DG Botanicals Review: Why They Are Not A Good Choice

Not everyone we talk about is good, our mission is to help our readers choose the best among all the options. Dg Botanicals is an other option in kratom vendors. After going through a complete phase of research, we gather all the information and share our knowledge for the people for you to know who to trust and who does not.

Some vendors are always into playing dirty politics. If a vendor is less than desirable, many red flags are pointed towards them and their services. No one can vouch for their reliability which results in them losing customers and soon spoiling their business. 

Cheap Tactics

Style over a certain substance is the reason why many vendors take their steps into the world of Kratoms and try to make their mark in the industry but in return, they always end up leaving without even giving a hint of where they are going and will they ever come back.

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It is evident and may have to be considered while starting your own business is you can never win by adopting the cheap strategies. Ugly games are easy to play but are bad in the end. No matter how hard you try to deal with the dirty tactics, you will most likely face the harsh reality which is even dirtier.

The winning is always for the ones who work hard even if it takes them centuries to achieve their goals. In this respect, we shall be sharing a review about a vendor known as Dg Botanicals and how they escaped the Kratom market leaving no clue.

DG Botanicals

DG Botanicals

Before considering buying from an online vendor, you must keep certain points in mind. Dg Botanicals is not a vendor who just came and went. It is a company that has been working in the marketplace for quite a long time.

They appeared on the map when Kratoms came into the U.S for sale. DGB Inc. is the organization that owns the vendor and therefore, DGB formally known as DG Botanicals is what we shall be referring to.

Dg Botanicals is a Colorado-based company that sells and installs home appliances. They deal with all kinds of services. Although, their reputation is not so good in the business world as the better business bureau has declared them among the few non- accredited businesses which are technically not legal to run.

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According to the rules and regulations, two companies cannot work with the same names, it is considered illegal. DGB on the other hand has been working as both a health supplement provider as well as a manufacturer which makes it all even fishier than expected.

History Of DG Botanicals

DG Botanicals started their business almost 8 years ago under the supervision of DGB Inc. They were quite well known in the past but sooner they started losing their buyers. Many bad reviews about the vendor keep circulating on the internet. 

You better go somewhere else!

When we say this, we mean it. People are constantly complaining about the vendor for not providing their services to the people. Many people complain that the vendor does not care about its buyers and have no interest in selling their products.

One rule of business says that as long as you show sincerity and interest to your audience, you will never lose them. Unfortunately, this vendor does not seem to act according to this rule. Some people say that they have failed to deal well with their customers.

If you want to order something from this vendor, you better get prepared before getting disappointed as the company does not operate anymore. They keep going off every once in a while, leaving their regular customers in a constant confusing state. 

DG Botanicals

Can you access their website?

Still, a strange fact is that the vendor’s website is now inaccessible. If you try to open their website through the URL, one message that might pop up is “Something went wrong, the website is unavailable”. At once, you might think that there is something wrong with your internet or computer.

However, after clicking each time you shall get the same message which implies that there is nothing wrong with your computer or the internet as the company has shut off its website giving a benefit of the doubt. Like their competitors, the products they use to sell are still inadequate and do not fulfill the requirements. 

Weakest Strains

The time when they were active, a lot of people tried their products. Unfortunately, it is not just us but a bunch of people have reported that the products offered by the company are either bitter, bad in taste, or are ineffective.

They used to sell a variety of products and some of their not so popular and loved strains of Kratom are mentioned below:

The above-mentioned Kratom strains are one of the most popular ones and no vendor can deliver something wrong which is the talk of the market. The results might vary in different people as each product acts differently however, as per the majority, no one actually finds these strains to act as expected. 

Best Strains

With negative there is a little positive which one must remember, some of the best strains offered by the vendor of that time were:

The positive reviews about each strain have proved that DGB used to have some great strains as well which is the reason why some people still feel bad and miss this vendor for not being available in the market as of now. 

Lab-Tested Products

There is no evidence to back the claim that the products of this vendor were lab-tested. As per our information, these products were sold after going through a proper phase of testing. You never know anything until you hear it from the company themselves.

Nonetheless, sources say that this vendor had a lab testing facility and no item was delivered without checking for its impurities. 

DG Botanicals Quality Assurance

Everyone wants their business to get promoted, same is the case with this vendor therefore, they claimed to provide the highest quality products. There is again no evidence that can prove the statement however, they used to provide complete detail about the farming and the processes these items go through before getting delivered.

Any customer must be suspicious of this vendor because there is nothing that guarantees their authenticity. 

DG Botanicals

Shipment Policy

Reviews have suggested that this brand had a strict shipping policy. They never compromised with shipping and had firm rules which made it easy for the customers to get their packages. Many people prefer quick delivery services which makes it a plus point for the vendor. 


It is now impossible to do research on their prices, however, according to the reviews, their prices were very much higher than their competitors. They were overpriced and comparatively charged more for every item.

Discount Code

Unfortunately, along with heavy costs, this vendor did not provide any coupon code or discounts to their customers which always scaled up the overall rates. 

Final Thoughts

After having a detailed view of different perspectives, it is evident that this vendor is quite suspicious and one cannot promise for their genuineness and legitimacy.  

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