How Long Does Kratom Last? What You Can Expect

Before getting into the effects of Kratom and How Long Does Kratom Last in our system, just so you know, as long as it stays in, you will be floating in the air (Of course, not in real)

Kratom Life span in our system is something we all kratom users should be concerned about, however, the good thing is we can predict its period by the amount of our dose or there are also some medical tests blah blah.

Here, we will not go into some scientific details but will only discuss the life of kratom and how long does it stay in our body in a layman’s words :p

How long does it take for Kratom to start reacting?

When you munch in your pack of Kratom, you are very likely to see the effects after ten to fifteen minutes although the initial effects are quite mild and moderate. You would not see a sudden splash in your system.

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  • Dosage affects a lot in the outcomes you see. Smaller dosages last for one to a maximum of two hours. After this period, you will see your body getting back to its original state.
  • If you take a larger dosage, the effects might last for as long as five to six hours.

It is still not evident to say that it deserves to be used in the medical field or not as its effects are unpredictable in most cases.

How Long Does Kratom Last

How long does Kratom Last in the Body?

Usually, the effects can last for as long as 4 hours. Technically, kratoms can show their effects depending upon the amount of intake. A lower dose can result in effects for as long as two hours. Whereas, the higher dosage can last for even eight hours or more.

  • Four to five grams of kratom can leave the effects for two hours which are quite potent.
  • Seven to eight grams of kratom can have strong effects which last longer.
  • After taking kratom, the peak time that is considered to be the effective period is usually 1 to 1.5 hours.

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Kratom effects do not only depend upon the dosage and how much we take. Other factors are also considered in measuring this parameter. For example, it is proved that if a person takes kratom on an empty stomach, the results can last for longer than taking kratoms after eating food or drinking water.

Factors Affect How Long Does Kratom Last

Some of the factors mentioned below are the factors on which the kratoms life depends upon. If you are obese and have more body fat, you might feel the effects of kratom for a different period than a person who has less body fat. Other factors also affect the time of how long kratoms stays in our body.

Body Fat Effects on How Long Does Kratom Last

First of all, Fat sucks! Secondly, if you are likely to have more fats in your body Kratom will last longer in your system as some kratom alkaloids are fat-soluble.


If you are 18 years or older you are no more restricted to Kratom use, however, it’s life span changes as you grow old. Researches showed that people with age more than 50 tends to have Kratom for a longer period in their system than younger ones.

Genes Effect on How Long Does Kratom Last

Even if we talk about one’s appearance or system traits, genes always have a part in it. So Kratom’s like may also depend on one’s genes types.


More water, more urination, or sweating that means grater elimination of body minerals, and simultaneously Kratom may also leave your system quicker.

Metabolism Effects on How Long Does Kratom Last

Well I guess its something how much active your lifestyle is plus how much your body system works efficiently.

Food Intake

As random ingredients are fat-soluble so If you eat a fatty dinner you’ll likely to lose Kratom effects quicker.

How Long Does Kratom Last

Peak Effect of Kratom

The point which is known as the most effective stage after the intake of Kratom is called the peak time effect of Kratom. It is believed to be around one to two hours after having Kratom. You will see the most effects at this stage. Your body will be reacting and the magic will start happening at this point.

Heightened Effect of Kratom

Several factors affect the intensity of Kratom and its reaction. For example, if you take Kratom on an empty stomach, you will observe that it reacts powerfully whereas taking it after having your meal might not boost the effects and it would not last long. Similarly, taking Kratom in the form other than capsules is said to last longer.

Low Dosage and Short Life-Span of Kratom

To stay productive for a long tiring day, many people use kratoms in low dosage. Some workers and laborers who have to use their muscle power or energy use this to boost and give a kick-start to their day. It gives a mild stimulant effect. Nevertheless, the Kratom compound does not last for longer if taken in small amounts.

High Dosage and Longer Life-Span of Kratom

If Kratoms are taken in high dosage, it may last longer. It is always advised to take it under the consultation of your doctor or a medical expert as longing the effects by taking large amounts is not a good approach. This could lead to harmful situations as they can cause sedation, nausea, vomiting, headache, unrest.

If taken more than required, Kratoms can result in weight loss, loss of appetite, insomnia, unrest, and depression. Getting used to high doses of kratoms daily can lead to complex withdrawal effects.

Half-Life of Kratom

Half-life is defined as the time that is taken by a substance to reduce in half after its consumption. With an additional half-life, the compound might finish. Some articles have cited that the half-life of kratom is nearly 24 hours. After a day or two, kratom shall leave your body without any resulting effects.

Definite Response to Kratom

There is no definite response that tells that the period of how long you shall be impacted by kratom. The only way to know and ensure this issue is by undergoing a drug test.

Kratom’s Stay in the Body and Dependence

Kratoms use can result in the development of dependence on this substance. When discontinuing its usage, these post dependent effects also known as the withdrawal effects are very hard to deal with.

Just like taking coffee for a longer period and suddenly giving it a break can make you feel worse withdrawal effects. It can make you feel lazy or results in low performance.

It is said that “Addiction of something is wrong”. In simple words, it can be said that kratom has a nature that makes you dependent on it and if not taken when required, you might feel bad experiences and emotions.

How Long Does Kratom Last

Final Verdict on How Long Does Kratom Last

Alright so now you know almost everything about the Kratom period of staying in our system (you can thank me later)

So basically, before taking kratom you should take above-mentioned factors into consideration and take Kratom dose according to your schedule needs or body dependence.

Take care and have fun!

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