Herbal RVA Kratom Review: Are They Trustworthy?

Kratom plays a very important role in a lot of lives. People who feel tired even waking up in the morning and restless in bed are using this natural gift to get rid of these issues. Herbal RVA, a retailer of kratom, claims to supply the kratom of high quality as many other sellers do.
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I always try to gather the facts about the vendors in the best possible way. This review will help you make that vendor decision. Herbal RVA has both good and bad reviews because nobody is flawless. But I’ll give you a fair review, as it’s my responsibility to direct my readers.

Herbal RVA and Its Website

Herbal RVA is an online Mechanicsville, Virginia based store. You must know about the website they own. Then we will discuss about price, quality and other facts. To most consumers, their website makes them seem rather untrustworthy. The shipping information had been missing when I visited their website.
Website is yet user friendly and easy to navigate from one web page to another. You will read their former clients’ testimonials. This will help you to find out about the customers’ experiences.

Herbal RVA


What I notice is Price is the only point that increases their sale. People buy the products because Herbal RVA is affordable for everyone. A 100 g of Red Indo can be bought for as little as $9.75. This is cheap and well below the market average.
The prices should not be the only guideline but also the quality when it comes to health products. You can scoop pretty decent price cuts based on how much you’re buying. Here are a few mouthwatering prices and savings that you get from buying bulk kratom (each kratom unit is 250 gm).

Here are some other prices for some specific kratom strains 

  • Baik Bali, 25 kg comes at $11.99 per unit
  • Green vein Borneo. 25 kg comes at $11.99 per unit
  • Green Maeng Da – 25 g, comes at $13.29 per unit
  • White Maeng Da – 25 g, comes at $13.29 per unit
  • Plantation Maeng Da – 25 g, goes for $14.55 per unit

The Variety of Herbal RVA Products

Herbal RVA stocks different herbal products including kratom. Which have different advantages for consumers. A wide range of products makes your choice of product a little confusing. This is not a bad point.

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You must type the word “Speciosa” into their search bar to get to their products. They sell more than 20 distinct strains of kratom. This set includes some very common strains like:

  • Red Vein Thai
  • Bali Indah
  • Red Maeng Da
  • White Bali
  • Green Vietnam
  • Sunrise Bali
  • Green Malaysian
  • Green vein Borneo
  • Baik Bali – this comes from crushed virgin leaves and yields a sweet fragrance
  • White vein Borneo
  • White vein Indo
  • Plantation Maeng Da – a hybrid of the green vein (30%) and white vein (70%)

Some other popular products are:

After using kratom powder and capsules for long time, I decided to try kratom tea. It is a very easy way to take kratom. But nothing is better than Powder or capsule. Although they sale kratom tea at cheap price.

Herbal RVA Offers You the Natural Healing You Need

Herbal RVA

Herbal RVA provides a wide variety of natural products that have multiple uses, just right for your health.

1. Moringa

2. Turmeric

3. Black Pepper

4. Ginger

5. Sarsaparilla Root

6. Tongkat Ali

In Quality Are They Trustworthy?

Reviews say Herbal RVA is the most popular seller of herbal products. But they are not very good when it comes to specifically kratom. The goods they supply are well-reserved fresh and there are no harmful additives.
They sell an average quality kratom which affects the body system. Not much faster and lasts longer compared to products of low quality. They send the fresh and effective kratom. Herbal RVA goods excel in price, and they are not likely to mislead you.


Another disappointing point is, they don’t offer free shipping like other vendors. The shipment can be USPS first class, Priority mail, Priority express or FedEx Hold-For-Pickup.

Most items are delivered within ten days of shipping. The shipping price depends on your location, but you can know it before placing the order.

Herbal RVA Coupons and Discounts

You are looking to save more as everyone like to. You should try out the herbal RVA coupons. By using these coupon codes you could minus everything from the selling price to the shipping price with the right coupon!

Here are some saving examples:

Unit Price per unit


·       $69.99





·       $59.99





·       $54.99




·       $49.99 29%

Customer Service and Refund Policy

There was a time when they had no calling number. You were able to contact them just through email. But now you can reach them thorough phone number. They are available 24/7.

They offer a refund policy under certain conditions. If you want to return product to Herbal RVA, make sure they are not opened. They accept the return within 30 days after purchase.

Payment Method

You can pay with PayPal or credit card and have it delivered to you before you know it.

Final Verdict on Herbal RVA

Herbal RVA is home to an exotic herbal blend, with a fascinating variety of varieties to choose from to match your needs. Besides kratom strains, the company  offers some fascinating tea options. These are all healthy for you.
Given all these, there are some places where Herbal RVA falls short. Their website is badly built. In some cases, some customers find it unavailable. If you still have access from your area to their site and don’t mind their messy website. This is not a good seller to buy from.

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