CBD Edibles : Best CBD Bars, Candies : Surprising Benefits

It is evident that cannabidiol (CBD) has become one of the popular supplements, not only in the United States but across the world. CBD is a cannabinoid which cannabis plant produces. CBD does not give you the psychotropic ‘high’ you’d expect from THC but one thing for sure is that it has a positive effect on your well being and general health.

People use CBD in different ways, and edibles have proven to provide beneficial properties of cannabis as well as its active principles without necessarily having to vape or smoke it. If you don’t like inhaling, CBD Edibles are the best option you can turn to and here is everything you need to know about them.

Patients who have been prescribed medical marijuana now prefer cbd edibles to manage their suffering and pain. In general, the production of edibles is simple as it’s done by heating high CBD plant in butter or oil to extract the active cannabinoids. After extraction, they are then cooked into different foodstuffs to accommodate the needs of different users.

The reason as to why many patients prefer edibles is that cbd effectively manages therapeutic pain and after ingesting cannabis, the effects lasts longer than vaping or smoking by 2-4 hours. Besides being tasty, edibles come in different strengths, flavors and formulations and the best news is that they won’t make you high.

Types Of CBD Edibles

CBD edibles are available in the following three most common types.

Oral CBD Edibles

Oral edibles are absorbed in your body through the oral cavity. They include tinctures, lollipops, hard candies, or mints. The effects of oral edibles start immediately but their impacts only last for 2-3 hours and then wear out.

Digestive Or Gastrointestinal

The digestive or gastrointestinal cbd edibles are absorbed through the stomach and their effects take approximately 2-3 hours after ingestion and provide a relaxing effect for up to eight hours.

Hybrid CBD Edibles

The hybrid edibles include things like infused chocolates and CBD drinks absorbed via oral cavity along with the stomach. Their effects begin after thirty minutes and will last for approximately four hours.

Forms Of CBD Edibles

CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies

CBD gummies give you an opportunity to recall your childhood memories as you enjoy the effects of CBD. They are readily available and provide patients with a high continuous high dosage of CBD with their effects lasting for several hours. Gummies are a perfect choice for those patients who do not want to medicate themselves with the CBD. They come in a variety of different colors, flavors, and shapes.

CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are a dietary supplement from chemicals and essential oils you find in a cannabis plant and are actually one of the most convenient ways of ingesting CBD. Capsules offer similar benefits to other CBD products like oil. The best part is that they prevent users from dangers associated with smoking such as respiratory damage and lung cancer.

CBD capsules come with tremendous benefits such as relief from medical issues like pain, nausea, and inflammation, as well as providing relaxation.

CBD Tinctures

Dissolving cannabis in alcohol gives you a solution of CBD tinctures containing 10-25% CBD. This is actually a very strong concentration of CBD and a few drops would enhance your moods with a zero effect on your mind. Besides reducing inflammation, CBD tinctures also treat other conditions such as acne, anxiety, diabetes, nausea, auto-immune diseases, PTSD among others.

CBD Bars

CBD Bars

CBD chocolate bars are among the most popular edibles. They are organic, taste good and come with a high CBD hemp content that suits various requirements. Chocolates contain Anandamide, an endogenous cannabinoid in the brain and therefore, combining CBD and chocolate is a great idea.

CBD Honey

Honey is a blend of vitamins, sugar, minerals, amino acids, and trace enzymes which provide antioxidant, anti-fungal, and antibacterial properties. This means that CBD honey is a healthy way you can consume CBD and perfect for anyone who wants to experience the relief of CBd but doesn’t want to taste it.

CBD Edibles (Products)

Cannactiva CBD Gummies

Cannactiva CBD Gummies are readily available online and you can buy with a click of a button. They are medicinal gummies which once you consume, they control your anxiety and nerves which in turn reduce your stress, muscular and physical pain. They come in a ring-shape and are exceptional for ingesting easily wherever you go. Put one gummy in your mouth and chew slowly.

The mucous membrane of your stomach, as well as the mouth, will start absorbing the non-psychoactive cannabinoid and you’ll quickly feel its beneficial effects. Cannactiva CBD Gummies extract their CBD from hemp flowers through a process that uses CO2 and conserves cannabis beneficial properties and does not leave any toxic residues of any kind.

