Bluesky Peptides Review: Are They Legit?

Having received plethora of knowledge available online, I finally ventured to write on Bluesky Peptides. The quality is talk of the town when we read about Bluesky Peptides. Now the question does arise, ”What to do”? Believing blindly or finding truth through in depth studies from the various reliable sources, simplistically decision is yours.

As we all know that combined with tendons and ligaments peptides are frequently used for quick recovery. In fact effectiveness highly depends upon purity, so is the case with peptides. Purity is inevitable in this regard.

As under dosed or less pure products do not to bring forth promising results in prescribed time period, so facing huge loss of both time and money the thoughtless user is left with an overwhelming feeling of disappointment.

Personally I like Swiss Chems.

Who Are Bluesky Peptides?

Bluesky Peptides is one of the renowned online vendors. What the vendor claims, believing all that blindly is nothing but an act of stupidity. All that glitters is not gold, so being discreet while deciding a vendor is as important as oxygen to lungs. Finding the vendor that really deals in quality is really not that easy.

Not new

The vendor is in the peptides industry since long. Low pricing is one of the salient qualities of the vendor. However, critics are of the opinion that low quality of the product does not let vendor to give a raise to price. In respond to this blunt objection the vendor safe guards its reputation by claiming that the products sold are only for laboratories not for human consumption.

Rich in Variety

The vendor sells a wide range of the product including 17 research chemicals and approximately 30 peptides. Fast delivery in a convenient way is another positive aspect of the vendor as 5% is returned back by the company. Mostly the users express their satisfaction on website usability.

Bluesky Peptides Products

Bluesky Peptides

So far products are concerned, the vendor is renowned to sell a wide range of peptides. But this fact is crucially important that Bluesky Peptides deals only in laboratory products including 17+ research liquids and a large variety of peptides. Wide range of product adds gigantically to bring good name to vendor.


How human organs perform their role in recovery, this is something much complex. Though the role of ligaments and tendons is really pivotal but sometimes quick action is needed that gives rise to the use of such substance that could speed up the task of healing.

That is why I like Swiss Chems, because supreme quality matters a lot.

Buyer’s Discretion

Bluesky Peptides very assertively claims to sale high quality products but still that leaves the user with a question mark that how can low price ad high quality go hands in hands together. Here the buyer needs to be extremely conscientious while making a purchase keeping in view the quality.


A significantly important fact is that company claims to sale the high quality peptides on very low rates. Though this thing is really strange but does exist as relative information. However, Bluesky Peptides offers the following costs for USA:

  • First Class USPS does cost $4
  • Priority USPS does cost $9.99
  • Express USPS does cost $24.99

Domestic orders do have extra benefits from the company.

Bluesky Peptides Customer Support

Bluesky Peptides tries its level best to satisfy its customer to the level of immaculate perfection from shipping to price. But action speaks louder than words because reviews given by the real users are not that up lifting that could get around the other users to go for Bluesky Peptides.

Though the company claims to dispatch the product on the day it is ordered but here too time constraints are there. Website is opened for a short specific time.

bluesky peptides

Feels the Pulse of the Clients

Apart from all these grey areas the company knows how to please its customer by giving different discounts. Future purchases get benefits from the points the customer achieves in any program offered by the company. Though prices are bit lower as compared to other online vendors, but that too arouses curiosity I the critics about quality’s being sub-standard or under dosed.

The company’s return policies are also not right rather they are formed to make its clients convenient.


According to vendor the company does not at all prolongs the process, as the product is dispatched on that very day it is ordered. But the things are not that simple as apparently they seem to be.  Time of order matters a lot as those orders are entertained which are placed before 12 pm EST excluding weekends and other off days.

However, the orders placed in any way are put off to be responded till next business day. Once the shipping label is generated the buyer starts receiving tracking up dates. Moreover, if the product’s availability is delayed due to any reason that thing is also told to the buyer. Package is sent through USPS that ensures the delivery.

Return and Refund Policies

Though the company does use high sounding words to give projection to all its policies but it does not take back the damaged or mishandled packs. However, it has always been an ideal condition for a buyer when a company gives you money back guarantee. Such vendors are always given preference to those who don’t venture such policies.

The vendor offers the buyer to return the product within 30 days of buying if not up to the mark due to any reason. Even the pack not fulfilling the quality or quantity related demands could be returned.

Customer Reviews About Bluesky Peptides

Collecting candid reviews from the real users is really a challenging task. But if the task is accomplished the buyer is in a better condition to make a sensible choice of vendor based on users’ opinions. Reviews occupy a pedestal place while talking about SARMs and Peptides.

Unfortunately the reviews collected from various platforms popular for the chemicals used for research purposes could not excite me rather a disappointing feeling was there. However, all the Emails are replied within 24 hours and orders can be made at any time of the day.

External Testing

Though the clients asked for independent testing quite often but the vendor found an escape in keeping quiet instead replying to the level of entire satisfaction of the client. This thing aroused doubts I buyer about the quality testing of the product.

No availability of Desired Documents

Some of the users have an objection on receiving no documents supporting testing system which left the buyer with different thoughts about the validity of vendor.

I mean to be straightforward while saying that though I have received a lot many negative reviews about the vendor but still I have not made a personal experience, so let me not be a rigid judge to give an absolutely negative opinion.

Are Bluesky Peptides Legit?

Bluesky Peptides

So far product’s being legit is concerned, I would like to cite the comments of a user who asked for the documents supporting the vendor that the products they are selling are pure, but unfortunately despite frequent reminders the client could not receive any certificate.

Here the uncertain attitude of the vendor leaves a question mark on the rapport of Bluesky Peptides.

Documentation Is Must

Simplistically, if the vendor is certain about the quality and purity of the product then in no way there must be an apprehension about external testing along with provision of related document to the customer. Ultimately, the buyer gets doubtful about the products not being tested before selling. This thing off course stigmatizes the name of the vendor.

Why Are They Different?

If my readers want me to use high sounding words giving projection to the fame of Bluesky Peptides, then simply I am negating myself by not making final definite statements in the light of truth. Where did that truth come from? Off course the truth is derived from the candid views of the real users. Unfortunately, the comments by the users are not that convincing. However, an amalgamation of negative and positive points is there.

What Attracts the Buyer?

The company claims to sell high quality peptides for laboratory use but is unable to provide the supporting documents. Another distinction of the company is comparatively lower price but that too leaves a question mark on the quality of the product. Quick in time shipping is another positive feature of the vendor but it strongly depends upon the day and time when the order was made.

What Affects Orders?

The time of order is influenced by the opening hours of the website, weekends and off days. Moreover, flexible return policies bring fame to the vendor. The company for the sake of name offers different discount programs even for future purchases for the buyer.

Bluesky Peptides Website

So far efficiency of the website is concerned it can manage to get loaded with any device. Moreover, it is quite easily approachable and simple in use. The website shows the products in no time. Even the locating the product is quite easy. But there should always be a room for the improvement, so company must provide sufficiently detailed information about the products to customers through website to reach perfection.