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Does your career entail working for too long in a given day? Do you sometimes have to stay awake at night? Are you constantly bombarded with the need to stay alert for far too long? If your answer to any of these questions is a ‘yes’, then you badly need to buy adrafinil that can promote wakefulness and enhance your attention span.

This is relatively obscure. Chances are that you may never even have heard of it in the first place. That is why we have seen it befitting to explore it in finer details.

Where To Buy Adrafinil

You have a variety of options to buy adrafinil. Some of the top options that are available for your consideration include the following:

Online Auction Sites To Buy Adrafinil

You may obtain this nootropic in a variety of online auction sites. Perhaps the most outstanding of these are the Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba. This option is great due to its convenience. They avail you the drug at the comfort of your own home. They also give you the chance to study the ingredients and features first before the decision to place an order or not to buy adrafinil.

Manufacturer’s Websites To Buy Adrafinil

The manufacturer’s website is perhaps the most reliable avenue to buy adrafinil. This is because the manufacturers stock only original and genuine products. They also charge comparatively less money and also confers hot discounts for large purchases. They do deliver the pro drug right next to your doorstep. You should, therefore, consider giving the site a topmost priority over and above other avenues.

Pharmaceutical Stores To Buy Adrafinil

These pro drugs are readily available in all the leading pharmaceutical stores. As stated, the pro drug is readily available over-the-counter. It is also legal and may be purchased without any prior prescriptions. The only major downside of the pharmaceutical stores is the fact that they are generally more expensive.

They may also occasionally dispense expired drugs or substandard ones. You should, therefore, exercise great caution as you source your medicine from them before you buy adrafinil.

Leading Retail Outlets To Buy Adrafinil

Apart from the pharmaceutical stores, the leading retail outlets can also dispense these drugs. These outlets are the ordinary department stores, supermarkets, and other shops. They are also more expensive and may often stock fake drugs. You should, therefore, exercise great caution once more as you engage them in sourcing the pro drugs from them.

You may have to compare prices and features from several outlets before embarking on a purchase.

Best Online Vendors To Buy Adrafinil

Best Online Vendors

By far the two most significant online vendors of Adrafinil are the Nootropicsdepot and the Adrafinildepot, respectively. They are explained in finer details here below:

1- Nootropicsdepot To Buy Adrafinil

This vending site retails Adrafinil at around $32.49 per bottle. It ships the consignment free-of-charge via the United States Parcel Service high priority shipping option. You must place an order to buy adrafinil that exceeds $50 to be eligible for this consideration though.

In case you are located outside the United States, you have to place an order exceeding $200 to be eligible for free shipping. In this instance, the online vendor uses the standard mail to buy adrafinil.

2- Adrafinildepot To Buy Adrafinil

Adrafinildepot also ships the pro drug free of charge to buy adrafinil to any US-based address. It, however, uses the standard mailing option to do so. In case you want the item faster than usual, you have to pay an optional $15 fee. All international orders have to be accompanied by an extra $10 shipping fee.

Other than these, the vending platform also confers a generous 30-day money back guarantee. This basically allows you to try out the product for 30 days after you buy adrafinil. In case you are dissatisfied with the product, you are entitled to a full refund upon returning the item.

Things To Remeber When You Buy Adrafinil

Before you buy Adrafinil, there are several factors you have to bear in mind. These factors have a bearing on the kind of satisfaction you might possibly accrue from the drug. They also determine the efficacy of the drugs altogether. Some of them are:

The Severity Of The Problem

How severe is your problem? Problems differ in scope and severity. It is not always that adrafinil may randomly handle the specific problem you have in mind. This is why you need to ascertain the extent to which the problem exists in the body and look for the right kind of the variant of the drug.

Pre-existing Medical Conditions

Do you have any pre-existing medical conditions like allergies or chronic illnesses? These two may impact the efficacy of the drug. They may also accelerate the problem and make them worse off. This is why you are advised to seek medical attention before you buy adrafinil and foremost as to whether it may be advisable to take the drug with these problems at hand.

Desired Outcomes

What exactly do you hope to achieve? As stated, the drug performs a vast array of functions. To be able to discharge one particular role, it has to be specially formulated. This is why you also have to delineate precisely what exactly you want the drug to do for you. This way, it will be possible for you to settle for the precise formulation and ingredient mix.

