CBD Oil Florida Complete Guide

Before we guide you about the popularity and availability of CBD oil in Florida, lets take a look on the detailed history of this product. Since time immemorial, cannabis has been used for medicinal purposes, due to its healing properties. Dating back to 12,000 years ago in Central Asia, cannabis was discovered by humans.

Historically, these plant parts were used for medical, nourishment and spiritual purposes. Cannabis is capable of growing almost anywhere, exactly how a weed grows. This makes the plant the oldest cultivated crop and explains why it is found all over the world. Ancient medicine men used the leaves, roots, and flowers of cannabis for treating ailments.

This proves cannabis has healing properties. For CBD Oil Florida is an ideal place or not?

Modern Studies

Modern-day studies have shown a compound active in the Hemp variety of Cannabis Sativa strain. This active component is called cannabidiol (CBD). This compound has proven to offer significant health benefits such as relaxation and pain relieving. Truly, CBD is rewriting natural health and healing. With the current times, there is still a cloud of doubt surrounding Cannabis Sativa used for therapeutic purposes. Most people are not certain of its legality, origin and what is basically is.

Legal Status Of CBD Oil In Florida

Legal Status Of CBD Oil In Florida

CBD oil is legal in selected states in the USA. For CBD oil Florida is an ideal place as Florida is one of the lucky states to have Cannabidiol oil legalization. Florida has a medical cannabis program which follows the law in regard to CBD legality. This was made possible after the governor signed a decree that permits the legal use of CBD oil in Florida, that contains 0.8% THC and more than 10% CBD.

The low THC and high CBD content will enable the Cannabidiol oil administered to be medicinal rather than recreational. As of July 2018, a prerequisite for purchasing CBD oil from a licensed dispensary in Florida involves the patient possessing a valid physician-recommended medical marijuana card. Applying for the medical marijuana card is only valid under two conditions:

  1. If the buyer is a resident of Florida.
  2. The buyer has an ailment that has a positive response to cannabidiol oil consumption.

Application for obtaining a medical marijuana card is a process which must be followed carefully. The following steps are recommended to use CBD oil in Florida:

  1. A doctor that is required to prescribe the CBD under Florida law. This can be done by going to the office of medical marijuana. Finding a reputable doctor is vital as not everyone has undergone the eight-hour course training and passed the examination as per the laws. Currently, there are more than 1,200 state-licensed medical marijuana doctors in the state of Florida.
  2. Confirm the name of the doctor and the location. It is advisable to find a doctor who is listed to avoid scams. This means the doctor must have a profile in the office of medical marijuana use website.
  3. Confirm doctor pricing to avoid scams. The cost is $200 for the initial cost and prescription.
  4. Doctor consolations and scheduling an appointment as per the law. According to the law, a patient should see a doctor once every 30 weeks as per the laws, not more than that.
  5. The doctor must conduct tests to confirm if the patient has the condition in-person not virtually. This means prescribing CBD must be the final approach of treatment. This is in accordance to the Florida laws.
  6. Once the doctor is seen, the patient is entered into the medical marijuana registry system and application for the medical marijuana card is done by the patient. The patient ID cards are $75 per year.
  7. Once the card is obtained, rules as per medical marijuana consumption must be followed.

How To Buy CBD Oil In Florida

How To Buy CBD Oil In Florida

In the list of buyers of CBD oil Florida has a special place. CBD can be consumed in a variety of methods because cell receptors all over the body are receptive to it. This means the Cannabidiol oil can be smoked, swallowed, or vaped. With the reception concept in mind, the sale of pharmaceutical-grade marijuana is available in the form of dietary capsules, lip balms, protein powders, tinctures, pan and ‘wand’ applicators. Before buying CBD oil in Florida, a consumer must consider the following:

  • Laboratory tests of the product. The company selling the product should show the latest laboratory results of the product. That is the company must show the exact amounts of THC and CBD in the products made. This will ascertain the product consumed is legal as per the state law.
  • The method used to extract the CBD. If the CBD is extracted in a hydrocarbon like butane rather than carbon dioxide, its quality is compromised. Carbon dioxide extracted CBD oils should be considered when buying CBD oil as THC is extracted and separated safely. Compromised Cannabidiol oils will imply a low-grade product.
  • Company transparency. This involves checking the accountability of the company selling the CBD oil in Florida and other states. If the company is responsible for making the products then they will follow the state’s laws. The company will also be liable for the ingredients used within the manufacturing process and ascertain quality measures of the product.
  • Domestic grown of the product. This point emphasizes where the product was grown. A consumer who will wish to buy pure Cannabidiol oil must confirm where the product was grown. It is ideal to confirm the product was grown locally. This point is key as it will enable premium plants grown as per FDA compliant facilities as per the laws of the department of agriculture. Thus, a quality Cannabidiol oil as the end product.
  • Growing practices of the plant. This is a crucial point to take into consideration. One should investigate if the company has strict policies in regard to its produce. This focuses on the organic soil used if safe farming practices were used when growing the hemp plant, and its storage after harvesting will not compromise the quality of the product.
  • Checking the price and quality of the product. This will help in determining the authenticity of the product. It is wise to research and getting the CBD oil from a reputable source. Falling prey to a cheap product may fail to have the CBD as the main ingredient as it can be a scam.
  • Before buying CBD, it is wise to know what you want before making the purchase. This entails knowing the concentration of the CBD in the product. Additionally, the consumer should know the expected dosage and it should be made clear when purchasing, to avoid instances of under-dosing or overdosing.

