Gold Maeng Da Kratom – Amazing Facts

Do you want something that relieves you from any sort of pain within minutes be it back pain, muscular pain, or headache? Does your medication takes up hours before they start showing effect? Well, I have a perfect thing gold maeng da for you which not only gets rid of pain in a few minutes but also lasts up to several hours and you know it is natural.

So my fellows I am here talking about Gold Maeng Da. I know many of you don’t know what it is but before digging into it let me first tell you what maeng da is. But rememeber either you are looking for gold maeng da or any other kratom strain, The Golden Monk is the ever best vendor. 

Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng da Kratom is a type of kratom strain. This series of kratom is most commonly known for pain-relieving and mood-enhancing effects and is highly potent as compared to other series of kratom. It comes in many types namely white maeng da, red , and green. Enough with the maeng da talk let’s get back to what is Gold Maeng da.

Gold Maeng Da Kratom

Gold Maeng Da

It is a blend of two maeng da leaves namely white and green. So you can get to experience two in one. Sounds amazing right? But also it makes it highly potent so one must be careful of the dosage.

Place Where It Is Grown

Like other Kratom strains, gold maeng da kratom is also grown in Southeast Asian countries mostly Thailand and Indonesia as they provide an ideal environment for mitragyna speciosa plant to grow.

Although it grows in Southeast Asian countries but the best seller the TGM store is growing its sale more than any one just because of their best quality kratom

Chemical Composition

For all the science geeks here is some interesting information for you that alkaloids present in it are higher as I’ve mentioned above that it is a mixture. 

The alkanoid7-hydroxy mitragynine is found in high concentrations. I will not go into many details because a layman like you and I cannot understand it so I’ll just stop with the science talk right here.

How Gold Maeng Da is Consumed?

There are many forms available for you to consume as you desire and are at ease with


Want most of its effect powder is the one for you. Powder is the most popular among users due to its high effectiveness and is the most common. But be careful with the dosage.


If you want something easy-going then capsules are perfect for you. Just the required amount of capsule and few gulps of water and let it do its magic.


Extracts are the most uncommon among the users. But if you need something that shows effect fast then extracts come handy.


The most desirable for tea lovers, yes that’s right you can also find this as tea.

Gold Maeng Da

How Much Amount Of Gold Maeng Da One Should Take?

There are some things I will tell you. Dosage not only depends on the effects you want from it. It also depends on your age, gender, medical conditions and medicines you are taking at the moment. So before you decide you should keep the things mentioned above.

As for starters, I would suggest them to take it easy and go with about 1 to 1.5 grams and first get used to it because at first it can cause unusual effect like dizziness but after you get used to it you can increase the amount as required by you.

If want to use it as a pain reliever then I will suggest 2-3 grams is enough for you and the pain disappears.

If you want to feel relaxed then 4-5 grams will do the trick and your worries are out of the window.

You might want to be careful with the dosage because it has high potency and any carelessness can result in vomiting, nausea, blurred vision, and headache. We don’t want to experience the bad side of it now don’t we?

Popularity And Demand Of Gold Maeng Da

Being a blend of two highly effective maeng da strains gold maeng da is most popular among the users. You do not experience the advantages of one but two, sounds amazing. Due to its immense popularity, its demand is pretty much high, but who can blame them right given the effects and not to forget its long-lasting effect.


Being a mixture of two strains it is slightly more expensive than the other kratom, but hey they are standalone but this is enhanced form so who wouldn’t want it. See the bigger picture you are getting two in one price so what if it costs a few more dollars right? Anyways it will cost you approximately about 30 to 50 dollars.

Best Retailers You Can Ever Find

You all might be wondering where to buy from as you know many scams and fraudsters sell fake products so it is pretty hard to find a reliable retailer who sells the original one. Well here is a perfect recommendation for you to buy from.

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Why Should You Buy It?

If it were up to me I can give you a hundred reasons as to why you should buy it, but I will keep it short. We all experience pain in various forms in our body whether from sitting all day in the office and working or stressing ourselves out due to any problem we are facing we cannot always be headstrong now can we?

So I would suggest you to buy this nothing is more important to you then your wellbeing. But keep in mind to take it as per need because you must have heard the phrase” Excess of anything is bad”.

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