CBD Dabs And Best Vaporize Concentrates

CBD dabs are other form of cannabis products which are more advantageous. These are new products with have hit the cannabis people like a bombshell. Dabbing has become very popular since the late 2000’s. Dabbing involves smoking marijuana without the smoke.

A dabbing pen is used for dabbing cbd wax. This is a safe way of enjoying the benefits of this product and feeling its effects. Many people have been vaporizing the different types of cannabinoids for many years.

What Are CBD Dabs?

Dabbing is a consumption method that vaporizes the cannabis concentrates. These concentrates are heated by a hot surface to produce vapor which is then inhaled. Concentrates such as 99% pure CBD are more potent and safe than flowers. Dabbing is the best method of getting effective and immediate relief.

Users of CBD isolate inhale less combusted resin, and more cannabidiol since contains fewer plant materials. Everyone is looking for the smooth draw which allows smoke such in large volumes of cannabis vapor.

How To Take CBD Dabs

The process of using marijuana concentrates and oil rig is easy and simple. You don’t need to be an expert to use these products. Individuals who find it somehow intimidating should use the right tools. This is the best way of learning how to dab. Most of the CBD concentrates such as wax and oil are amazing as they contain pure CBD.

This means that they can hit you very fast just like hard like suppositories and e-cigarettes. Individuals who want to get a strong and quick relief should invest in the right equipment and choose the best CBD oil concentrates.

Equipment For Taking CBD Dabs

Equipment For Taking CBD DabsThe Rig

This is one of the essential devices used in dabbing CBD dabs. It is like a bong which holds the wax or oil for heating. Anyone who has a bong that has bowl attachment that is parallel to the bong can use it instead of buying a new rig.

Nails And Bangers

Nails and bangers are the two essential pieces of pieces of equipment that you need to purchase for your rig. Titanium nails are highly recommended as they can retain heat for long and they don’t hot quickly. Quartz bangers are known for taking a long time to heat up.

Moreover, they are more vulnerable to breaking as compared to the other products even though they are relatively cheap.


The dabber tool is used for getting oil or wax to the bangers or nail. This is a skinny, long metallic piece that is used for scrapping and holding the concentrates and then rubbing the CBD dabs inside the banger or nails.

Dab Holder

This holder is used for moving in the concentrates to another silicone container. The living daylights can be scraped easily out of silicone thereby minimizing waste. Scraping should be done until all the particles of CBD are gone.


A torch is required for pushing out the high temperatures to ensure that the banger or nails have the right temperatures for vaping the CBD concentrates. Alternatively, you can use your lighter and then hold out under the banger for about three hours if you don’t have the torch.

A Dome

You can either use dome that is attached for covering the banger or the one that goes around the nail. This tool is helpful in minimizing the wastage of vapor. It is an ideal option for those guys who cannot inhale all the vapor in a single rip. Preventing vapor from escaping means that most of it will end up in your lungs.

Products Used For CBD Dabs

Isolate Powder 99% Pure CBD

Isolate Powder 99% Pure CBD

Cannabidiol Isolate (99+& CBD) is obtained from industrial hemp oils. It is mainly extracted from the mature stems and stalks of the hemp plants. And it does not contain any THC. It is made from pesticide-free, no-GMO, CO2 extracted industrial hemp oils.

Normally It comes in the powder form (Crystalline) thereby making it easy to vaporize or work with. It is the same product as the slab, but it has a different form. Isolate powder is much more comfortable and better to use as an ingredient as compared to the other products.

99% Pure CBD Isolate Slab

This product is free of THC. Isolate comes in its hardened form commonly referred to as the “SLAB.” Cannabidiol isolate is derived from industrial hemp oils. This product is extracted from the stems and stalks of the hemp plants. Additionally, it is made from CO2, pesticide-free, non-gmo extracted industrial hemp oils.

Pure Isolate Powder – Terpene Infused 99%

This powder is taken from high-quality hemp plants. It is then infused with specific strains of hemp-derived terpenes that give it a unique dabbling experience. This product does not have any strain of THC. It occurs in limited quantity and is only available in 1 g increments.

Beginner’s Guide For CBD Dabs

Dabbing is an intimidating activity, especially for beginners. These people should not fear since dabbling is a safe and exciting experience. The high associated with it is much superior to that of getting off a bowl bong or pack. There is nothing that should discourage you from consuming cannabis.