Additionally, buyers should be aware that cannabidiol oil is a rather new product and conducting further research in regard to the product is important. However, there is plenty of evidence concerning CBD oil which has not yet been backed up by clinical studies, though evidence of CBD benefits can be inferred from preclinical research; which has been positive so far.

Online CBD Oil Vendors

In the list of buyers of, CBD oil Florida is, on top positions. Online vendors are available to buy CBD oil in Florida and other states. Companies which are involved in selling this merchandise online buy, sell and ship their high-quality products containing varying Cannabidiol percentages to all 50 US states. These vendors work under federal hemp legislation.

Buying CBD products from the online vendors is very easy as it does not involve the physician-recommended medical marijuana card. However, with the CBD oil euphoria in the air, one has to be careful on the website to choose from.

Not all websites are credible and obviously, there are scam websites which prey on innocent people who have little or no knowledge of what to consider before buying CBD oil. Such people end up buying products with no CBD concentration or with high CBD concentration. Below is a list of credible online vendor list to buy CBD oil in Florida:

CBD Essence

This company obtains its Hemp plants from certified US or EU; specifically from plants which have less than 0.3% THC content. Thus, selling top-notch CBD oil tincture, capsules, and candy edibles. They have easy process of shipment for CBD Oil Florida and other states.


This Colorado-based company is very popular and widely known for distributing high-quality Hemp based products. It is known for producing the best CBD products.


Elixinol is a Colorado-based company. It educates and inspires its clients about healthy living by consuming natural products. The company sources the highest quality organically grown hemp products from Australia, USA and Europe.


This company produces 100% organic CBD oil from certified hemp plants. Endoca believes in biodiversity thus, it has over 1000 varieties of hemp plants kept in the hemp gene bank. Though these hemp plants are different, they have CBD.


This is a smoke shop located in Carlsbad, California. It sells CBD oil vape alternatives. The chief chemist Ben Smith ensures products made are 100% organic.

The Green Solution

This is a Colorado-based company. It deals with selling CBD based products. Florida branch is new, though the company delivers online CBD oil Florida, it does so within a 120-mile radius from Gainesville, Florida.

Local Stores Selling CBD Oil In Florida

Local Stores Selling CBD Oil

With the reputable praise of having some of the best stores in the country, There is a variety of stores which sell CBD oil Florida. It ought to be noted that any purchase of CBD oil must be made from reputable sellers.

Buying CBD from someone who is not reputable or in the streets might be dangerous as the seller may buy something totally different which may have high THC concentrations with low Cannabidiol concentration. As the saying goes “buy cheap, buy twice”, one must be wary when purchasing CBD oil and only stick to known vendors.

There are local smoke shops, health food stores, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and gas stations in Florida which sell CBD oil. There are also licensed medical marijuana dispensaries which sell the CBD oil, as well as advise the clients on the best product.

With the legalization and high demand, marijuana dispensaries in Florida are rapidly opening. Residents prefer these local stores as they are assured of the quality of the products.

This is based on the fact that the dispensaries grow, process, transport, and sell their own products. The dispensaries do this as they are compelled by the vertically inter graded system. This ensures organic quality products which are nurtured in accordance with high standards.

With many marijuana dispensaries cropping up, each vendor will strive to be the very best in all ways possible. That implies competition among these dispensaries is very high thus quality products. Below is a list of dispensaries:

Trulieve Dispensary

This is the largest medical marijuana dispensary, and it has a variety of locations in Florida. The locations can be viewed online.

Knox Medical

This is the second largest medical marijuana dispensary. The locations can be viewed via the website.

Surterra Wellness Florida Dispensary

This dispensary has various locations with an array of products.

3 Boys Farm

Although this medical dispensary is new, its products and services are amazing. The location of the store can be retrieved from the website.