Financial Resource Endowments

Obviously, you do not want to break your bank as you search for the right pro drug. This is why you have to ascertain your own financial resource endowment. You should thereafter look for the drug that falls well within your budget space. You can only do this by comparing the prices of the various suppliers of the drug. Be mindful of the discounts and other special offers provided by the retailers.

Mode Of Administration

In which way is the drug administered? This Adrafinil may be administered orally (through syrup) or via tablets. The syrup is mainly for the small children whereas the tablets are for adults. You should, therefore, see to it that you purchase the right one for the person you have in mind. This is to prevent any unnecessary mishaps and to guarantee the efficacy of the drug as a whole.

What Is Adrafinil?

What Is Adrafinil?

Adrafinil is a nootropic. This is basically a biologically inactive compound. Once ingested in the body, it is metabolized and subsequently converted into Modafinil drug. It is this drug that subsequently generates the benefits aforementioned.

The drug was extensively used in France in the years past. It has been famed for being effective in mitigating fatigue alongside other dangers. It also stabilizes moods, promotes wakefulness, enhances attention, and improves alertness.

History Of Adrafinil

This pro drug was first developed in France. It was formulated by the French pharmaceutical giant, Group Lafon. This took place in the 1970s. Later on, in 1986, the pro drug was trialed as a treatment for narcolepsy.

It was marketed under the Olmifon brand name. The drug has been extensively used to combat wakefulness and promote alert. It is legal in many countries and can, as a matter of fact, be purchased over-the-counter.

How Doe’s Adrafinil Works?

As stated, Adrafinil is a pro drug. This is to mean that it is not a drug in and of itself. Instead, contains the ingredients which form another drug when metabolized. In particular, it produces the Modafinil. It is this form that generates the required outcomes.

In its new form, it does a lot of things to the body. It interacts with the brain’s neurotransmitter systems. With this interaction, it increases hypothalamic levels of histamine. This is what regulates the sleep-wake cycle, moods, body temperature, memory, and learning. In so doing, it promotes wakefulness and suppresses the stimulant and allied side effects.

Other than the above, Adrafinil also inhibits the re-uptake of dopamine. This increases the levels of dopamine in the body. This increase in the dopamine levels motivates you, enhances your learning faculties, focus, and memory.

The pro drug may also increase the levels of norepinephrine in the hypothalamus as well as the serotonin hormones in the amygdala and frontal cortex. This, in turn, increases energy and your overall happiness.

Benefits Of Adrafinil

Benefits Of Adrafinil


Below are some of the top benefits to convince you to buy adrafinil are as follows:

Enhances your Stamina

As hinted severally, the pro drug has the capability of sustaining your physical or mental faculties for a prolonged duration of time. In light of this, it is able to enhance your stamina. It, therefore, follows that by taking the pro drug, you will be able to tackle chores for a prolonged duration of time without feeling bored or fatigued. It is therefore great for those persons who work for long hours at a time.

Increases Productivity Levels

Given that it has the ability to sustain your physical and mental faculties, it also increases your productivity levels considerably. By taking this drug every quite often, you get to work better and become more productive than you would, ordinarily. If you get bored or find it hard to focus on single chores continually at a time, this indeed is the drug to go for.

Boost Cognitive Faculties

You will find it much easier to grasp new concepts, recall stored memory and regurgitate information much better than you would by taking this prodrug. This is because it boosts your cognitive faculties considerably. If you are a student who wishes to stand apart from the rest, this indeed is the supplement to look out for.

Improves Motivation

You will also enjoy the benefit of improved motivation. By taking this pro drug, you will find tasks that ordinarily seemed boring quite enjoyable and awesome. You will also find those tasks quite fulfilling than they would be under normal circumstances. Try it out before you embark on a sporting activity and you will notice awesome outcomes.

Promote Wakefulness

Lastly, the pro drug promotes wakefulness. It fights somnolence and helps you to stay alert and focused. By virtue of this trait, the prodrug is suited for those who work during the night shifts as it helps them to stay awake for longer. It is much more effective and less dangerous than the caffeine that is mostly used for the same job.

Side Effects of Adrafinil

Below are the most notable side effects of Adrafinil:


This pro drug has the ability to inflict a feeling of vomiting. This is especially if it is taken regularly, for a prolonged duration of time, and when sick or with allergies. You should, therefore, see to it that you undergo appropriate medical checkups before taking the drug.

