Herbaldom Kratom Vendor Review : Latest Research

Recently kratom is getting a lot of hype. People are trying to find the best kind of it in the market. It saddens them that they invest so much money to buy the products that are not up to the snuff. Their quality and taste make them quite disappointed. People are in an urge to find reliable and trustworthy kratom vendors.

Herbaldom is one of the most entrusted and devoted companies where you can find the rarest premium products that are difficult to find out in the market. The vendor is a small firm that is greatly increasing its reach to users. Its most alluring fact is its harvesting method.

Different companies committed themselves in producing splendid kratom products but their quality was pulled down and so were the sales. Whereas the vendor stands preserving its attribute to produce prime kratom remedies.

Origin of Herbaldom

Herbaldom is located in California and built by Mr. Andrew. He is an IT guy and used to previously work with herbal vendors. He has shared that his previous company was shut down due to wrong happenings in the industry.

He told his viewers that he didn’t like the immense environment of herbal products which were manufactured by fraud companies. So Be careful. and go for right choice. TGM Store is the most reliable kratom vendor

He was devoted to providing the best services for his customers by fixing the imperfections and errors which he experienced. He tried to make everything outright from the quality of the tiniest leaf to the online services and customer demand.

So, he achieved his devotion by bringing out the progressive approach of the vendor.


The Interface of Website

Herbaldom has a well-organized website. As the owner was an IT expert, he was dedicated to eradicating most of the glitches on his website. Their website contains different sections such as blogs, products, privacy, and shipment policy, etc.

The website is customer friendly and consists of FAQs where the experts are available wholeheartedly to guide their customers according to their queries and confusion of products.

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They are loyal and committed to their work and we can tell this by the edifying blogs they put out for the public revealing different aspects of kratom remedies. The workers make sure they are not just marketing but also proving their excellence and spreading the knowledge they have to the rest of the world.

Their website’s unique feature is the fraudulent customer list that shows their faithful work, revealing customers who made false allegations on their products, and they have no shame in showing it to the audience as they are serving wholeheartedly.

Quality of Herbaldom Products

It’s one of the main and basic reasons for the spread of this small firm as they believe customer satisfaction is based on quality. The vendor is working hard to make their way in and this quality satisfaction is a channel forward. 

This takes place from the very initial level; the growth of the kratom leaves to their harvesting and drying then crushing down the leaves. Making sure that no impurity is added while crushing or packaging. They carefully monitor the metal particles in the raw material with the help of metal detectors. 

They also do a proper background check of the supplier who is working with them and contemplate if there is any negative feedback regarding the supplier.

The vendor asks for the supplier to give them a full report of labs, attestations, and references so that the company should have the complete knowledge of the products and suppliers.

Products Available at Herbaldom

Kratom is a type of plant which can be found in Southeast Asian countries. Its scientific name is Mitragyna speciosa.

The strains of kratom are of different kinds such as red, green, white.

The RED STRAIN applies to those people who have anxiety, depression, or want prevention from drug addiction.

The WHITE SRAIN applies to those people who want activeness in their daily life. This strain helps to boost stamina and energy.

 The GREEN STRAIN applies to those people who want to get themselves out of social fears. This strain makes a person cheerful and friendly towards the people.

 The owner claims that his products are best in quality and taste. The taste and application of each of their product are distinct from others. 



Products available from the vendor are listed below with their specifications:

  • Red Bali
  • Green Bali
  • Yellow Dragon
  • Yellow Bali 
  • Dark Red Borneo
  • Black Diamond Extract

The Black Diamond Extract contains 3.2% Mitragynine.

Red Bali, Yellow Dragon, and Green Bali are only the products that contain a minimum of 1% Mitragynine.

Whereas Dark Red Borneo contains less Mitragynine than other products.

Policies of the vendor

The company assures that they take special care of all the private information of their customers. They only collect some selective data such as name, e-mail, address, credit card information, etc. upon registration, placing an order, or responding to a survey. This information is not leaked or shared with any third party.


The packages deliver by the vendor are sealed securely and the content of order and name is not written on the packages. The company gives surety that the product is dispatched on the next business day and will be delivered in 2 to 3 days.

Moreover, this vendor has provided a specific tracking number to the customer so that they can check it whenever needed.


The vendor is very strict in their return policy. They do not take packages back without full authorization and the package must be returned to the company in 14 days receipt.

In their return policy, they have strictly commanded that the packages which are opened or damaged by the customer will not be returned whereas if the package is misplaced so then the company will assist the customer fully.

User’s Reviews About The Vendor

The vendor does care about their customer’s views regarding the products. The regular users of this company have said about the products offered by the vendor that ”The products are extremely effective”.

The products of this company are fresh and potent. The product will them a proper sleep or relieve the pain at the end of the hectic day. People have liked their Green Hulu and Green Horn product.

The users have also stated that ‘’the price of products is quite economical and due to reasonable packaging; it is easy to store.’’


Negative Aspects to count

  • The vendor does not offer a wide range of products.
  • The tracking information is not available for some countries that are outside the USA.
  • The vendor does not provide any reports regarding lab attestations.

Latest Research

The vendor will release their new products (Dark Red Borneo & Red Borneo) soon when they will get positive feedback from group testing customers.

As mentioned above that the company does not offer wide products, there reach is less to common people as the company has rare products so only the people who are looking for specific products will buy them.

Final Thoughts

Mentioned above are all the facts that one might consider while choosing a brand or a vendor. In this respect, Herbaldom has made its name among the best Kratom vendors. They are a perfect fit for anyone who wants to make the most of their experience with Kratoms. 

Lab Tested & GMP Approved

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