CBD Oil For Sleep & Calming Effect : Benefits And Uses

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the more than 100 chemical found in Cannabis plants. The other common chemical is THC, which results in the “high” feeling associated with the plant. On the other hand, CBD does not lead to mental stimulation; it leads to a calming or relaxing effect, that’s why benefits of CBD oil for sleep can not be denied.

CBD has attracted intensive research due to its potential as a treatment option for a wide range of health conditions like cancer, epilepsy, pain relief, neurodegenerative disorders among others.

Cannabidiol can be extracted from Hemp or Marijuana plant. Products derived from marijuana are illegal in many countries; thus CDB is marketed as a supplement. In such countries, products derived from Hemp are legal; therefore most manufacturers and suppliers will prefer stocking and distributing CBD products processed from Hemp.

Due to increased medical use of CBD, including the use of CBD oil for sleep, the product now available in different forms such as tinctures, sprays and vaping.

Effects Of CBD Oil For Sleep

Effects Of CBD Oil For Sleep

In the US, over 50 Million people suffer from one form of sleep disorder. In most cases, medications used to treat the condition usually results in undesired side effects including addiction.

CBD comes in as a natural remedy to afford your better sleep. Let’s us look closer at the relationship between CBD and sleep to know the importance of CBD oil for sleep.

Research is still being done to evaluate the real mechanisms by which CDB affects sleep. Historically the product has been used in many countries and cultures as a remedy for insomnia. Below are some clues that can help us understand how this happens.

Pain Relieving CBD Oil For Sleep

If you suffer from chronic pain, getting quality sleep can be a nightmare. The brain is usually active since it is receiving constant input from the nervous system. This results in disrupted sleeping patterns.

Scientific studies have shown that CDB acts on receptors in the endocannabinoid system to help in pains relief. CBD works as a pain reliever and an anti-inflammatory agent to help people with chronic pain.

Chronic pain affects sleep and can lead to the development of sleeping disorders. The work of CDB on the nervous system assists to prevent transmission of pain impulses to the brain, resulting in relaxation.

Management Of Stress And Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are some of the leading causes of insomnia. These two keep your nervous system alert at a time when your body should be relaxing. One can’t maintain a regular sleeping pattern if they suffer from stress and anxiety.

Sleep is necessary for our bodies to regenerate, heal and detoxify. Lack of adequate sleep can lead to severe health implications. CBD works closely with both the endocannabinoid and nervous system to help alleviate stress and anxiety.

CBD will help in the release of hormones that regulate mood and cognitive functions of the brain, resulting in a feeling of relaxation necessary for quality sleep.

Sleep Apnea

Individuals who suffer from sleep apnea will get sleep but are suddenly awoken by erratic breathing. They suffer frequent awakenings due to blockage of the airways by soft tissues when breathing. In the morning these individuals are fatigued as a result of inadequate sleep.

A study that was done on people with sleep apnea who were using CBD revealed that they were able to get better sleep after taking CBD, though the effects were dose-related. But they got good results by using CBD oil for sleep.


Inadequate sleep is a major cause of depression. Depression arises from a chemical imbalance in the brain.

Scientific studies have shown a close link between the intake of CBD and the restoration of this chemical balance in the brain.

The above points portray some of the effects of CDB oil for sleep.

Calming Effects Of CBD Oil For Sleep

Research has produced evidence of how CBD works to produce sleeping and calming effect in the body, but still, more research needs to be done to determine the exact mechanism of action.

What is known so far is that CBD exerts its effect on receptors, hormones, and chemicals in the brain to produce the known effects. CBD works on a variety of systems like the sleep-wake cycles, pain receptors, and emotional regulation to produce the sleeping and calming effects.

Our bodies make their cannabinoids, via the endocannabinoid system. This system affects numerous physiological processes like pain perception, cognitive functions, mood, and appetite.

Dosage Of CBD Oil For Sleep


All CBD oil products from a reputable manufacturer must have relevant information on how to take. It is critical to remember that the dosage will rely on the form of CBD. Before to start taking the product you must consider the following;

Each Person Reacts Differently

The effect of CBD on each person does differ. The effects are dependent on the age and weight of the person. Secondly, the same amount of CBD administered to two different persons will elicit varying responses. If you are to get the best from your dose of CBD oil fo sleep, you must follow the following guidelines.

