Kratom Connection Review: Idaho’s Best Vendor Guide

Becoming an online company, Kratom Connection is based in the United States and its motive for making kratom accessible to the people of the United States is quite clear. The company is closely interlinked to kratom as per name, and connects people to these unusual herbs.

Who Is Kratom Connection?

The vendor  is an American retailer operating out of Boise. They provide their online customers with free shipping and local pickup for the Big Buck area residents. The company was founded five years ago by Owner Andrew Graham and has since grown into a viable local business after relocating its headquarters to the City of Trees.

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Kratom Connection is a proud supplier to the AKA (American Kratom Association), that supplies all its speciosa directly from Southeast Asia. The key purpose of Kratom Connection’s provider was to offer outstanding customer care services to all kratom users in the United States.

Product Line Of The Kratom Connection

The vendor-generated no mess and is just unique to kratom Connection. It does have specific goods in stock but they are assured to produce useful performance. The reason for the limited collection is that the vendor only wants to concentrate on some products to provide superior quality.

Their products have two types:

  • Kratom Powder
  • Kratom Capsules

Kratom Connection

Kratom Powder

If you want to buy kratom powder online, then Kratom Link is a good choice for you. Their online store has a total of 15 kratom strains in this range. In Indonesia, the vendor has specialist kratom harvesters who provide them with the freshest source of kratom leaves which are further grounded to make a fine and pure kratom powder.

After that, the kratom powder is well packed into seal packs to hold freshness.

Kratom Capsules

There is no more difference between kratom powder and kratom capsules. But the reason Kratom Connection buys capsules is because of the size of its kratom capsules which is 000 known for the largest size.

In the kratom market, most vendors use size 00 capsules. The size 000 of kratom powder is twice that of 00 capsules. The Kratom Connection also gives surety about the quality and price of the capsules. There are several ways you’ll find Kratom links better than others.

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Attractive Pricing Policy

Kratom Connection is charged higher than its quality in many online stores and smoke shops. They felt this state deeply, and decided to set fair prices against its products. Here’s the kratom powder sold for $35 to $195.

Kratom capsule prices are higher because of the extra effort and processing. The price ranges from $46 to $190 which depends on varying ratios.

For newbies, the Kratom Connection sample pack in powder form is available at $65, with a total of 150 grams. Similarly, the sample pack of kratom capsules with the same amount of capsules is supplied for $69.

Payment Approach

  • The main problem that many people face in the kratom industry is accepting payments. The banks also do not accept any statements regarding the purchase of kratom, therefore all vendors cannot process credit/debit cards.
  • Despite these problems, Kratom Connection accepts many other options and also provides the returning customers with credit card facility. Zelle Payment option always looks secure and efficient. The vendor recommends using that method of payment. They provide E-Checks facility which is a secure way of buying online.

kratom connection

Deals And Coupon Codes

 Awesome! They provide us a great deal which includes:

  • Gold Bali Kratom Powder, just $35
  • Kratom Capsule Sample Pack at a fantastic $69 price
  • Hurrah! Fast, discreet, FREE Direct shipping at your doorstep!

Legit Quality and Authenticity

The vendor is fully committed to sourcing the best kratom from famous lands. Because the vendor want to delivers their incredible herb in its pure and fine form. The vendor unusually sources kratom from Indonesia’s best trees.

The vendor kept contacts and communication with Southeast Asian harvesters. They chose the harvesters who could generate the best kratom and who have many years of experience in their field. The reason for developing close terms with harvesters enables the vendor to offer its customers the purest and highest quality.

The vendor is checking every batch of kratom from famous US laboratories to search for any contamination. The kratom here is also free of any preservatives and additives to care for the health of the people.

Kratom Connection

Shipping Strategy

The business is ideally positioned to deliver reliable services with versatile dealings. If the orders are shipped by 2 pm, the goods are expected to ship the same day. The brand has made you deliver the product quickly and you can get delivery attracted in time.

Free shipping for US persons is offered on all kratom orders. All orders are free through USPS First Class Mail no matter how much your order is, you can get it free of charge.

The products shall be delivered within 2 to 5 business days.

How They Deal With Their Customers?

The vendor’s main purpose of the kratom Connection is to develop perfect customer support for clients. A few years earlier, U.S. people were not answered for their questions and they were treated badly, so the vendor always wanted to deal with their customers in the best way possible.

They have retained the active and committed team that gets ready to respond in-depth and satisfy the customers. Users on the website can contact them via the “contact us” form. Because of FDA rules, the vendor is always willing to welcome any query from its customers except kratom consumption.

You can email them for any question in order or product. All questions are replied to within 24 hours.

The Negative Aspects of The Kratom Connection

In a couple of areas too, they put a question mark on their credibility. The negative points are:

  • Lab checks ensure that the products which sold at any premises are safe to use and free of contamination. They have no laboratory testing policy for the Kratom products which they sell.
  • They are only providing their services in US.

Final crux

It is a dynamic kratom business designed to produce quality kratom at low prices. They are pretending to believe in working with a small product range, the supplier tests that each stock is preserved. With unparalleled and excellent customer support the vendor offers the fastest shipping service.

The vendor can however add more items and forms to the inventory and discuss laboratory tests with the users as well. If the vendor also allowed foreign shipping it will also be a delightful surprise for the globe.

Lab Tested & GMP Approved

Fastest Shipping