Cardarine GW501516 Review – A Powerful SARM

Cardarine is not a SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator) rather it is a PPAR-delta activator and brings the same health benefits to the user typically associated with SARMS. Cardarine is best to strengthen endurance and is a chemical to be stacked with other compounds to get the desired results.

In the last decade of 19th century, GW501516 is formulated by Ligand Pharmaceuticals. GlaxoSmithKline also played equally in the formulation of GW501516 which is referred as Endurobol GW-501516.

The man is no more living in chaos and disorder. The caveman, who was called a brute, has now conquered time and space. Fatal diseases are not a problem anymore. Certainly we owe a great debt of gratitude to all those scientists, navigators and researchers who baffled the world with their scintillating knowledge.

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So, the process is still ongoing never to stop. This is how GlaxoSmithKline focused on the treatment of blood vessels, heart and diabetes, thus developed GW501516.

To me the human progress’s downfall starts with no research situations any longer.  Why to live in dark by not conducting research? Why not reaping richer benefits by going in the pursuit of truth? The process of studies on GW501516 was stopped because of its drastic effects on animals which developed cancer in them.

Still a lot of studies are to be conducted to know whether the compound has the same adverse effects on humans as well, so a thorough test based studies need to be conducted.

What is Cardarine (GW501516)?

What is Cardarine (GW501516)?

The well known compound GW501516 is referred to as Caradrine. The compound was originated in early 1990s. Its formation was purpose-based. It got popular among bodybuilders who found it to be the best SARM for fulfilling all the demands of the users. C

ardarine’s uses are innumerable from boosting metabolism to treat certain kinds of deadly cancers like that of breast, colon and prostate tissues. It does not let the tumors be formed. The feature that brought distinction to the product is it is highly safe to use as compared to SARMS.

How Does GW501516 Work?

Including fatty acid metabolism, Cardarine that is also known as PPAR (Proxisome Proliferator-Activator Receptor-delta) agonist is performing a task of carrying out very important workings of the body. GW501516, being a nuclear hormone receptor performs its function of converting fatty acids into energy in a very unique way.

The novelty of its working is that it does not the glucose be stored in form of fats to be used later. This is how it boosts up metabolism in a tremendous way. In fact the human body is more inclined to change the glucose received from amino acids into fatty acids than changing that into proteins.

The reason behind its matchless popularity among athletes and bodybuilders is that GW501516 in a mechanical way changes those fatty acids into basic essential energy.

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PPAR Receptor Agonist

The salient feature of PPAR agonist is that their usage plays a dynamic role in the treatment of symptoms of metabolic syndrome specifically for triglycerides and blood sugar. These are the drugs which work on peroxiome proliferator-activated receptor.

PPARs have the similarity with thyroid or steroid hormone and stimulation is caused in response to slight lipophilic ligands.

The involvement of PPAR is there in independent and DNA –dependent molecular and enzymatic pathways in adipose tissue, liver and skeletal muscles. The research is being conducted on wider level proving PPAR to be much effective in the treatment of certain diseases.

PPAR (Proxisome Proliferate-Activated Receptors) have connection with ligand activated nuclear hormone receptors which have link with steroid receptor super family.


PPAR has great similarity with SARMs in working but there is only one difference. The difference is only of stimulating metabolism in the muscle tissues by targeting androgen receptors. This is why the glucose received by the muscles is instantly changed into energy instead of being stored in the muscles in the form of fats to be used further.

Cardarine Increases Good Cholesterol

Traditionally the medicines were formulated by different pharmaceutical companies to work out cholesterol related issues. Two types of cholesterol are found in human body; LDL cholesterol and HDL cholesterol. These cholesterol are responsible for many changes in the body both negative and positive.

Quite contrary to LDL cholesterol that causes adverse health effects like heart attacks, strokes and artery blockage, HDL cholesterol apart from lessening LDL cholesterol with its harmful impacts, this cholesterol does bring healthy effects on the body.

Approximately for 30 years it has been used in the medicines. But for the last 20 years it has got drastically popular among athletes and bodybuilders. The product’s performance in changing the fat into energy was amazingly effective. This automatically reduced fats and enhanced strength and stamina to the required level making possible that was impossible.

Benefits of Cardarine

The most salient feature of Cardarine is that it boosts up metabolism that naturally strengthens stamina and improves endurance. It has amazingly positive impacts on fatigue.


So far benefits are concerned, we are safe to call it extremely effective in the treatment of certain diseases or resolving bodybuilding related issues. Though numerous health uses are there but it was specifically formulated to work out metabolic and heart related issues.

