Kratom and Blood Pressure: Latest Research

Kratom is gaining popularity globally because of the health benefits it provides. May be you are one of the kratom enthusiasts who has made kratom a part of their daily routine or maybe you are a beginner who is willing to try kratom after knowing it’s amazing healing properties.

But suddenly some question regarding this herb pops out in your mind and among all these questions one could be very intriguing and that is, is kratom and blood pressure linked?

Well, it is good to have a curiosity about every product you are trying or going to try, it helps you understand the properties of that product more deeply. 

Kratom and Blood Pressure

Kratom and Blood Pressure Query 

People are already getting more aware of the benefits of natural products and have started moving towards it and all the remedies associated with it for wellness and good health. 

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Talking about your query regarding kratom, I might have the answer to your query. But before telling you the link between kratom and blood pressure. I want to give a quick review of kratom for all those here who do not have enough knowledge about kratom and want to explore this herb more. 

One herb that has taken the world by storm is the kratom plant. Kratom belongs to the Mitragyna Speciosa. It is a tree that grows in the sticky climate of Malaysia.

It mainly originates from Southeast Asia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia have a long history of using kratom for medicine, to treat ailments diarrhea, fatigue, and coughs. Other people used it as an energy boost, especially laborers who had to work long hours.

Hence, kratom strains have energizing properties in them the same as coffee along with other benefits. Kratom is said to be effective for various conditions and disorders based on what the experiences tell us.

The leaves of the tree consist of chemical compounds known as Alkaloids that are responsible for the beneficial effects of Kratom. The essential alkaloids are 7-hydroxy mitragynine and mitragynine.

These alkaloids generate several effects on users as they react with opioid receptors in the brain. The common effects caused by these alkaloids are mood enhancement, pain relief, stimulation, energy-boosting, and antidepressant, confidence-boosting.

Getting back to our main question, does kratom affects your blood pressure or not? And if it does than how is it going to do it? Positively or negatively? Let’s find the answer logically.

Kratom and Blood Pressure

To find the link between kratom and blood pressure, we need to look at certain facts for clarity. His answers to your question are YES! kratom does affect blood pressure. As kratom is a stimulant, it may cause an increased heart rate if taken in higher quantities.

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The alkaloids inside kratom bring about an adrenergic response. As a result of this response, your nerve cells may get stimulated and triggers norepinephrine. In case if you don’t know Norepinephrine is responsible for increasing blood pressure and helps breakdown fat in the body.

Is Kratom And Blood Pressure Linked?

Kratom is categorized as a nootropic because of the same effect. It is capable of enhancing cognitive function and improves your memory. If you are struggling with a lack of concentration and memory problems, then kratom can be very beneficial for you.

A person who is already suffering from hypertension should avoid taking higher doses of kratom, he should stick to the lower doses. At higher doses, it is observed to contribute to a rise in hypertension which can lead to either stroke or heart attack.

However, once users learn how to set their kratom dosage, they will understand that kratom is not the reason for any blood pressure issue.

Kratom is an organic substance that is responsible for correcting organ function and stabilizing the body. It soothes the body. Therefore, an increase in blood pressure seems highly unlikely to be a side effect of kratom.

Kratom And Blood Pressure

Not Being Sure

Blood pressure is a common condition that affects many people in the world. According to statistics among the majority, few people are truly aware of their hypertension and are taking precautions to control it.

And since most of the people are unaware of their condition, they are more likely to take stimulants which can eventually affect their blood pressure.

People’s Opinion On Kratom And Blood Pressure

Kratom users agree to the fact that a high dose of kratom can cause a rise in blood pressure, like the circulatory system strain increases. This rise in blood pressure is one of the main reasons ls that the users are advised to take a limited dose of kratom.

When consumed in lower or moderate doses kratom only relaxes the body, this also makes the internal blood vessels relax to ease the flow of blood. From reviews posted on different social forums such as Reddit and social media, users have hinted that a dosage of 7 grams can possibly raise blood pressure.

Feed-Back On Kratom and Blood Pressure

This feedback was shared by the majority of kratom users. However, some of the kratom consumers also said that their blood pressure remains normal when they take kratom. There is a spike in their pulse rate and blood flow once the effect of kratom starts to deteriorate.

According to a user, he took kratom for spinal cord injury his increased blood pressure starts getting normal and blood sugar levels also normalized.

Optimal Dosage To Keep The Blood Pressure In Check

In contrast to pharmaceutical medications, natural supplements can help you normalize blood pressure. Kratom can relax the nerves and keeps the blood pressure uncheck as long as the dosage is moderate.

Some of the kratom strains are so strong that only a single dosage of them can keep the blood pressure in balance. If the kratom impacts users by relaxing and mood enhancement, blood pressure remains normal.

There can be chances of increase pulse and blood pressure after a few hours of consumption. But this impact is not the same for all the users and varies with individuals.

Kratom Strains to Avoid If You Have High Blood Pressure

For those patients who are already suffering from hypertension or irregular heartbeats, is recommended to just stay away from stimulants. Well, the good news for you is that not all kratom strains have stimulating properties. You only have to avoid those strains which can cause stimulating effects.

The strains which you should be avoiding are Maeng Da, the White Vein Thai, Super Green Malay, and Red Borneo. The following strains have to energize and stimulating properties.

Kratom And Blood Pressure

Latest Research On Kratom and Blood Pressure

A study by Mahidol University, Bangkok concluded that people who used kratom experienced a rise in blood pressure and heart rate, keeping in account the age, activity level, and stress level of the user. However, with slight changes to dosage, this increase in blood pressure can be easily avoided.

Contrary to this, consumers who take a smaller dosage of kratom experience stable pulse and blood pressure recording.


Now that you are well aware of the link between kratom and blood pressure. So, there are few things that you should consider doing, if you are a hypertensive patient it is better to keep a check on your blood pressure daily, or before and after consuming kratom.

You can also consult a physician in case you are having issues. Always use strains that do not have stimulating properties and take in lower doses to avoid any complications. It is always better to take precautions before trying anything.

Kratom can do wonders for you if consumed in optimal dosage, just keep that in mind and you are good to go. Enjoy your experience with kratom.


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