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It is safer to Buy Tianeptine Sodium online and from a reliable source. Preservation is equally important to enjoy the best of the product. The substance is approved and can be used in America and other parts of the world including Europe and Asia. There are different kinds of tianeptine products, but tianeptine sodium remains the most active and the fastest form. This means that when you take it that you can get results faster. Moreover, the effect is not severe as in other forms.

Where to Buy Tianeptine Sodium

You will not find it hard in discovering where to buy tianeptine sodium. Many online vendors are selling the product. This kind of tianeptine is the most popular. Tianeptine is available in two forms. To buy the correct one, make sure that you have a reliable online vendor you can always trust.

To ensure that you buy from a reliable and trusted vendor, it is better to search for the HPLC testing of the product. This can convince you that the product is safe and it shows that you are actually buying from a trusted vendor.

Ensure that product sent to you is indeed Tianeptine sodium. This is lower potency and it is unique because it can absorb faster. Moreover, it is notable because of the fast excretion rate. You should remember that this product is hygroscopic. Once exposed, it can easily clump with moisture in the air and it may no longer be safe for your use.

Best Online Vendors To Buy Tianeptine Sodium

Best Online Vendors To Buy Tianeptine Sodium

If you are new to this product, you have to search diligently to get from a reputable vendor. You can buy tianeptine sodium from different online vendors. There are hundreds of vendors you can buy from. You can conduct a search on the market to make a good choice. A few of them include the following:

2- N7store

3- Amazon

4- Globalsources

5- Quora

These are reputable sources. There could be several others. It is important that you consider their shipping and return policies before you choose any of these vendors. The fact is that there are many outlets to buy tianeptine sodium.

Made In To Buy Tianeptine Sodium

One of the best places to buy tianeptine sodium on the internet is The company has the factory in China and it can ship to different parts of the world. It is important that you understand their shipment, return and refund policies.

If the company is shipping to US, they ship to the address provided during the ordering process. To buy product, you have to process from made in china website and provide the necessary information for delivery and shipping. If the package meant for US is seized on the way, then the company has an obligation to reship for two times. The privilege is not there for other international buyers. If the product was missed on the way, you are entitled to reship once.

The reship process is to cover for refund, which the company does not guarantee at this time. You have the option to reship and not to reship. If you choose not to reship, you will not be entitled to any refund either.

N7store To Buy Tianeptine Sodium

This is another reliable source to Buy Tianeptine Sodium. You are sure of wonderful packaging when you order from them. The company currently minimizes packaging to reduce shipment cost for its customers. The company also ships to US and other parts of the world. You are entitled to a refund and return of products if what is sent to you is not exactly what you requested. If you choose to exchange, it will be done and if you prefer to refund, this is also possible but you have to expect that within ten business days. This policy applies to US customers.

The above incentive is not available for international customers. Foreign customers will enjoy first class shipping and this is free. However, if you prefer to exchange with other products, you have some limitations in terms of refund.

Amazon To Buy Tianeptine Sodium

Amazon is another reputable vendor you can buy tianeptine sodium. The company delivers to different parts of the world. If you want international shipment, you must study their terms and conditions as well as return and refund policies.

The company has earned a reputation over the years and they are committed to delivery on the agreed date. If they fail to make delivery, then you are entitled to a refund of your money. In addition to that, they will refund shipment fees that are associated with any order you made.

The refund date varies. Return and refund days are captured within 30 business days window.

If in the other hands that you prefer a replacement and not a refund, you can indicate that and the company will begin to work on that. You are entitled to replacement when items sent you are not what you requested. You can also ask for an exchange if the good is damaged. When asking for replacement, you have to indicate the color and other specifications you want the product. Exchange can be shipped within the stipulated time.

Globalsources To Buy Tianeptine Sodium

Global sources are another reliable vendor you can process your tianeptine sodium order. It is certain from the name that the company ships globally. If you want to buy tianeptine sodium from them, you have to check their terms and conditions to know whether it will be favorable to you or not.

For any reason the company is not able to ship to you, they have to contact you. If there are impediments, you will be entitled to refund.

Shipping costs vary and it depends on the quantity of products you are buying. You can actually determine the shipment cost during the ordering process. By the time you check out, you know what the total cost of the good is. Usually charges are listed on the website and if it is more than the listed prices, they will contact and notify you of the new charges.

Depending on the countries they are shipping to, items will always arrive to you within three business days of confirmation of your payment. If it is shipped through the air, you expect 3 to 5 business days. And If it is through other methods, expect the product within 10 business days or more than that.

If the goods are not delivered at the agreed time, you can cancel or reject the order and you will be entitled to a refund.

in case of you get a wrong item, you can return it unopened and you will be entitled to some percentages of refund. Always contact the customer department when you are finding issues with tianeptine sodium or related products.

Quora To Buy Tianeptine Sodium

You ask relevant questions about how and where to buy tianeptine sodium from quora and you will get useful answers. Many users across the world rely on knowledge site like Quora to get update information about anything including the sale of tianeptine sodium.

If you check the site, you will see its users recommend all the five sites listed above. You can always compare their return and refund policies before you can decide which vendor to buy tianeptine sodium. The site referred to Amazon and other sites and compared their return, and refund policies. Moreover, determine which vendor that ships fast and cheaper to the part of the world you reside.

What is Tianeptine Sodium?

What is Tianeptine Sodium?