Start CBD Oil For Sleep On A Low Dosage

The best way to make your body acclimatize to CBD is by taking a small dose then gradually increasing to a level that offers the best results. This is important to keep side effects at bay.

The use of CBD for medicinal purposes has not recorded any serious adverse effects. The product has been proved safe for both humans and animals. But you must take caution, not to overdose. A few people have reported stomach upsets and dry mouth, but these side effects are linked to taking the product at high doses.

If you realize any side effects for the use of CBD oil, you should immediately stop and seek the help of your doctor.

Increase The Dosage Gradually

Once you start using CBD oil for sleep, maintain the initial dosage for a few days to allow your body to get sued to the product. The same will allow you to monitor if there are any side effects. Once you have sued the product for several days under the initial dose, you can now progressively increase the dosage to the level that it produces the desired effects.

It is advisable only to increase the dosage by 5mg at a time until you get to your optimal spot. This will depend on the concentration of the product.

Ingest CBD Oil For Sleep On An Empty Stomach

Unless you are taking CBD sublingually, you should take the product on an empty stomach a few hours before sleep for better results. CBD should be taken with either olive oil or coconut butter to increase the absorption.

Selection Of Best CBD Oil For Sleep

Selection Of Best CBD Oil

The CBD oil industry is still in its infancy stages. Many people are aware of the medical benefits of this product but are not aware that you can get substandard products in the market in the name of CDB oil. It is therefore vital to know how to select the best CBD oil for sleep.

Some suppliers may market contaminated products or products of low quality that may not offer the best results. To get maximum benefits from your oil, consider the following.

Origin Of CBD Oil

The quality of CDB oil for sleep is directly related to its source. Cannabis plants are hyperaccumulators; this means they can absorb contaminants from the environment as they grow. If the environment in which the plant is grown is polluted with heavy metals like mercury and lead, these contaminants will end up in the final product and can result in serious health implications.

The quality of CBD is also dependent on the species of the cannabis plant from which it was extracted. To get the best from your product, insist on CBD that was grown organically. If this information is not provided on the website of the supplier, ensure you ask.

Method Of Extraction

The best CBD oil for sleep must be pure. Butane, propane, ethanol another hydrocarbons are used in the removal of CBD oil from the cannabis plant. The latest technology used in this process is referred to as CO2 extraction and is used by only select companies in the world. The chemicals used in the extraction process may leave some traces that can harm your body. Always get information on how the CBD was extracted.

Lab Testing Of CBD Oil For Sleep

Any reputable CBD supplier/ vendor must be willing to share information on how their product was processed and tested. If the information isn’t available for their site, enquire to know its purity and quality. The lab results should correlate to the percentage of CBD in the specific product.


When selecting the best CBD oil for sleep, the price is an essential factor to look at. To many, the most expensive product is the best. This may not be the case always thought it is a useful guide. On the other hand, a cheap product may raise questions on the quality of the product. It may imply that the product is of low quality or expired.

As you make your selection, a balance between the quality of the CBD product and the cost.


Since CBD products come in different forms, it is essential to consider the route of administration. Vaping and sublingual products have a higher bioavailability since they are absorbed directly into the blood. Their effects are also felt faster. Ingested and topical products are considered to have a lower bioavailability.

Best Online Vendors For CBD Oil For Sleep

Here are some best online vendors of CBD oil for sleep.


This is one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of CBD products in the world. They have been on the market for years.

Their CBD products come in different forms such as; Topical balms, Hemp seeds & proteins, CBD capsules. CBD oil liposomes and tinctures among others. They are known for quality CBD products.


The company offers quality CBD products at affordable prices. Their range of products includes; sprays, CBD capsules, edibles, creams, CDB oil among others.

Their products are derived from 100% organically grown CBD and deliver their products to more than 50 countries in the world. Their CBD products are made from Hemp grown in Kentucky. You have the benefit of ordering directly from their site without the need for a broker.


CBDPure stands out as one of the top online sites where you can get quality CBD products. The CBD products from CDBPure are available in different forms, including Hemp extract oil.

They offer 100% organic products. They are one of the few companies that extract CBD oil via CO2 extraction. Their Hemp is grown in Colorado.


