Krabot Kratom Powder And Capsules: Best Selling Strains

Do you know what real achievement is? Finding a trusted and reliable vendor to buy kratom, who has a variety of kratom strains and provides you edible, fresh, and authentic kratom at affordable prices.

But how would you do that? Because As the people are getting aware of the amazing healing properties of kratom, its demand has also raised. Here is a word Krabot. What is this? Let me tell you something special.

This herbal plant mainly grown in Southeast Asia is well known for its ability to relieve cancer patients from chronic pains. That is why you will see hundreds of kratom vendors in the market right now. But do all of them are trustworthy and reliable?

Of Course not. Numerous vendors assure you about their product quality and authenticity but instead gives you low-quality imitation product. You can’t just waste your money on scammers. 

To make your task easier I have done your part of the research and hard work. Today I am going to share unbiased and honest information about a kratom vendor “Krabot”.

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After it, you’ll be fully aware of their kratom products, the quality of kratom they are providing, their customer service, and product prices, in fact, all in all about everything. So, if you are a beginner and looking for the high-quality strain you must read this article till the end. So, stay tuned!


About Krabot kratom 

It’s is a renowned kratom company. It is an online vendor that deals with kratom and kratom products. Its kratom is largely known for its wide variety of kratom products and kratom strains. You can find the finest and authentic quality kratom here at affordable prices.

They are based in Chino Hills, California. This is a comparatively new dealer in the market, but it has been in quite a limelight lately. 

Krabot kratom

Krabot kratom review 

The kratom is a new entrant in the kratom and nootropic industry. However, it has been able to win over the hearts of kratom lovers. Out of the many online vendors for kratom. It is one of the popular choices. They provide the finest quality of kratom and they have a wide variety of strains.

Customers are highly satisfied with their quality and prices. They have made themselves prominent by gaining the appreciation of customers. Its strong presence on social media platforms, kratom forums, and positive feedbacks from contented customers speak volumes.

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There are numerous where customers have praised their service and quality, you can read positive reviews of customers on Reddit and legit forums. The popularity of this company does not make anyone second guess its authenticity before buying kratom from them. This kratom appears to be the best online kratom in the US. 

Products offered by Krabot

They are providing a variety of kratom and kratom strains. It has pretty much all kinds of kratom available in its online store. 

Moreover, the products are available in different forms and sizes. They offer kratom in powder, capsules, and extract form. Even in capsules and powder products, It has different packaging sizes to provide ease to their customers as much as they can.

Such as It has powdered kratom available in four-packs starting from 100 grams to 1 kilogram. 

Besides, they also offering starter packs for new consumers. These starter packs are available in four different sizes ranging from small to extra-large packages. The starter packs come in 4 different sizes with 5 strains in each pack. You can order according to your need.

Krabot Kratom

Unique strains of Krabot Kratom 

They offer a wide variety of strains, among their other standard kratom strains, they also have unique strains of kratom which you rarely get from any other vendor. Their unique strains include: 

In addition to these, they have also included Krabot Evening Blend in their products recently. This is a special strain formulated kratom powder that is a blend of Red Sumatra. a splash of Yellow Bali, and Red Bali.

Standard strains of Krabot Kratom

Their standard kratom strains include:

Green Bali

Green Maeng Da

Red Hulu

Red Horn

Bali Gold

Green Malay

Red kali

Red Hongkong

But here the strains that are much craved and desired by the customers are Red Bentuangies and Red Jongkong strains, and they both are available in 100-gram bags. 

Additionally, they do not offer capsules of standard kratom strains just like the other vendors, the capsules they provide are of a different and unique type. 

The capsules they offer are made of their unique blends that include their signature brand, the Morning Blend Kratom Capsule, and their stem and vein capsules. All the capsules are available in 1000 milligrams. 

For the beginners, the starter packs of this kratom are well suited, but these starter packs are out of stock most of the time because of their increased demands. You have to keep a regular check on the stocks if you want to get your hands on it. 

Krabot Kratom Soap

In addition to other kratom products they are also offering kratom soap, their soap is unique and attractive. Each bar of their kratom soap is said to be a homemade cold process soap that includes all the natural ingredients.

And the good news here is that their soap is available in different varieties for you to choose, the Krabot kratom soap is available in almost 10 different kinds including coffee cream, and cocoa, frankincense, and Kratom, all a blend of natural sunflower seed oil, olive oil, distilled water, grape seed, and sodium hydroxide.

Krabot kratom soap is in high demand among kratom customers. 

Krabot Kratom

Product prices of Krabot

The prices of their kratom products are quite affordable as compared to other vendors in the market, which makes it easier for you to choose whatever strain you want. As per their clients, they have the best selection of products. The products are remarkable because most of them are considered unique blends. 

If I compare its prices with other vendors in the market, so they are offering 100 grams of kratom powder for only $23.99, while the other vendors are offering the same 100 grams of kratom powder at usually very high prices. 

Talking about the prices, they have pocket-friendly in-budget prices. For a beginner who is willing to try different strains in small quantities, and want to know more about what strain suits him best, than let me tell you that they are ideal for beginners who want to buy small kratom packs for the sake of exploration.

After that when he gets familiar with his desired strain, he can also buy large packs at quite affordable prices. So we can say that they have the capability of satisfying their customers. 

Customer Service of Krabot kratom

Krabot kratom does not compromise on their customer’s satisfaction, they provide the most outstanding customer care services.

They communicate very effectively with their potential customers, and whenever you encounter any challenges while placing your order, they immediately provide assistance to you in solving your problems. Users are never dissatisfied while using their vendor services. 

What makes Krabot kratom unique among others?

An important factor that makes it stand from the crowd is that they are offering a wide variety of kratom, various blends, and strains. Hence, you can select your favorite strain and blend as per your need from their unique collection.

Moreover, they have excellent blend combinations available for their customers, you just have to head on to their website and make a selection of your choice.


Without any doubt, I can say that Krabot kratom is the best kratom vendor you can rely on, ranging from the quality of their kratom and kratom products, the outstanding and efficient customer service everything from it is first-class.

Additionally, they are making it more convenient for you to buy kratom by offering their deliveries at your doorstep. Once you make an order, they give you a tracking number so that you can track your order until it reaches you. So,what are you waiting for?

After all, you have found your ideal vendor with all the good qualities you were looking for. Just go and order your favorite kratom product from their website and thank me later.


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