Dry Mouth

It is not uncommon for your mouth to lose some of the moisture and become too dry when you take this pro drug. This is because the drug has strong suction properties that can suck up the moisture content considerably.

Sleep Issues

Sleep is never eradicated at all. It is merely suppressed. As such, it accumulates over time. By taking this pro drug consistently, you get to accumulate huge sleep debt which you will have to pay back at some point. This is why you are advised to make appropriate arrangements to sleep adequate from time to time. Otherwise, you might break down and wear completely.


You may often also feel too anxious. This anxiety arises from the interference with the balance that exists among the various hormones that constitute the body. If you experience this anxiety, you are advised to consider discontinuing use. By insisting on usage, you might end up with suicidal thoughts or outright depression.


Once in a while, you will experience some irritations on your skin or other sensitive regions of your body. This is normal and not so grave. After some time, you will get used to it and they could even vanish without any intervention on your part. However, if the symptoms persist, you may seek expert medical advice.

Bruising Easily

Your skin may also become quite delicate. In light of this, the skin may bruise much more easily than would have been under normal circumstance. This condition is not so severe though. You do not have to worry too much as the result of this. You may, however, wish to approach your medical expert for a further intervention though.


Under some unique circumstances, you may experience hallucinations. You will basically see and hear things which the others who are around you are not seeing or hearing. This is severe. It could indicate that you are just not fine with the prodrug at all. As soon as you experience this condition, you should discontinue use right away.

Heart Palpitations

A heart palpitation is a feeling that your heart has either skipped a beat or beat more times per unit time than normal. You will usually become more anxious, tense, emotional and restless. it will make you feel as if you are racing, fluttering, or pounding. Tone down your use and even seek medical attention if you experience this issue.

Chest Pains

Lastly, you might also experience some pains in your chest. This problem is also not so severe. As such, you do not have to worry too much. You may, however, consider taking extra paracetamol for the sake of alleviating the pain and keeping you in good shape and form.

Recommended Dosage

Buy Adrafinil

Under this dosage section, we are going to examine two issues. First and foremost, we are going to explore the manner in which you are to take the drug. In the second section, we shall discuss those circumstances under which you are advised against using the drug.

How to Use Adrafinil

If you are an adult, you are advised to take around 150 mg to 300 mg of the pro drug at a time. if you are a beginner then start small. This is because the pro drug is way too powerful and may easily overwhelm you. Starting small also allows your body to adjust to the drug with time.

In its present formulation, the pro drug is unsuitable for small children. It is way too potent for them to easily cope with. For this reason, you are urged not to administer it to them. Instead, seek other alternatives that may yield the same degree of satisfaction.

When to Discontinue

You should discontinue use if you confront the following issues:

No Tangible Outcomes

If after administering the prodrug for some time you experience no tangible outcomes, just discontinue use. You will only waste too much of your time and resources by insisting on administering it. This phenomenon could possibly mean that your body is resistant to the drug. In this case, you may wish to explore other alternatives that might do you some good.

Prolonged Use

You are advised against administering this prodrug continuously and for a prolonged duration of time. As a matter of fact, you are only to use it if and when you absolutely have to. Generally speaking, you should not take it more than three times a week or longer than five months continually.


If you are pregnant, this drug is a complete no-go zone. It has the ability to poison the unborn child and even leading to miscarriage. You might just consider forfeiting its attendant benefits until such a time that you have completely delivered the baby.


Internal injuries to the body may also jeopardize you to more harms when you take this drug. This is why you should consider not taking the prodrug at all in case you have any such injuries. Instead, consult your medical doctor to deal with the menace first and foremost before administering the drug on yourself.

Pre-existing Medical Conditions

Certain pre-existing medical conditions like allergies, heart problems, liver issues, and digestive disorders may also have a bearing on the functioning of the pro drug. For this reason, you have to see to it that you steer clear from the drug until such a time that these conditions are completely dealt with. You may even consider abstaining completely from the drug altogether.

Closing Remarks About Buy Adrafinil

You have indeed received the insight you require to make good use of the Adrafinil . The information we have furnished above are indeed great and handy. It is not enough to know the information above only. It pays to go an extra mile and buy adrafinil.

This is the only way you will be able to leverage the benefits that the drug has to offer. Since you want others to enjoy similar advantages, you may also want to share this information as far wide as possible. Best of luck in your next endeavor!

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