Kratom and Suboxone: Are They Safe For Addiction Treatment?

Kratom and Suboxone Review

In the mid of the 20th century, Kratoms got the spot on them and emerged as a great herb useful for many purposes. It gained the love as people started using it for their health issues, soon it gained the status of a recreational herb used for only entertaining and leisure purposes.

On the other hand, Suboxone also has a name for being a miraculous treatment for the opioid epidemic. Both of them Kratom and Suboxone are being used to get rid of withdrawal effects and are majorly categorized to cure heroin and drug addiction and take off all the opioids from your body.

But before jumping straight into the comparison, let us have a look at the major points that shall give you a brief idea of what Kratom and Suboxone exactly are.

Kratom comes from the Mitragyna speciosa which is an evergreen and lasting lush tree. It is similar to coffee plants therefore the leaves of this plant have coffee-like characteristics. 

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Along with its uses to treat depression, anxiety, pains, and give a stimulant effect. It is also used by people who are addicted to heroin, opioid, and drugs and to get rid of those withdrawal effects.

A little research has been made on how kratom works for withdrawal effects and it is not scientifically proven therefore, another compound that comes in this race is discussed below.

Kratom and Suboxone

What is Suboxone?

Suboxone is the name, is a brand-name prescription item. Similar to kratom, it is also used to treat opioid effects and treat the post-drug effects. If you are too dependent on drugs and heroin, you might feel it impossible to live without them.

Every day seems like a thousand years. Counseling sessions, therapies, or many medicines do not work. In these hard times, Suboxone comes as a rescue to help people dealing with these issues. It comes as oral medicine and can be used by placing it under the tongue. There is no need to swallow or chew it.

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The film dissolves in the mouth on its own. Each film of Suboxone contains two drugs which are buprenorphine and naloxone. It is considered as a schedule III prescribed medicine. It is accepted in the medical field.

Most experts do not prefer using it as it has some physical and mental dependency effects which are hard to avoid after withdrawal. Therefore, it is not advised to completely rely on it. 

Origin of Kratom and Suboxone

Kratom is found in the Southeast Asian region covering Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. The tree of this respective compound is a naturally occurring one containing leaves of different colors.

These colors are called veins and these veins generate different strains of Kratom. This tree is said to be one of few ones having a huge quantity of various strains all of which are unique in nature and benefits. 

On the contrary, Suboxone is not a naturally occurring compound rather it was made by humans. Therefore, it is called a man-made substance. First released in 1995, in France, in response to the AIDS epidemic in heroin users.

The substance got its approval from the FDA in 2002. It is a synthetic opioid. The primary purpose of its creation was to deal with the treatment of addiction. 

Suboxone Generic

Being a brand-name drug, it consists of two substances as discussed above. This is available in a generic version. The generic version comes into two forms which are the oral form and the tablet form. You can take this compound in tablet form as well.

The tablet can be placed under the tongue or gums. It dissolves automatically and goes directly into the stomach. Both of the forms are in sublingual form. 

Kratom and Suboxone

Kratom Generic/Form

Unlike the above-mentioned compound, Kratom comes in a huge variety of forms. There is no limit to the number of ways one can consume this magical substance. It comes in the form of powder, extracts, dried leaves, teas, herbs, capsules, shakes, and juices. You can have this in the form of natural dried extracts.

The natives living near the kratom tree mostly prefer using it naturally. It can be said that the form of kratom which is available from the market is not pure and consists of various additive preservatives which are sometimes not healthy. 

Reactivity Nature of Suboxone

Suboxone can cause mild or sometimes severe effects that can create unwanted situations.

While taking the respective compound, some of the primary reactive effects that you should expect to face are headache, opioid withdrawal effects, runny nose, dizziness, vomiting, heart rate fluctuation, sweating, abnormal stomach functioning, depression, constipation, nausea, and even redness in the mouth along with burnt tongue.

Some of these effects can go away on their own within a day or might take some weeks if you are sensitive or prone to using reactive substances. There is nothing wrong to say that if you take the respective compound in the wrong way without the prescribed instruction of your doctor or consultant, you can feel some severe and serious side effects where you have to call the doctor immediately. The most that you can face as a serious side effect of suboxone is death. 

Assistance provided by Kratom

Kratom does not affect the brain as much as other artificial compounds do. It can be used as an opioid withdrawal supplement as it provides mental clarity. Helps you stay off the drugs and gives you motivation. It provides freedom from addiction safely and securely. 

Dependence on Suboxone

Suboxone has an addictive nature and can make you dependent on it if you start using it more than required. In some cases, one might have to go through physical and psychological effects.

Addiction technically refers to a mental disease, which is not good for health at any cost. The opioid effects of the compound we are talking about makes it among the few compounds having addictive nature. 

High Dosage of Suboxone

If you are dependent on suboxone and abruptly stop using it, you shall start feeling very serious symptoms. When this compound is misused and abused it can cause the following three effects:

  • Breathing Problems.
  • Coma.
  • Death.

Withdrawal Effects of Kratom And Suboxone

The drug isn’t the problem, it is easier than anything to just go, grab your heroin, and start consuming it without having a second thought. But the real issue is your health. You sought to escape your problems, issues, and pains just by consuming drugs but slowly, and gradually you are doing nothing but detreating your health. 

Kratom And Suboxone

Which one is healthier?

The competition is clear, it depends on your usage and how you use the compound. If taken in the wrong way, you surely will have to go through hard situations. Physically depending on any substance shall make your body suffer in the long run. There is no clear statement that can state the answer to the question about which one is healthier. 

Suboxone Strength

Suboxone comes in 4 strengths. All of these strengths have a certain quantity of buprenorphine and naloxone. 


In the conclusion, we can say that both of the above-mentioned compounds Kratom and Suboxone are safe to use as opioid withdrawal. You should use these according to the prescription provided. We wish you good health and safe life. 


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