There are two major kinds of tianeptine products on the market today. They include the sulfate and sodium versions of the product. The lower version is the tianeptine sodium, but is more efficient, because it acts faster than the previous. Moreover, it is safer to use. It is accepted in different parts of the world including America and Europe. The only way to be sure of the quality is to buy tianeptine sodium from a reputable source.

Long History of Use

This product has been in use since 1960s. It is significant because it has been in use for at least four decades. More people are demanding it. The supplement is smart and very potent. Many people rate it high and it is the favorite choice for many users across the country.

Because of the acceptability of the product, there are a lot of vendors. However, you have to be sure of the vendors you are buying from the product. If the vendors do not preserve or store it very well, it will no longer be safe to use it. This warning is very important. One of noticeable downsides of the product is that it can easily absorb moisture from the air when it is unsealed. You must ensure that the package is well sealed. Because of this, you must buy from only reliable sources online. Conduct your search diligently or you can buy from recommended vendors here.

Moreover, when you buy tianeptine sodium, you have to seal it after use to prevent it from damaging. If you buy from any vendor and you notice any yellow tint on the powder, then it may not be safe for your consumption. What you can do in that situation is to throw it away because it is unsafe.


The product is used for different purpose. It is used mainly for mood boosting. This is possible because it has an anti anxiety property. In addition to that, research has shown that it features nootropic properties. Because of that, it is often recommended for those patients who have their cognitive ability negatively affected by this disorder. Moreover, users rate it high because of the ability to enhance focus. If you are looking for a legalized product that can enhance your concentration level, then you can always do with this product. For those individual that suffers from low attention span, this product is good for them. You can do several other things with this product; perhaps you can see most of them from the benefit section.

Benefits Of Tianeptine Sodium

Benefits Of Tianeptine Sodium


If there were no benefits associated with the product, many people would not be looking for where to buy it. It is associated with lots of benefits and effects and here are some of them.

Mood Enhancement

Something was said earlier about mood enhancement and this appears to be the major benefits of using this product. In the same way, it is very useful as it can lead to anxiety reduction. Moreover, those people suffering from mood disorders can also rely on this product to address their problems. Most importantly, it is capable of improving your cognitive ability. The substance is found to be all round good for mood enhancement.

It Is Safe To Use Tianeptine Sodium

Though there are a lot of things you can benefit from this product, it is safe to use. For instance, research has shown that it does not affect the cardiovascular and acetylcholine functions of the body. Even if the elderly take it, they will not worry about such effects. This means that it is safe for them to use it. Even if you are healthy or sick, it is still good for you. If you are suffering from any ailment, you can consult your doctor before using any drug.


Another great benefit of tianeptine sodium is that it can be effective in analgesic. It is a good painkiller. If you are suffering from severe pain, you can rely on this product to solve your problems. In case, you want a perfect method for symptoms attenuation, you can opt for this product.

If you compare it with major prescription drugs for the treatment of anxiety and mood related problems, you discover that this product stands a chance as it can compare favorably with any of such products.

As far as mild form of anxiety is concerned, hardly any other product can compare with this.

Treatment Of Parkinson Patients

Research has shown that it can be effective in the treatment of Parkinson disease. It can be at least seventy-seven percent in this regard. This means that it can compare with prescription drugs for the treatment of such problems. If you are in dire circumstance and you want to overcome a depression problem, the product should always be at hand.

In the same way, research has shown that the product is capable to treat PTSD problems. For instance, it shows 75.6 percent recoveries of such disease when patients take this supplement. It is not out of order when it is said that it can compare with prescription drugs for the treatment of certain ailments.

How Tianeptine Sodium Works

It can boost your mood, and it does this in two different ways. The first thing it does is that it enhances serotonin uptake in the body. If you have insufficient quantity of this in your body, when you take this substance, it is going to enhance the quality. This way it can improve on your mood and elevate your spirit. The most important thing here is that you take the correct dosage. When you buy tianeptine sodium, ensure that you learn about the dosage from the vendors you buy from.

Side effects of Tianeptine Sodium

Side effects of Tianeptine Sodium

Tianeptine sodium is safe when compared to similar compounds. This is because it has a few side effects. The supplement is very popular because of this wonderful feature.

The side effects include

  • Headache
  • Insomnia
  • Dry mouth

These are minor effects and users can always overcome them within a short time. These do not compare to severe side effects associated with the use of similar compounds. For instance, it does not cause sedation.

The most important thing is that when you are taking the product, you must pay serious attention to the instructions. You already know that the product is classified as a hygroscopic substance. This means that storage issue is very important if you buy tianeptine sodium. It is going to absorb moisture and this is not good for your health. Because of that, you must ensure storage in a dry, cool, and sealed the place where it will not be exposed to air.

Dosage Of Tianeptine Sodium

If you want to buy tianeptine sodium, you must be familiar with the dosage. The recommended dosage for the product is one red micro scoop estimated to be 12.5mg. You can take this dose three times daily. It should not be more than that.


Tianeptine sodium is one of the anxiolytic compounds on sale. It is a lower version of tianeptine and the major function is to deal with all issues relating to anxiety and mood. Recent research indicates that it has other health benefits as in the case of nootropic abilities. This means that it is now useful for people who are negatively impacted with cognitive issues. Most importantly, recently discoveries show that it features analgesic properties. The substance has great benefits and a few side effects. If you want to get the best from this product, you must buy from reliable and reputable sources. Moreover, way you preserve it determines the potency. If you buy it, you have a lot to gain.

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