Happy Hippo Herbals Kratom: Latest Vendor Review

“Several years ago I was forced to find a different way to buy Kratom. My bank kept refusing to allow any transactions for Kratom vendors. I came across Happy Hippo Puddles and learned that they accept Bitcoin. Ever since then, for the past 3 years, I have been purchasing my Kratom from Happy Hippo Puddles, using Bitcoin.

They have great products, they ship FAST, and their customer service is outstanding! There were 2 occasions where I had trouble checking out, and their customer service helped me out and filled my order. I will continue to do business with this company as long as I can.”

These are sentiments shared by the vast majority of Happy hippo clients. This is only one here, but there are thousands of positive reviews of this vendor. When you type “Kratom Vendors” on google, you’ll find a lot of suppliers who say they have the best quality products. Maybe a few are good, but not good enough, and not all of them.

They may be good at sales, but not of quality. It’s really hard to find a reliable kratom vendor. So how do you find a good kratom vendor to get out of an unfortunate spot? After a long period of research,

I find my favorite kratom vendor, TGM store

Letme give you a brief review of Happy Hippo. 

Happy Hippo Herbals Kratom Products Quality

Happy Hippo Herbals are one of the best Kratom vendors as their products are strong enough. Without any doubt all the kratom strains, they own, are of above-average quality. Their products are strong enough as compared to others. You can have the desired results without causing any unnecessary adverse reactions.

Happy Hippo claims to have the “Best Kratom on Planet Earth” and the Best Kratom Vendors of 2019 (cleanest/safest product) are certified by the American Kratom Association

Happy Hippo Herbals Kratom Products

Happy Hippo

As I have been a kratom user for a long time, I know it’s very difficult to get good quality kratom from online vendors. For the 1st time, they give you high-quality products, but they lack when it comes to consistency. Maybe they have all strains of kratom but they don’t have good quality in all products. And If if they have good quality, they don’t have variety. 

Happy Hippo gives you good quality with a variety of kratom strains

Kratom Strain Expectations, based upon 3 Variables

⦁ Vein Color (Red, Yellow, Green, White)

⦁ Origin (Growth Location: Maeng Da, Bali, Sumatra, Thai, Borneo, Malaysian, Sudanese, and More!)

⦁ Speed (Fast/Moderate/Slow) 

The interesting thing is that, the vendor Happy Hippo has divided the strains in different categories for buyers ease. 

⦁ Slow Kratom

⦁ Moderate Kratom

⦁ Fast Kratom

Kratom Capsules

Slow Kratom

This is the best kratom for relief. It supports a Happy and relax mentality. These products act slow. But they warm relief from physical discomfort and promote a calm sense of well-being!

TGM store is supplying a big collection of all kratom strains for relief with best quality

This category includes the products:

Gold Bali Kratom (Royal Golden Bali Hippo)

⦁ Red Sumatra Elite Kratom (Magic Hippo)

⦁ Supreme Dark Horn (Slow-Mo Hippo)

⦁ Happy Hippo Body Butter – Topical Magic Hippo (Kratom/CBD/Arnica)

Red Hulu Kratom (Happy Heart Hulu)

⦁ White Horn Super Kratom (White Horned Rhino)

⦁ Green Bali Kratom (Top-Shelf Bali Hippo)

⦁ Red Bali Kratom (Red Dragon Bali)

⦁ Red Malay Super Kratom (Fire Hippo)

⦁ Yellow Sunda Kratom (Mellow Yellow Hippo)

⦁ Superior White Hulu Kratom (Chill Hippo)

happy hippo

Moderate Kratom

Happy Hippo claims it best kratom for balance. The moderate kratom strains lie somewhere between the slow and fast-acting Kratom strains. It promotes a productive but happy state of mind and a steady-state boost to low-potential energy that causes jitters like Fast Strains. 

Moderate kratom increases a sense of well-being with low risk of causing drowsiness like Slow Strains. So it seems a perfect combination of different qualities. 

This category contains:

⦁ Super Green Indo Kratom (Happy Hippo I)

⦁ Super Red Indo Kratom (Happy Hippo II)

⦁ Super White Indo Kratom (Roadrunner Hippo) *LAST CALL*

Green Malay Elite Kratom (Elite Elephant)

⦁ White Bali Kratom (Platinum White Bali)

⦁ White Vein Borneo Kratom (Ghost Hippo)

Stem & Vein (Bone Hippo)

Fast Kratom

This kratom is known as energetic kratom as it supports a productive lifestyle. it is very helping to increase a sense of awareness within the environment. Fast kratom improves mental efficiency and amplifies physical capabilities. And Finally it promotes a pro-social vibe or mindset.

The products in this category are:

⦁ Green Maeng Da Elite Kratom (Hyper Hippo)

⦁ Diamond Malay Kratom (Thunder Hippo)

Gold Maeng Da Elite Kratom (Sunshine Hippo)

⦁ Red Vein Thai Kratom (Dynamite Hippo)

⦁ White Maeng Da Elite Kratom (Rockstar Hippo)

⦁ Ruby Red Thai Kratom (Invincible Hippo)

⦁ White Thai Elite Kratom (Lightning Hippo)

⦁ Green Vein Thai Kratom (Atomic Green Hippo)

Red Maeng Da Elite Kratom (Red Hot Hippo)

⦁ Yellow Viet Kratom (Wild Golden Hippo)

Happy Hippo Kratom Capsules

They claim to lead in kratom capsules variety. They have a variety of Maeng Da Kratom Capsules – Bali Kratom Capsules – Vietnam, Malay, and Indo Caps.

⦁ Yellow Vietnam Kratom Capsules (60 Caps, 550mg)

⦁ Green Malay Kratom Capsules (60 Caps, 550mg)

⦁ White Maeng Da Kratom Capsules (60 Caps, 550mg)

Green Maeng Da Kratom Capsules (60 Caps, 550mg)

Is Happy Hippo Herbals Expensive Kratom?

Happy Hippo

Yes, of course the Happy Hippo Herbals admit that they don’t sell the cheapest Kratom. But they claim that getting high-quality products is always costly. 1 ounce for $8 to $14. A 4-ounce powder package costs between $33 and $52. But it varies with strain you love. You can buy bulk Kratom powder for around $300 and onward. Kratom capsules start at $30 for a 60-count bottle.

Coupon Codes By Happy Hippo Herbal

You can get coupon codes via their newsletter and social media. Their updated Sales page is also a good source for you. 

Happy Hippo Herbals Customer Service

Happy Hippo Herbals has one of the fastest shipping speeds. They try to get all orders out in 0-36 hours. Unlike most vendors, they ship on the weekends too. Express shipping is not ‘overnight shipping’. 

It may take 2-5 full business days. They don’t promise anything other than this is the fastest way to get your order.

Unlike most vendors, they ship on the weekends too. They respond to all email inquiries within 24 hours. 

Final Words

Happy Hippo Herbals have quality products, but they’re a little expensive.

To get quality kratom at best price, try TGM shop. 

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