EC Botanicals Bath Bombs: Blends Research And Reviews

I see that you searched for this, well duh you did. Why else would you be here then? This means that you are searching for a good vendor. This also means that you have used kratom before and if not then maybe this is your first try and you want to be sure. OR, you bought kratom before from another vendor and you just didn’t like it and now you were searching in Google about EC Botanicals and this page came along.

Well, don’t worry because you are in just the right place because my friend, I’m going to give each and every little detail possible about this vendor so you could at the end decide on your own. Let’s start, shall we?

Why EC Botanicals

I’m not being unreal here so I will mention the negative aspects too. When you open up their website, you may get a little disappointed as their website is not up to the mark when you compare it from the website of other vendors. It may seem a little messy but don’t under-estimate them as they have good reviews on Google.

But TGM Store is on top of the kratom vendors list, as they have the best of the reviews

There might be something that makes then different from others and I heard that their kratom quality is exceptional. That is why you must try them.

As they say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.

EC Botanicals

Who Are EC Botanicals

It is a US-based kratom vendor. It is founded by Tim Haywood, a local artisan from Eastern North Carolina and his wife. They started their business in 2016 and now are really popular among kratom buyers.

They provide their customers with fresh and quality kratom which is the reason that customers keep on asking for more as they get the best kratom from this vendor. Their prices are affordable and they take special care to keep their kratom top notch.

What Can I Get From EC Botanicals

A good vendor always has a lot of products to offer. The greater the variety of the products, the greater and authentic is the vendor. EC Botanicals have a huge range of products. They have many kratom strains and other products too to choose from They also have different blends to offer.

EC EC Botanicals Bath-Bombs

Now, Isn’t it all too exciting that they have bath bombs too? A bath bomb can really spice up your bath. It can soothe and relax you and you could have the perfect bath by these bath-bombs.

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Their sizzling sounds are too cute and they make your bathing experience upgraded to level 10. They have different aromas to offer. Just go to their website to find out more.


EC capsules are usually of 10mg. They provide capsules for a lot of strains. Their capsules are of great quality and material. They are not like ordinary capsules that take a lot of time to digest which slows down the kratom.

No! Their capsules are different and really quick to show most of the effects. They are easy to carry and you can keep them anywhere.


Now coming to the interesting part. They have got their very own blends. If that isn’t exciting for you then I don’t know what is. As these blends give a unique effect. They have blends of different kratom strains made for different effects. You can go to their website and you’ll find each blend for a specific effect made carefully just for you.

EC Botanicals Candy & Kawa Products

Ooh this is getting better and better, isn’t it? I told you that they had something special in their pocket. Their product variety is just amazing I must say. They even offer candy and kawa products for kratom. The candy can be tacky and chewy.

This is for the people who want to enjoy each and every part of it. Whereas, Kawa products are generally for those who use kratom as a coffee substitute. They can use it in the morning to stay active.

Kratom Strains

They have many strains to offer. Their best seller is the EC Botanicals Super Green which is a strain of the Sumatra family. This is the most famous one among buyers. Others include:

Gold Bali

Green Borneo Premium

Green Elephant

Green Hulk

Green HongKong

Green Maeng Da

Maha Red

Morning Blend


Ozia Originals Elevate Ultra Premium Hemp Oil

Twilight Blend

White Hulu Kapuas

White Maeng Da

White Sumatra

Yellow Borneo

Yellow Vietnam

Premium White Borneo

Purple Indo K Blend

Red Aceh

Red Bentuangie

Red Borneo V3.0

Red Horn

EC Botanicals

Price Rates

Okay, so the most important thing is how much the products are going to cost you. Their prices are not so high, they are affordable and you may even find yourself some good deals. Their price list is as follows:

l 25 grams for $6

l 60 grams for $13

l 125 grams for $22

l 250 grams for $32

l 500 grams for $60

l 1 kilo for $110

The price rates are different for capsules and extracts. You can find the detailed prices from their help center.

EC Botanicals Quality

Another fact that you may not know about this is that they import new kratom every week. It is unusual because many kratom vendors get huge loads of kratom at once and then sell them.

This may result in humidity and loss of quality but this vendor takes special care and imports fresh kratom in kilo packages instead of bulk which keeps the kratom crisp.

Customer Services

You want to know what they are going to offer you, right? They have 4.6 stars on Google which means that their customers are happy. Their shipping timing is 1-3 days. They can provide you with your kratom on your doorstep.

Isn’t that convenient? Moreover, they have a 30-day return policy for the products that have not been opened yet. This is for the complete satisfaction of the customer.

Customer Reviews

“I just ordered there super green and I have to say it is stellar quality. Quality is a 10/10 and customer service is a 9/10 I will only be ordering from this vendor from now on”, said one of the customers.

Another one stated, “They have an awesome variety of kratom, always smells fresh and of great quality. The green maeng da is one of my favorites, gets me motivated without overstimulation. The prices are really good, especially with the samplers. EC Botanicals will always be my go-to vendor.”

EC Botanicals


Many types of research are being made day to day in various fields. Kratom has been a topic of discussion for quite a long time now and many people are starting to notice it. SF Weekly advises:

“Before you make your final selection, check the vendor for the following:

– Does their website explain their lab testing policies?

– Are they a member of AKA’s GMP program to ensure proper safety standards?

– Do they care about safety and testing?

– Are their prices reasonable?”


If you are looking for a great vendor who takes the responsibility for the customers then EC Botanicals is the right vendor for you. Just go to their website and order what you like. BOOM! It’s on your doorstep.

Lab Tested & GMP Approved

Fastest Shipping