Entropic Labs SARMs Review: Do They Still Exist?

The most famous SARMs are saving the lives of so many people who are trying to lose weight and gain muscle. I know how hard it is for you! I understand how much time you have to spend every single day to get your dream body shape. For this, you might have tried using SARMs and most likely, you should have been surprised by their results. 

If you are still thinking of filling up your stock of SARMs then the best concern should be where to buy it from? If you are planning to invest money in Entropic Labs, then you must stop right here to have a look at the review that we are going to share with you today.


Some SARMs vendors are secret vendors. You typically cannot find them easily because they only do commercial and professional business with sanctioned distributors. Entropic Lab vendors are one of those low-key vendors.  

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They started in 2018 and since their birth, a lot of people tried them to see the results. However, it was by then very tough for the users to find their information as they did not have any specified platform on the internet which could be helpful and accommodating to stay in contact with them.

Later on, the company provided some information on their website but subsequently, only a few individuals were able to order from their website. Soon they shut down their website and couldn’t continue. 


In December 2019, Entropic labs turned off their website and it was a huge shock for their consumers. Customers tried to reach out to them in several ways and get to know the reason for what happened to the enterprise. The only mark that was left by them was an Instagram account about which we will be sharing the details below.

Many people asked them about the closure on their Instagram account which is currently inactive but couldn’t get any response shortly. The last post on their account was made in 2019, the same time their website got shut off. 


Entropic Labs

There are a lot of SARMs vendors who came out and started their fancy business. It was interpreted that soon they might be able to give competition to the leading vendors but in the end, most of them went away without leaving any track or trace. Some of them were AUS Labs SARMs and Kodiak Labs. It is still a mystery why they all left. Maybe it can never be solved.

Maybe the issue was the bad quality of their products or legality issues. Well, it is never good to judge a book by its cover, and similarly, we can never judge the reason why their business concluded until the company itself responds and tell genuine reason. There are still chances of their re-appearance. All we can do is just wait. 


We can only find them from two sources. The first one is the Instagram page while the second one is a Facebook page that claims to sell their products. However, after our research, we have concluded that either these pages do not respond and if they do, they are usually out of stock.

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That comes to the conclusion, we can not practically find them now until and unless we find their original suppliers. 

One user has claimed that their SARMs are available everywhere in Utah. We can only assume if they Entropic Labs Vendors have their products available or not. We can only find them if we visit every single shop in the world to see where they physically exist. 


There are several pages where people write their reviews. By the time they were obtainable, a lot of people used them and confronted several results. Some results were outstanding but the rest were not so appealing. Someone stated that he/she has been using their SARMs for 2 weeks but started facing sleep issues and headaches.

They also stated that no gains were seen even after trying their product for several days. Many people have considered them fake. Their reviews state that Entropic Labs Vendors are not legit. Their results are unseen and even after months, no gains were seen among the people after using Entropic Labs SARMs


Although they ended their business, the pictures seen on the web are very appealing to look at. The packaging comes in a classy look having a white and gold theme. Their bottles are nicely sealed to avoid the supplement’s leakage.

I wish they were still available in the market because they are so far the most wonderful products to look at. Their remarkable presentation can easily catch the customers eye. 


After the disappearance of their website back in December 2019, their Instagram page has stopped responding. The only way to contact them was a google voice number where you can call and get your queries solved.

Granting, a list of questions can be answered but the customer service providers are even doubtful and unconvinced about the information. They have provided an address in Utah which is a residential address. We have found out that a 71-year-old woman lives there. 



Though they don’t exist in the market now, the bio of their Instagram page says 

Someone filled an FDA report against us”

Now it is an unidentified question of how one can find and use their product. With no status of their website and the purity of their products, no human should ever trust them. Being new and disappearing without a final statement, it is always a secret.


Some so many people insisted to get cheap and doubtful products but ended up not only regretting alone but with all those who have trusted their opinion. One should never trust a vendor who does not get COA. Entropic SARMs are either under-dosed or fake. 


It is clear now that Entropic Labs SARMs are not trustworthy. They have shut down their company. As we mentioned earlier, it is a low-key vendor that is suspicious for the consumers. You have to be very watchful when getting a new product without knowing its history and origin.

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We recommend you to have a detailed investigation and examine every single thing before trying out something related to your health. You have to find everywhere to find their goods and if you are still able to find them anywhere, make sure that you share the results with others as wells but by that time, just be patient and wait! 


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