Herbal Salvation Kratom Review: The Best Guide About Vendor

The Herbal Salvation Kratom is another good vendor in kratom industry. The people say Herbal Salvation have the absolute best quality kratom. But you know I don’t believe until I do not test them. So I decided to check them out. Although I regularly use kratom from

The best kratom vendor TGM.

I read a number of reviews on different platforms, and then I used Herbal Salvation kratom. What was the Result? Do they really selling high quality kratom? Are they good at price and quality? This experience answered me all these and some other questions.

When kratom is getting more popular in the world, it is a rain of kratom vendors in the market. Everyone is confused to decide where to buy kratom? This review will clear your minds not only about Herbal Salvation Kratom but all the other vendors whether they are reliable or not.

Herbal Salvation


Who Are They (Herbal Salvation Kratom)?

Herbal Salvation kratom is the product of Viable Solutions, LLC which is based Idaho. They sell all kinds of natural medications that range from soaps, balms, lotions, teas, drinks, tinctures, powders, and other botanical.

They also deal in digital scales, capsule machines as well as empty capsules. Herbal Salvation is famous for its vast range of products, high quality, fast shipping, discreetness, and incredible customer services.

The vendor is one of the oldest kratom vendors and selling kratom at whole sale rate. Because of this they are popular among kratom users.

Kratom Strain at Herbal Salvation Kratom

The vendor has a large range of kratom strains. They sell near about 20 different strains of kratom. This makes them unique and popular among the kratom vendors. Unique blends of Gold Reserve, Mahala Kali Red, and White Ketapang are their most selling products.

Some other popular strains are:

Thai Maeng Da

Green Vein Bali

Maha Kali Vein

Gold Vein Bali

They offer three different sample packs that contain 125g, 500g and 2000g of Kratom powder respectively. For more strains you can visit their website.

TGM considered to be the best vendor with the largest range of high quality kratom strains.


They offer sample packs to newcomers to the kratom community as they deliver sick deals on every single sampler. These samples start at $6.00! And it’s not just the noobs that should be intrigued—those who like to buy in bulk can snatch up two kilos for under 200 bucks.

They are selling kratom at low price as compare to other vendors in online kratom industry. Here are some examples:

Herbal Salvation Kratom Quality

Herbal Salvation Kratom

Herbal Salvation Kratom products are 100% pure, without any additives, and made by just crushing the leaves into very fine powder. The quality of the kratom is good and it is giving you good results.

Herbal Salvation is a GMP compliant company and indulged in the practice of publishing lab results of their products each year. You can find out all past and recent lab test results of Herbal Salvation on Google drive here.

This online vendor is regulated by interstate commerce laws, which is a division of the United States’ federal law. So Herbal Salvation is a safe and legal online vendor.


They offer free shipping on orders of $75 or more. They have a fast shipping process. All orders are eligible for USPS Priority shipping which generally arrives within 2-3 business days, meaning you’ll get your hands on quality kratom in only a little longer than it would take for you to hunt down quality kratom locally.

Customer Service

Herbal Salvation has a solid reputation for its customer service. They do not accept any refunds for products that have been opened. This vendor accepts refunds for products that have not been open up to 30 days after purchase. They deduct the shipping cost anyway.

You can send a message directly to the company through their website or an email address provided. They try to reply back to customers within 2 business days. It is fair enough.

Are They Reliable?

Herbal Salvation kratom offers quantity and varieties of Kratom keeping the consumers’ thoughts in mind. Sample packs available at very reasonable prices. Shipping is fast and free. There is comfortable and convenient policy return. The policy of money back guarantee and exchange is possible within 30 days of buying.

These offers make the shopping personal and relax. And finally the safe and hygienic packing of strains at GMP facility prove that Herbal Salvation kratom are legit.

Final Words

Let me tell you finally that, the actions taken by Herbal Salvation after FDA investigation about Salmonella outbreak and its general reputation in the Kratom world, we can say that Herbal Salvation is a reliable vendor.

Lab Tested & GMP Approved

Fastest Shipping