(Science.Bio) Review: The Best SARMs Supplier

Science.Bio, former IRC.Bio (Innovative Research Compounds) is a famous SARMs supplier in USA. Why they are famous? Obviously, they deserve this due to their high-quality products, perfect customer support and extra ordinary fast shipping.

Although, they got out last year due to federal regulations, but they are back with new brand. This brand has lovers all over the world as they are supplying their products all over the world. So I decided to provide you a detailed review on IRC.Bio (Science.Bio).

Swiss Chems is always the best to buy SARMS.

Why IRC.Bio (Science.Bio)?

As I am a regular user of SARMs and other products, I have tried so many suppliers. But after visiting IRC.Bio’s website (Science.Bio) and looking at the reviews, I came to know how to satisfy the customer. They have no complaint other than shipping cost. You can get free shipping on all orders above $300. Yes I pay for shipping but their quality made me happy.

They sell the purest, cheapest, and to me, the most wonderful SARMs supplements I’ve ever experienced. They have 100% purity guarantee, and publish third-party independent lab purity test reports.

But when I bought products from Swiss Chems, it was fabulous. 

IRC.Bio (Science.Bio) Website

Their website is friendly with complete guidelines. I got all the necessary information to place an order, shipping and payment method. So it was perfect deal that’s why I’m sharing with you. Let’s have a look at facts why they are best.

After subscribing to their news latter you are eligible to get bonuses, news updates and promotions.

Product Assortment shut down two year or so ago, I can’t remember exactly when. But after a brief period where it just displayed analysis data, the domain started redirecting to, with all the technical analysis data that had previously been displayed now with directing to a sub domain of

New company is owned by the same person with the same range of products. They have a vast collection of products including SARMs (liquid SARMs and SARMs powders), carry nootropics, SERMs and other research chemicals.

DMAA a strong pre work out stimulate is their special product. They categorize their products by Noortropics, Metabolics, Longevity, Natural and Supplies.

Their liquid solutions are almost 30ml and all powders come in a quantity of 1000mg normally, which equals to 1 gram.


No doubt these guys are bit expensive than other vendors. IRC.Bio (Science.Bio) believes in quality, so it is up to you that what you chose in quality and quantity. Comparing price with other vendors may make you hesitate but when you compare the quality, you will be satisfied.

In fact the prices are very cheap for what you are getting. Lab purity reports, and my personal results, convinced me that they are reliable. And yes, there is a money back guaranty for every customer.

Highest Possible Chemical Purity

All the products with unique batch code, analyses by under the section reputable third party. Through High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) tests they make sure that they are providing you high-quality research chemicals. (HPLC) is the method by which most products are tested for purity.

Fast shipping

For most packages average arrival time is 2 – 3 business days with delivery confirmation and tracking with USPS Priority Express Mail in USA. Internationally it takes 7 – 21 days with a Customs ID number and tracking with USPS priority international.

They welcome orders from anywhere in the world with guarantee of delivery. But if you are using a mail forwarding service there is no for guarantee successful delivery to the forwarded mail address, as this is not something they control. (Science.Bio) SARMs Quality and Results

I don’t want to convince you but just suggest you according to my personal experience. Results will tell you how pure they are. To compare the results you can compare before and after photos, as I do. You can see a huge difference after a SARMs cycle.

Is (Science.Bio) Legit?

As nothing changed but only the name, they are still legit. The same management and people are running the same business from the domain instead.

They just fell into a battle with FDA, and they just closed the company down. And then they came back with some better insurance policies in place, through only marketing them as supplements for research and non-human use, and then started selling the same products again.

Nobody lost any money, they are not scammers. So they are legit and trustworthy. All the products they sell are real deal. (Science.Bio) Coupon and Discounts

Like other companies also offers discounts and coupon codes to the customers. I can tell you an idea to save up to $200. Buy a single dropper bottle containing 300 mg of LGD-4033, it will cost you $39.99. But if you buy 20 bottles, the price drops by $10 a bottle, saving you a massive $200, with free shipping. Is not a great deal?

As well there are coupon codes to get discount like NEWSLETTER10. You can search for more coupons online.


The bottom line is that, are the same people, because a lot of the information the same, the people posting on Reddit that they are from the company, are the same, and they’ve even admitted that they are

I would suggest you to go to Reddit and read the views, but most importantly, why don’t you try? You will come to know how Results Speak.


Made & Tested In America