Geo Peptides Detailed Review: Are They Legit?

Geo Peptides is one of the Best SARMs vendors. They mainly deals with peptides. But it does not mean that their SARMs are inferior in any way. Besides selling SARMs and peptides, Geo Peptides also offers durable medical equipment.

Quality and pricing of the products available on Geo Peptides will decide their worth. But Swiss Chems is a reliable vendor by all means.

After a long research I have concluded that they are leading the peptides and chemicals research industry. Let’s comparison these guys with other vendors, to take final decision why and where to buy research peptides and research chemicals.

Product Assortment & Pricing

Geo Peptides Products

Amazingly Geo Peptides has almost EVERY peptide you can need. BPC-157, GRHP-2 and even IGF-1 Des are example. Although all their products are for research and laboratory use only and they are strict on this.

If you are looking for SARMs, they offer every popular SARM available in liquid form. But some main SARMs offered by Geo Peptides include;

  •  MK-2866 (Ostarine)
  •  GW-501516 (Cardarine)
  • Yk11
  • LGD-3300
  • MK-677

Geo Peptides


They have a large number of educational resources on their website. Yes, this is a perfect option to get more information for beginners and buyers of SARMs. You can always check on the FAQ page for more detailed information.

Quality: They are confident that all products are a minimum of 98.6% purity and perform all quality tests before sale. This is very important because you want to make sure you are getting legitimate products.

Sizes, Price and Form: Their all products are in liquid form. That’s why their products are accessible to all users. It is surprising that the company does not sell capsule or powdered SARMs. Geo Peptides offers SARMs available in 30ml or 60ml bottles.

Another interesting is the fact that they make custom SARMs blends. They can provide you any SARM blend you want.


The liquid SARMs prices are less than $100, which is quite a reasonable price. For 60 bucks, these guys will make you any SARM blend you want. You can pick two types of SARMs and they will put half of each in a 30ml bottle. Geo Peptides is the only vendor offering this kind of service. In comparison with others you can buy a bottle of liquid RAD-140 in $75. It is a quite fare deal.

Price Matching: An unbelievable thing they offer is, if you find your product online, made in USA and in stock anywhere else online that has a lower advertised final price, we will beat it by 5%. Just email us…

Deal of The Day: Basically, each day they will put a different item in sale. Every day, they offer a special discount call “the deal of the day” on one product so check back often. This certain product will sell against a greatly reduced price.

Is Geo Peptides legit?

Just like any other product, you obviously would want to know if the company you are dealing with is legit. Well, thanks to Geo Peptides for quality products they sell. They got excellent customer reviews and, obviously, their products are also affordable.

But if we look at reviews, all the SARMs and other products sold at Swiss Chems are ranked above average.

Customer Reviews

Finally I researched about customer’s reviews, and went through countless Geo Peptide reviews. Most users seem to be quite positive about this vendor and satisfied with the purchased products. The products seem to be accurately dosed and of perfect quality. All the recent reviews are really inspiring.

It’s very important but difficult to find countless positive reviews about a vendor. If maximum customers are satisfied with product, it is a green signal to go for it.

Free Shipping

All orders over $150 qualify for free shipping. Is this not an awesome offer? This offer is on all Research Peptides, Research Chemicals, Antibodies and Custom Services for sale online from Geo Peptides.

According to them, another great facility is in the process of getting DHL FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS, for the time being all international orders need to be under $200.00 to make sure there are no issues. You can avail this offer very soon.

After purchasing a product from them, you will receive your order within 2-5 business days depending on the shipping method. Shipping days are from Monday to Saturday.

Geo Peptides Refund Policy

If you think that you no longer need the product and the package is not opened, you can send it back to Geo Peptides. They will refund your money.

Payment Policy

Geo Peptides accepts all credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discovery and American Express card. They also accept Green Dot Money Pak. If you need further information how to use this option you can contact

Geo Peptides Customer Support

Geo Peptides

They offers custom services through their third party client and they claim that the services they offer nothing less than professional. For any questions regarding the purity and quality of their products I suggest reaching out to customer service. Their customer support is really very supportive and positive.


They changed the minds of people about SARMs that they are only useable for workout replacing steroids. Now it is recognized as a useful product with so many benefits, other than bodybuilder’s choice. They are working on research chemicals and peptides.

Obviously you are looking for the best quality SARMS. So Finally, Geo Peptides SARMs are really worth checking out if you want to improve your workout routine and achieve the desired results avoiding harms. Although Prices are little high but not bad as compare to quality.

But in my opinion Swiss Chems is committed to provide you best products at your doorsteps. For further information about SARMs and other products, please visit their website.

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