Green Hulu Kratom: Rare Among The Super Strains

Kratoms are now the most well-known herbs found in the world. Not only their popularity grows because of their incredible effects but also the number of Kratoms available is so much in quantity and a wide variety of Kratoms are available all around which makes them the most liked form of useful plants.

Nonetheless, the number of kratoms available is sometimes confusing for the users and many of them have started getting bored because of it. If you find the ordinary Kratom boring then we have brought a review about one of the rarest and unique Kratom strain which is Green Hulu Kratom. 

Hulu Kapuas Leaves

There are in total three types of Hulu Kapuas leaves which are: 

Red Hulu  

• Green Hulu

White Hulu 

Containing a good amount of 7-hydroxy mitragynine, Red Hulu Strain Kratom is categorized for pain relief, and stress relief. They do not provide any energy boost or muscle improvement. White leaves are well-thought-out for dealing with depression, panic attacks, anxiety, and stress attacks.

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They also increase the overall energy levels of the body however they are known for their nootropic effects. If you are not an optimistic person and just want to experience the moderate and mild effects then the best choice for you would be Green Hulu as it is not sedating and non-stimulating.

It does not have any serious side-effects making them the most suitable leaves for common people.  

Green Hulu Kratom

Green Hulu Kratom

The rare one among all the Hulu leaves which has the effects of both a morning coffee and an herbal tea. It is said to be a daily fix as it helps with all types of issues regarding health and energy levels.

Not being user-specific, this kratom is something that every person from anywhere having any health condition can use it just for all the positive effects and nothing harmful. It is a lush green leave with a vibrant aroma that comes from its birthplace.

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It has an array of alkaloids which tend to have outstanding healthy effects on the body. Unlike other leaves, this kratom has a very moderating effect and one can experience the effects of both green and white leaves with this specific product.

Here we shall discuss all the properties and characteristics of Green Hulu Strain Kratom and how does it differentiate from others. 


Talking about the mysterious part of where Green Hulu Kratom actually comes from! Located in Borneo Island are tropical rainforests which lie in the areas near River Kapuas. Having a hot and humid climate, this region is rich in soil and has a variety of different kratom extracts.

This region has all the factors that aid in the growth of the Kratom plant. However, this region is surrounded by a deep and intense forest due to which it is inaccessible to many farmers and people around.

This is the reason why Green Hulu Strain Kratom is extremely rare and unique. It increases the price of the overall product making it expensive among all.  

Rare Among all the Strains

As mentioned earlier, this kratom is the rarest kratom found in the world. It is rare to an extent that only the final top branches of the plant make it to the final processing phase while the rest of the plant is left untreated.

Because of not being able to reach the lower part of the plant, no one can actually use it as kratom and treasure its uses. It originates from Southeast Asia and due to its miraculous benefits, it is treated like an expensive piece of Kratom.

The island where it grows does not have a native population and is rather isolated due to which no one actually goes there. Thanks to the scientists for discovering this amazing product!  

Green Hulu Kratom


Formation and Alkaloids

Green Hulu Strain Kratom contains alkaloids which are naturally occurring compounds having astonishing benefits. For imparting the benefits of alkaloids, this kratom contains Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine.

Also, many other advantageous alkaloids are found in vast amounts which enhances the effects. Some of these alkaloids are:

  • Corynoxein
  • Isomitraphyllin
  • Mitraphylin
  • Speciofolin
  • Corynantheidin
  • Specionoxein
  • Paynanthein
  • Mitraciliatin

Assistance Provided by Green Hulu Kratom

The critical impact of Green Hulu Strain Kratom is pain relief. It is reported that users taking this Kratom felt a sudden decrease in pain in most parts of their bodies. It felt like draining away all the tiredness and pains. It also helps in breathing again and aids in acute as well as chronic pain.

Kratom releases serotonin which helps in releasing the tension both from the mind and the muscles. It also makes you feel confident resulting in improving your social life. Just like its unique nature, this Kratom has some unique advantages as well.  

Ways in Which you can Munch It in 

You can take Green Hulu Kratom in several ways. There is no limit or restriction on how you can actually munch in this strain. You can either directly chew the processed leaves which are not easy to find and have fewer advantages as compared to other processed forms.

Another way which is adopted by many people is taking the powder and chewing it with water or any juice they like. However, powders can be a little messy. Brewing tea and mixing your favorite flavor is the best way to transform your tea into an herbal tea.

Either way, you use it, it is always a good idea to use in the prescribed dosage which is discussed below: 

Recommended Dosage

Dosage recommended by the doctors is to start off with minimal amount and increase the dosage based on your experience. A dose of 1 gram as a beginner is more than enough which can be taken up to 2 to 5 grams per day as a regular user. Consuming it responsibly is a great way to make use of its effects.  

Life of Green Hulu Strain Kratom

Green Hulu Strain Kratom has an effective usage duration. Its effects last for over 6 plus hours. The first 25 minutes leaves a very mild effect whereas the final phase of the aroma is the most intense.  

People’s Opinion About Green Hulu Kratom

Among all the Kratoms and based on the reviews made by people, Green Hulu Kratom is the most wanted and desirable substance. To all those who have luckily found this Kratom based on its availability, have always said nothing but good about this Kratom.

Green Hulu Kratom 

Latest Research

Latest Researches have found that Green Hulu Strain also acts as a sexual stimulator and has magical effects that are rarely found in all the other strains. Research has shown that Green Hulu Strain Kratom was found thousands of years before and it still grows naturally without the addition of any harmful preservatives.

This product has naturally occurring alkaloid makeup which means it is a gift of nature in the medicine world. Green Hulu Kratom works its best in 6 hours containing 3 phases of 2 hours each of which shows incredible results in the specified time. 

Final Words For the Strain

As a conclusion, we can say that Green Hulu Strain Kratom is a must to try. A new kratom strain for all the people who want to experience moderate and mild effects. Overall results are very heartening and nourishing.

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