policy of the vendor

Their shipment policy is as good as they are. All of their orders are shipped to the destination in just 24 hours using the Priority Mail. You can also order using Priority Express. Packages usually arrive between 2 to 3 working days.

The Final Verdict

So far so good is what we have to say about this vendor. Having all the qualities that a buyer looks for in a vendor is what they possess and surely could not be missed at any cost.

Lab Tested & GMP Approved

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