Any one can use if one wants to go through wound healing process. Its results are promising in improved muscle growth.

It was specifically formulated to boost up metabolism, which supports very dynamically to heart health. As it very uniquely reduced bad cholesterol, thus gives an improvement to the working of heart.

Metabolism and Weight

Obesity or beefed up body is really a very big hindrance in the way to acquire well shaped toned body. Unfortunately bodybuilders despite strenuous exercise and observing a careful diet plan fail to shed the extra fats. This is because of poor metabolism. As a matter of fact Cardarine was originally formulated to boost metabolism rate.

The lipolysis is the mechanism that is activated during the process of remaining starved. It gives a raise to it. So, during starvation, the user doesn’t feel short of stamina and there is no muscle wasting. GW501516 is very well considered to be a treatment for obesity, as it converts deposits of fat into energy.

Metabolic Disorders

Here one well known maxim fits very well that is, “Excess o everything is bad.” Undoubtedly, glucose is considered to be playing a pivotal role in metabolic domain, but when amounts of glucose exceed the limits then hinder metabolism. Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a disorder of hyperglycemia.

In type-2 DM because of decreases insulin sensitivity, there is relative insulin scarcity. This thing does allow glucose to enter the cells. So, the use of Cardarine gives a raise to insulin sensitivity, thus reduces the risks of type-2 diabetes in a very effective way.

Role in Sports

Role Of Cardarine in Sports

Amazingly, Cardarine has very dynamically got popular among the athletes because of its fat loss quality. As a matter of fact the drug was formulated by the pharmaceutical companies to work on metabolism, so GW501516 functions uniquely by instantly converting glucose received by the muscles into energy instead of depositing in the form o fats for further use.

This is how it strengthens stamina and improves endurance. These qualities are the most wanted by the bodybuilders and athletes. This is evident from the fact that WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) has banned GW501516 with other PPAR modulators on account of showing prominently improved performance.

So, in this regard, International Drug committee conducts a urine test to detect the availability of the this SARM.

Side Effects

Though Cardarine is considered to be highly side effect free drug but some potentially negative changes have been reported. Following adverse effects are reported to be found in the users:

Liver Damage

Studies conducted on mice have revealed that damaging liver is the most strongly associated negative impact of Cardarine. However, the process of research to know how damaging Cardarine is for human liver is still continued.

Significant Digestive Problems

Though the drug does not bring forth steroidal side effects but stomach related issues like diarrhea, constipation, stomach cramps, stomach aching and bowel troubles are reported to be found with the usage of GW501516.

Can GW501516 Causes Cancer?

As a matter of no researches have proven the fact mentioned above. Studies are still ongoing. The fact revealed by the mice tests is that overdosing for a long period of time caused colon cancer. As excess of everything is bad, so 1000 times the recommended amount is definite to bring about adverse effects.

Androgen do work both for causing and stopping cancer cells, so in depth and thorough clinical trials need to be conducted to draw definite statement supporting or condemning the motion.


The best suggested dosage is between 10-20mg, but the hasty user can increase the dose from 20 to get the desired results in an eye-wink to somehow. The recommended dose is 10mg but twice a day as its half –life comprises 16-24 hours. It will give a boost to its working.

Is it Legal?

Cardarine was banned by WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) because of its impacts on the performance of athletes. This is the reason the product’ sale is under red flag. However, the product is somehow fortunate as its sale is allowed to be used as a medicine or chemical to treat certain diseases as obesity and cholesterol related issues.

So, athletes need be well-aware of the side effects attached with the compound. Moreover, Australian government, due to one clinical study has also banned GW501516 recently. However, Something good can be expected.


Simply people find no way except going in the pursuit of some effectively amazing product which could perform a dual role of treating ailments and giving bodybuilding related benefits to the users. Naturally, people want to go for a safer solution for the purpose mentioned above.

It is as clear as crystal that SARMS’s use does not come up with those adverse effects, as is caused by anabolic steroids. That’s why the compound magically drew the attention of the athletes.

Athletes strongly recommend its usage in enhancing performance duration and in giving a significant growth to muscle mass. Adaptability makes GW501516 popular among athletes. The product’s adverse effects on sport activities however, must not be ignored thoughtlessly.

Demand of more and more research is still there in this regard. Cardarine not only gives a raise to muscle mass rather it reduces the fats as well by killing two birds with one stone. Moreover, it does not let body get affected with anabolic steroidal effects.


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