Kratom And Tramadol Fusion: Are They Harmful?

Today, we are going to discuss the most popular combination of two substances known as Kratom and Tramadol. 


To increase the efficacy and effectiveness of a substance, it is merged with other elements. This idea of fusion is great in roughly a few belongings, but in some cases, it could not work as expected due to the composition of different medications.

The efficacy of a compound is highly related to its making and the alkaloids present in it. Though it is said to never combine certain medications yet some people do this mixing on their own and rather than getting increased effectiveness, things turn out to be messed up.


Kratom is said to be used to relieve pain and treat health issues. It is considered as a great substance used by many people. In some cases, kratom can be combined with other compounds to increase its efficacy and working.

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Sometimes, the combinations might work and, in some cases, it might not work causing a big flop. Kratom is always a crucial substance and experts believe to treat it with certain care following the safety guidelines. Due to these concerns, some governments have banned the selling of kratom resulting in the illegality of Kratom.

According to the users, kratoms sometimes tend to overcome the negative effects of other substances or on contrary sometimes, it increases the adversity of negative causes. Therefore, before trying any new combination, it must be carried out following the prescribed guidelines and dosages. 

Kratom And Tramadol


Tramadol is a great compound and medication used to treat pain. Pains like postoperative pains, cancer-related pains, infectious pains, and chronic pains can be cured by taking Tramadol. It can show effects within 2-4 hours. The fourth hour after the consumption of Tramadol is well-thought-out to be the peak hour.

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Although, it is considered to be a weaker opioid and has less susceptibility to abuse. However, an overdose could be harmful and might lead to serious issues. It is a narcotic. Tramadol is equally potent to codeine.

Common usage of tramadol is post-labor pains and is used by pregnant women to avoid severe pains at the time of delivery. It can also treat and alleviate the post and pre-period pains. Nerve pain and severe trauma can be avoided by taking tramadol. 


Kratom is derived from the Southeast Asian region which includes countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. These regions are comparatively hot and humid. All of the factors that contribute to the growth of kratoms are present in those areas.

Mitragynine is grown in the soil which has mixed nutrients. The exact location of this tree is somewhere near the bank of the river located in Malaysia. Some regions of its occurrence are rather isolated and are hard to reach for cultivation. That is why vendors usually sell some rare strains of kratoms at high prices. 


Tramadol works as an opioid and inhibits the reuptake mechanism of compounds like serotonin and norepinephrine. It works on the opioid receptors and makes sure to suppress the pain level. It finds the root cause of the pain and gives a soothing effect by removing the pain.

Tramadol is available in different forms including syrups, powders, injections, capsules, and elixirs, etc. To avoid the side effects and limit them, tramadol usage should be observed under proper medical consultation.

The medication abuse of tramadol is not so rare as it has been reported in many different users. Some major potential dangers are sometimes associated with tramadol. 

Kratom And Tramadol


There are several forums available on the internet where you can share your experience regarding a specific medication. Although more than 20 million users are sharing their reviews anonymously. After reading all the reviews, it was reported that only a few discussions were available regarding Tramadol.

Mentions of Tramadol are very much less common. Some topics like “Tramadol is harmful” and “Overdose is dangerous” are some basic statements commonly referred to tramadol. 


The recommended adult dosage of Kratom is:

  • If you are new to Kratom, you shall be considered a beginner. It is usually suggested to avoid taking Kratom more than 2 mg per day. If you want your body to gradually get used to this herb, you should take it in a balanced amount. Very little kratom dose can give you a stimulating feeling and can boost up your day.
  • If you are a regular user and have been taking Kratom regularly, your body might be used to this supplement. Any increase in the quantity might not affect your body’s functioning. Depending upon the strain, it is most commonly suggested to not exceed 5-7 mg per day. 
  • 8 mg or higher is considered as overdose. If you consume kratom more than the amount mentioned, possible chances are a bad experience and disturbance in your body’s functioning. Try to avoid taking too much of this substance just to increase the effectiveness. 

The recommended adult dosage of this medication is mentioned below:

  • If you have a moderate or severe chronic pain and you want to alleviate it at once, then at initial stages, it is advised to take Tramadol not more than 50 mg. The dose can be scaled up to 400 mg per day. The dosage should be divided into certain and small periods. Each time, you can take 50-100 mg of tramadol. 
  • It is suggested to not increase the dose by 400 mg per day. Users have reported that a sudden increase and unmonitored dosage could sometimes lead to several issues. 


Some people suggest to take Kratom and Tramadol separately and not fuse them. If consumed in the form of a combination, both of these medications could be harmful to human life. Orally mixing the two compounds means taking them both together without a break.

Experts have suggested giving a break of at least 4 hours to avoid unwanted happenings. Take Tramadol 4 hours before consuming kratom. The dose should be placed at specific intervals. The only way to feel the best effects is to give a certain break. 

Precautions For Kratom and Tramadol

Some points should be considered before combining both of these substances. These are:

  • Avoid taking Kratom and Tramadol if you are an alcoholic person. 
  • Sedatives must not be taken simultaneously. 
  • A tramadol pill is not supposed to be crushed. It has to be taken the same as it is. 
  • If you are taking Kratom and Tramadol to avoid depression and to give relaxation to your muscles, it may cause seizures so you better be ready for this. 
  • Combining these substances both could be highly addictive and habit-forming. Therefore, you should not consume them regularly. 

Kratom and Tramadol


As discussed earlier, Tramadol is a controlled substance which means that if it is taken regularly without intervals, this may lead to an addiction. Sometimes, most people do not even consider limiting their usage. Tramadol Abuse is a common disorder and might happen if it is not taken care of. 


The final verdict about both of these medications is simple yet important. Both of these compounds are sometimes not so good for health. It is therefore suggested to take care of the amounts you are taking them in. 


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