Dabbing is considered as one of the terrific ways of consuming cannabis. It is an activity that makes people feel high and relived, but it can be scary and dangerous to those guys who are new. Beginners can lose the rookie status by learning the proven tricks for beginners.

Staying Dehydrated

You should drink fluids when consuming cannabis products spacially CBD Dabs. Dabbing is an activity that can burn the user’s throat if he/she is not taking ginormous hits. The tool used for dabbing this product is heated to about 482 degrees Celsius. Taking some hot water is highly recommended for several reasons.

For instance, it can save the user from some embarrassment when taking the first hit of CBD dabs.

Calm And Relaxing Environment For CBD Dabs

Calm And Relaxing Environment

Dabbing is a scary experience, especially to the new people. These guys are advised to choose an environment that would make them feel comfortable. This is the best ways of preventing them from feeling too anxious or overwhelmed. Again, this is another effective way of providing a pleasant experience of dabbing CBD dabs.

Start Off Small

New users should not overdo it for them to enjoy the benefits associated with CBD dabs. This is an activity that provides a powerful and quick relief to its users. Its concentrates and aromas are also amazing. Beginners should start off with small doses to make sure that they are not overwhelmed.

Picking A Chill Day For CBD Dabs

The small doses can do wonders for new guys. Working with sativa concentrates is generally intense, and it can glue the user to his/her couch. Picking a chill day is a great idea for first-time users. These people can remain high for many hours, meaning that they will spend some of their time winding down. They can chill out by throwing in their favorite movie or video.

Learning From CBD Dabs Expert

Visual learners need one-on-one instructions. Such guys can take points from pros. This can help them in learning how it is done and avoid burning themselves while dabbing. Moreover, watching an expert will make ensure that you are confused by the process.

How To Dab Like A Pro

Experience guys can follow the proven tricks and tips that can improve their dabbing experience. This can also help them in staying high for many hours. In addition to this, you should make sure that you are using their right tool to get the best results out this activity.

Tips for Hardcore CBD Dabs Consumers

Avoid Taking Huge Dabs

You are advised to take small CBD dabs and control your intake to get relived quickly. Dabbing is an activity that produces strong effects on people. Concentrates are more potent as compared to the herbs which this product is derived from. Avoid taking huge dabs as this can adversely affect your experience. Taking small dabs can also help you in controlling your intake.

CBD Dabs At Low Temperatures

Probably you have heard so people who are complaining about the negative dabbing experience. Some of them might contain unpleasant tastes, loss of balance, chest discomfort, and nauseating. These are some of the effects associated with high dabbing temperatures.

You can avoid the painful sensations by lowering the dabbing temperatures. High temperatures can also eliminate the terpenes thereby creating an alluring smell or unique flavor.

Using Gloves During CBD Dabs

Most of the concentrate oils have a silky consistency and slimy texture. In fact, this substance is compared to honey. You should avoid touching these oils with your bare and as this can transfer harmful bacteria from the skin to the concentrates.

The use of gloves can protect the oil for contamination and dilution. This will, in turn, give you a chance of smoking contaminant-free oils.

Clean Your Equipment/Tool Frequently

Always ensure that your dab rig is clean. Most of the modern dab rigs are easy to clean. Cleaning your pieces more frequently is an effective way of removing the mild traces of residues. You can do this job by using hot water. Working with clean pipes will make it easier for the user to taste the new concentrates without being affected by the taste of old concentrates.

Accessorize Thoughtfully

Some of the basic accessories needed when dabbing include a nail, dabbing tool, and torch. Moreover, there are some tools that are designed to protect your pieces from normal wear and tear. Placing a tool on a wooden floor, glass table or another hard surface can subject it to minor shocks. This should be avoided as it can lead to the development of cracks in your pipe.

Benefits Of CBD Dabs

Benefits Of CBD Dabs

Dabs have a high level of cannabinoids that makes it more beneficial as compared to the other forms of cannabis. It is an ideal option for medical and recreational users who want to consume more potent and pure types of cannabis. Dabbing has enabled medical patients to achieve high dosages that can’t be obtained by smoking flowers via join or pipes.

The following are the surprising benefits of CBD dabs:

CBD Dabs Are Healthy

Dabbing is healthier because it produces less smoke as compared to other vaping products. Remember that you are vaporizing concentrates that don’t have plant matter. This product is mainly comprised of terpenes and cannabinoids. Vaporization creates a less dense, milder cloud of smoke that is beneficial to the lungs.