Cannabigold 10mg CBD Chewing-Gum

Cannabigold 10mg CBD Chewing-gum comes with a 10gm of cbd and an exquisite aroma of cinnamon and mint. This gum is loaded with an extract from organic hemp plants extracted through CO2 and are free of heavy metals and pesticides. The gum is safe and convenient and it’s recommendable to consume two on a daily basis as you may experience laxative effect if you consume more.

For effectiveness, chew slowly for fifteen minutes to alleviate the absorption of all their elements.

Artisan Candies With CBD 100grs

Artisan Candies with CBD 100grs are handcrafted in Southern Spain. They are perfect honey candies for anyone who doesn’t want to smoke cannabis but want to experience their benefits. Each honey candy contains around 5mg CBD, is well wrapped and contains various ingredients such as honey, sugar, glucose, and water.

CannaWine – CBD Red Wine

If you love red wine but you don’t like smoking cannabis, there is a reason for you to smile today because you can get the benefits of cannabis by drinking your favorite glass of red wine. Cannawine is actually the very first wine you’ll get with an added cannabis extract from high CBD plants. The hemp the manufacturers use is free from chemical fertilizers or pesticides making the wine safe for consumption.

It should be served cold and will definitely provide the medicinal and calming effect of Cannabidiol. Besides, it provokes a happy and pleasant feeling without the psychoactivity of THC. Every bottle has around 50mg of cannabis extract rich in CBD therefore, it’s easy to estimate how many glasses to consume to get the effect you want.

Cannawine CBD Rich White Wine

White wine lovers have not been left behind either as far as CBD edibles are concerned. Cannawine CBD rich White Wine is tasty and meets your expectations when you imagine the sweetness of your favorite white wine. They offer refreshing and fresh aromas and perfect to serve with your favorite dessert.

Every bottle gives 50 mg of CBD which makes it easier to calculate the amount to take on a daily basis to meet your needs.

Black Chocolate Cinnam Orange

Black chocolate Cinnam orange is a dark chocolate offering complex flavors of lemon, raspberry, and sweet pecan nuts. It’s delicious taste complements cinnamon and orange making it convenient to eat while relaxing. 75% of this chocolate is cocoa and comes with 50 or 200 mg of CBD extract from hemp, which helps you to enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol in form of a special treat. Its available in 80g and 50g bars but kindly keep it away from children.

Cbdania Activa Hemp Infusion

Cbdania Activa is a perfect stimulating infusion that helps you to start your day with vigor as you get an opportunity to enjoy the virtues of Cannabidiol. They contain approximately 70% of organic hemp which is naturally grown, collected and dried by hand. They come in a perfect aroma accompanied by cardamom, ginger, orange peel, and cinnamon.

For effectiveness, it’s recommendable to use vegetable milk or warm animal milk in the infusion and let it rest for 2-4 minutes before consuming it.

Pakistani Chai Tea – CBD Edibles Network

Pakistani Chai Tea - CBD Edibles Network

Pakistani Chai Tea contains 1% CBD and it works effectively with milk-based infusions. The following are the common ingredients used; cardamom, hemp, clove, and cinnamon.

Benefits Of CBD Edibles

Long Lasting Relief

It goes without saying that CBD edibles take a while to be effective (between 30 minutes to 2hrs) but their relief lasts longer in comparison to inhalation. The active compound in edible is mixed with other foodstuffs. This means that the release of CBD is slowly over long periods resulting in a long-lasting CBD experience.

Many people prefer edibles over inhaling a CBD vapor pen or smoking cannabis as they last 2-4 hours more.

Non-Psychotropic Effect Of CBD Edibles

CBD is a cannabis compound but it does not cause a psychotropic ‘high’ effect but once you consume it, it will give you a mellow mood uplift and make you remain positive and alert. If suffering from stress or mild pains, edibles are the perfect choice for you and they will provide a long-lasting relief.

Perfect For Your Stomach

CBD has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. If you are suffering from stomach ulcers, the anti-inflammatory effect will heal ulcers and reduce the symptoms that ulcers associate with. In addition, the antioxidant properties of CBD latch onto free radicals thus offering protection to your cells from molecular damage which can at times result in cancer.

Reduce The Risk Of Lung Irritation

At this time and age, many people are becoming sensitive about their health and they are looking forward to living a healthy life. That being the case, some are avoiding marijuana and cannot get the benefits they come with. Fortunately, you do not have to worry anymore as you can turn to cbd edibles and get the benefits they come with without encountering lung irritation.

According to a research, most vapor pens contain thinning agents such as polyethylene glycol (PEG) and propylene glycol (PG) which when heated to temperatures above 224 degrees Celsius, they produce toxic carcinogens. However, edibles guarantee you of not inhaling potentially toxic compounds which saves your lung from irritation.