This medical dispensary is known for offering its products in Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis indica or a hybrid of the two strains.

Grow Healthy Nurseries

This medical dispensary is known to focus on cancer patients providing quality care. Its location can be viewed from their website.

Aphria Nursery

This medical dispensary is unique as it grows its strains in a greenhouse, thus offering top-notch quality.

What is CBD?


Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural chemical compound, found in the cannabis hemp plant. Hemp plants fall in the species of Cannabis Sativa. The cannabis plant has several cannabinoids; however, the most popular and researched cannabinoids include tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD.

Other chemical compounds found in a cannabis plant include cannabigerol (CBG), cannabinol (CBN) and cannabichromene (CBC) to mention just a few. The chemical percentage of THC is the most prominent in the cannabis plant, followed by CBD which is 40%. Though THC and CBD stem from the same plant, they are very distinct.

CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical compound, while THC is a psychoactive chemical compound. This implies that CBD will not disrupt the normal functioning of the brain thus will enable a user to go about with their daily chores without any risks whatsoever. THC, on the other hand, will interfere with the senses and normal functioning of an individual; thereby posing a risk.

CBD is generally extracted and separated from hemp, stalks, flowers, and leaves using an extraction technique called carbon dioxide. CBD is extracted in the form of oil by a process where it is mixed with hemp oil extracts and it can be obtained in various concentrations.

During extraction, CBD and THC are completely separated and isolated from the plant. Thus, one cannot get high if they consume CBD oil as the oil has minor THC traces. The Cannabidiol properties supersede THC properties. This is entirely safe.

Therapeutic Benefits Of CBD Oil


The therapeutic benefits of CBD are wide, making its association with the cannabis plant a subject of interest among various studies. As years go by, the attitude towards CBD has been receptive. CBD has proven to offer soothing effects; therefore, it is used to alleviate symptoms for people who suffer from the following ailments:



Heart disease


Sleep disorders



Skin conditions

Spinal cord injury

Sickle cell anemia

Multiple sclerosis







Motion sickness

Neuropathic pain




Mood disorders


Irritable bowel




Metabolic syndrome

Epilepsy/ seizures


Liver disease

Kidney disease

Endocrine disorders




Crohn’s Diabetes





Antibiotic resistance





One may speculate on the powerful properties of CBD and be amazed at the powerful compound it is in regard to alleviating symptoms. This is founded on the fact once CBD is ingested, it triggers changes within the body by switching on cannabinoid receptors. These receptors then relay various signals around the nervous system.

Impact produced varies as per where and how the nervous system is activated. Basically, once CBD is ingested, an internal homeostatic regulatory system is switched on and the receptors modulate pain perception, seizure threshold, appetite, digestion and mood.

Side Effects

CBD has no danger of abuse and the efficiency of this compound for managing pain is incredible. Most physicians have started recommending it in place of the traditional medications. CBD oils also have no side effects such as sleep disruptions, irritability, suicidal thoughts, and digestive issues which one got from prescription medication.

Moreover, reports from the World Health Organization have proved that CBD is “not associated with any significant adverse public health effects.”

When it comes to overdosing with CBD, that is next to impossible. America is suffering from the loss of lives caused by opioids overdose, however, if one will overdose on CBD, they will be fatigued. That is great news! They will not die but only be exhausted! That is good news to know that Cannabidiol oil cannot kill anyone as compared to prescription medication.

Storing CBD Oil

Most CBD oils have a shelf life of one or two years. Storing Cannabidiol oil is crucial as improper storage will affect quality; that is the potency, flavor, and texture. Main factors for storing CBD oil include:

  1. Temperature
  2. Relative humidity
  3. Exposure to light
  4. Exposure to contaminates

Cannabidiol oil must be stored in a dry place. Additionally, the oil should be stored in a dark place as intense light will affect the quality of the product. The proper storing location is either a refrigerator or dark cupboard in an airtight container within an ideal temperature range.

Final Thoughts

Currently, many countries have either legalized or relaxed the laws governing the use of marijuana. Florida is among the states which is legally enjoying the medical benefits of CBD oil. Residents have a high demand for CBD oil Florida; thus, this explains the many marijuana dispensaries and stores selling the products to only authorized consumers.

Although CBD and THC are chemical compounds which originate from cannabis they are unlike-poles when it comes to eliciting effects on the users. THC produces a “high” effect on the user, while CBD does not produce the mentioned effect.

Additionally, though CBD has been known to relieve ailments, it cannot treat the condition. It only makes the symptoms more manageable, thus improving the quality of life of a sick individual. The therapeutic value of cannabidiol prompt a positive outlook in the future of medical applications of marijuana.