CBD Dabs Are Potent

A single hit of dabs is more powerful than that of other products. The modern technology has made it easier to extract useful compounds from plants and create powerful, pure concentrates. This has greatly helped many people in achieving the effects they desire by smoking flowers alone. Dabbing can take one’s smoking experience to the highest level.

In addition to this, dabbing is helpful in providing instant relief that cannot be obtained from the traditional THC.

More Flavor

Concentrates have a high concentration of aromatic compounds that give them their unique tastes and smell. Taking dabs at the right temperature can provide a deep and amazing flavor profile that cannot be experienced by smoking buds alone.

Less Mess

Concentrates offer a unique and simple way of consuming cannabis. Its users don’t have to worry about using the grinder, and the mess weed crumbles create. Moreover, these products are less pungent than weed when watched from a distance.

The High Is Clear

Concentrates are more powerful than other vaping products. The high associated with their consumption is more insightful and clear as compared to the slow motion, a foggy experience of inhaling flowers in blunts, joints, and pipes.

Remember that dabbing involves using the vaporized cannabinoids. It is different from smoking which involves smoking the combusting plant material. The best analogy for this is extracting essential oils and caffeine from coffee beans vs. eating coffee beans.

A Dosage Guide For CBD Dabs

Dosage Guide

This guide is going to help you in measuring the right dosage for concentrates and cannabis oils. Measuring right amount of dabs is a daunting task especially for the inexperienced users. Anything can happen when measuring the different products be it a shatter, wax or sap. Some of the harsh oils used are served in small quantities in a half gram and or one gram portion.

Most of the plastic containers or coin envelopes don’t have directions for usage or dosage recommendations. To make it eater worse, we don’t have a universal tool for measuring concentrates.

Again, the available dabbler tools are not sufficient enough to guide the users in taking the right dab size. It is essential to measure the dab dosage before using it in your vaporizer.

New users find it hard to figure out the term “small dab” that they should begin with as most of the available samples weigh small amounts. The following are the proven ricks that can help you in understanding the right dosage as well as the strength of these concentrates.

Correct Amount/Dosage For CBD Dabs

Reading The Labels

Manufactures of these products are required to include the details of the cannabinoids on the package of dab concentrates. Some of their products have special markers and profile of the amount of terpenes. The amount of the TCH should be indicated on the product’s label.

Some manufacturers indicate the ratio of the THCA content and TCA content. Most of this information is helpful in indicating the potency of the cannabis concentrate product and dab dosage.


Potency is calculated in terms of percentages. The potency of harsh oils ranges between 60 and 90 percent of cannabinoids, but some of them can go beyond 90%. The potency of concentrates with low solvency is slightly below 50%. It is worthy to note that some harsh products can fit in the low potency range.

Measuring Portion

This involves dividing the one gram portion into eight equal portions. The average weight of the portions obtained is about 100mg. You can achieve this by using oils with specific consistencies. Applying heat to the dabber tool will make it easy to measure the shatters portion.

However, it will be very hard to deal with waxes and crumbles.

Using The Right Tools For CBD Dabs

You can measure the correct dosage by using appropriate dabber tools. Most of these tools come in different shapes and sizes. It is very hard to find a standard tool for collecting and dosing concentrates. This means that users should choose their tools wisely to get the correct dab dosage.

Ideally, you should pick versatile tools that provide consistency when measuring concentrates. For instance, pointed tools are used for measuring high terpenes or saps.

Vaporizer Cartilages

The use of vaporizing cartilages is an ideal option for those guys who find it hard to divide a product into portions. Such people should opt for other better methods that make use of vaporizer cartridges. This is the best way of achieving the right dosage.

Again, this method is useful in minimizing over consumption of harsh oils.

Buy CBD Dabs (Concentrates)

Many online stores sell CBD dabs and vaporizing tools. Buyers should buy products from reliable online stores. It is, therefore, essential to read the products labels before purchasing a product online. Ideally, you should choose CBD dab product or oil that is right for you.

You can learn more about these online stores by reading the available reviews posted by various customers. Most of the reputable stores have an online dispensary system, and they can deliver their products worldwide.

Dabbing has many benefits as compared to smoking flowers via joints. Users can improve their dabbing experience by choosing the right tools and purchasing the best concentrates or dab oils. The tips discussed above can guide you in selecting the right device, measuring the correct amount of concentrates, and taking you dabbing to the next level.

You can enjoy the numerous benefits of dibbing by inhaling the correct proportions and adjusting their vaporizing temperature. Dabbing is the best way of smoking cannabis products, making the users high as well as providing instant relief to the user.