Easy To Dose CDB Edibles

Inhaling CBD through smoke or vape pen poses a challenge especially in determining how much CBD you get. Fortunately, edibles are easy to dose as they come in pre-dosed servings. This gives you an opportunity to calculate the amount of CBD you have already consumed and how much more to consume in order to get the results you’re looking for.

CBD Edibles Are Discreet

It is without a doubt that some CBD are cumbersome and some vaporizers are too large and are difficult to pull out a pen vape and have your dose. However, edibles make everything convenient as you can easily throw back a CBD gummy anywhere and manage your pain effectively without requiring a vape break.

Where To Buy CBD Edibles

Buying CBD edible is simple given that all you need is a prescription that allows you to buy them legally. It is evident that CBD compounds cannot make you high but in order to buy them, you must have an approval from your doctor. With the approval, you can opt to choose a delivery service from different companies or go to a dispensary store near you.

With technology at its best, you can buy almost anything with a click of a button and get it delivered to your doorstep, and edibles are no exception. You can use websites like Weed maps or Google and find store around you and make your order. To order online or buy in-person edibles could be a straightforward and safest method.

The most important thing to focus on when doing the purchase is the quality and the accuracy of the CBD products.

Here are the best brands for buying edibles;

  • Bhang
  • Whoopee and Maya
  • Green Hornet
  • Cheeba Chew
  • Sensi Chew
  • Day Dreamers
  • Venice Cookie company Brands
  • Kiva

The price of CBD edibles differs depending on various factors like the culinary craftsmanship of these edibles, and cannabis content ration in connection with THC and CBD. However, you are likely to get edibles from $10 for 100mg. There are endless manufacturers, companies, and sellers claiming to sell edibles.

However, if you want to get high-quality edibles, consider these tips;

  • Comprehensive information
  • The purity and transparency
  • Various options available
  • Recommended dosage

Side Effects Of CBD Edibles

It is evident that the side effects you experience after consuming edibles depend on whether they are made with high-THC marijuana or solely with CBD. CBD has a higher affinity to the CB2 receptor meaning that it interacts differently with your nervous system and cannot evoke any psychoactive effect.

In addition, it counteracts THC’s psycho-activity and thus acts as a neuroprotective and antidepressant agent. That being the case, CBD edibles are well tolerated and safe to consume with little to no side effects. However, the most reported side effects are;

  • Somnolence
  • Dry mouth
  • Mild digestive upset

Dosage Of CBD Edibles

Whether you are an experienced or first time user, it’s confusing to understand how CBD works and how to effectively use it. The question of the recommended CBD edibles dosage is very common. Unlike other supplements, FDA has not yet given the recommended daily intake (RDI) for CBD meaning that edibles have no specific serving size.

That being the case, many users are blindly estimating the dosage basing their arguments on recommendations from companies and brands they purchase their products from. Before we can tell you the dosage to use, here are the tips for choosing your edibles dosage.

Weight Of Your Body

It goes without saying that individuals with more body mass require more CBD edibles in order to experience their effects. Therefore, take 1-6mg of edibles for 10 pounds of body weight. it depends on the level of pain you’re experiencing. For instance, a 200lb patient would require a dosage of 20-33mg of edibles while that of 150lbs requires 15-25mg dosage.

Start Small And Increase With Time

If you’re starting to consume CBD edibles for the very first time, it’s recommendable to start small and increase gradually. However, a certain dosage works with your friend is not a guarantee that it will work on you too. This is because people are different and have a unique history with the use of medications, substances, and supplements.

In addition, the body chemistry is different and that’s why it’s paramount to examine your initial dosage in reference to your weight. Then determine how your body would react to a particular amount of edibles. They increase as you monitor how your body reacts until you get the right dosage for you.

Consult Your Physician

It’s recommendable to always seek the guidance of your doctor before taking CBD edibles. They will tell you the reaction to expect and will definitely give you the right dosage for your situation.

So in a nutshell, the recommended dosage for edibles for a beginner is around 10-15 mg.

Final Thoughts

It is evident that the benefits of cannabis go beyond our expectations. Many doctors recommend medical marijuana for pain management. However, many people don’t like smoking cannabis or vaping, leaving them helpless. You don’t have to let the benefits of cannabis pass you by as you can opt to take CBD edibles. You’ll definitely have something to smile about.