The company offers quality organically grown CBD products, with no THC and extracted through CO2 extraction method.

Their range of products includes; CBD soft gels, topical balms, CBD pets, CBD oil, CBD vape oil among others.

Beyond Botanicals

This is a company that is trusted for quality pure organically grown CBD products. In addition to quality, their products are affordable.

CBD products in stock include; edibles, CBD massage oils, vape liquids, isolates, and topical.


Hempmeds was founded in 2012 and has grown to be among the top suppliers of CBD products in the world. Their products go through rigorous lab testing for quality and safety before they are released onto the market.

Their products come in the brand name Real scientific Hemp. You will find a range of CBD products on their website such as; CBD oil, tinctures, capsules, CBD gum, Vaping liquids, etc.

5 Best CBD Oils For Sleep

5 Best CBD Oils For Sleep

PureKana CBD Oil Vanilla 300mg

PureKana is a Los Angeles based CBD oil producer. All its products are legal in all American states.

The product is derived from organically grown CBD, and no chemical is used in the growing of the Hemp plants. The company offers the product with a high level of purity by utilizing CO2 extraction. The product delivers excellent results in pain relief, alleviating stress and anxiety associated with sleep disorders.

It has a vanilla flavor; Vanilla is also known to have anti-anxiety effects, anti-oxidant, cardiovascular and anti-inflammatory effects.

The combination of CBD and vanilla makes it ideal for sleep disorders.

Three independent laboratories test PureKana CBD 30mg for safety and quality and its THC levels are below the recommended 0.03%.

Green Roads CBD oil 550mg

The product is manufactured by Green Roads world form organically grown Hemp plants. Green Road products have grown to be among the top sellers of quality CBD products in the recent years. They offer excellent customer service.

Green roads 550mg is designed for alleviating symptoms of anxiety linked sleep disorders. People who have used this product have testified of improvements in the sleep quality.

You will find all information regarding the growing and processing of this product at their website. The product has been tested by a triple set of labs to ensure you get the best quality for your money.

CBD Essence

CBD essence presents a natural way of managing sleep disorders as well as chronic pain. If you are searching for a natural remedy for insomnia and chronic pain, then CBD essence will work for you.

The product is made to relieve chronic pain which is one of the leading causes of sleep-related disorders. The oil is rich in terpenes that increase the efficacy of the CBD oil.

For top purity and potency, the company utilizes CO2 extraction to come up with quality final products. CBD essence oil tinctures are available an in a range of dosages from 150mg, 300mg, and 400 mg.

The product is made from quality organic Hemp and with a full spectrum of cannabinoids to alleviate sleep-related disorders.

Elixinol CBD Natural Drops 3600mg

Elixinol CBD is ranked as one of the top CBD manufacturers in the world. Their customers all in all parts of the world. The company has been manufacturing quality CBD products for over 30 years now. This proves that they have stood the test of time as a leader in the cannabis products industry.

Elixinol drops 3600mg are manufactured from 100% organic Hemp. As a natural product, you are assured of no side effects from its use.

The product is extracted by CO2 extraction method which is the gold standard used by reputable CBD oil manufacturers. This is a natural product with no additives or flavorings.

Elixinol 3600mg natural drops are tested for potency, safety, and quality by three independent laboratories. The product has a full spectrum of cannabinoids.

CBD Pure – Hemp Extract

CBD Pure – Hemp extract is considered one of the best CBD products by users. The company is known for quality CBD products and a reputation for being very transparent in its operations. You will find all relevant information regarding the growing of Hemp processing and testing of the products.

CBD pure utilizes cold pressing extraction of their oils. Their products come in different potencies including the 600mg which is the maximum.

The products are made for 100% organically grown Hemp and are legal in all parts of the world.

Products are tested for potency and safety by a triple set of labs.

Final words

Research has shown promising evidence on CBD oil for sleep. CBD can be used in the management of sleep-related disorders. CBD works on the endocannabinoid system to assist you to get quality sleep. If you are going to get the best from any CBD product, ensure that it is a pure and an organic product.

One way of purchasing quality products is by buying for reputable vendors like the one I have highlighted before. If you experience any side effects while using CBD, it is wise to stop using the product and consult your doctor.