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Kratom OG Vendor Review

Kratom is something that no one can intentionally ignore. This Ayurvedic herb is loved by everyone. Since the time, it gained its popularity, literally, everyone is curious to know and try this herb out. The passion for this compound can never be dimmed for the kratom lovers.

Regular readers are very much eager to know more and more about it as they focus on the minute details and are always trying to find new products in the market. Along with the curiosity to get new strains of Kratoms, many people try their best to find the most reliable vendors among all of which are providing the best quality kratoms.

It is, however, never easy to find a trustworthy source. One of the major factors that lead to a bad kratom experience is the reason for many users’ wrong choices of the place they are trusting to buy Kratoms from. 

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To help our readers and the Kratom lovers, we have done detailed research and have brought the good news. Today, we shall be introducing one of the greatest vendors who are selling Kratoms.

Let us have a detailed look at the deals and offers which this vendor is providing to its customers and the rest shall be your choice if you are willing to buy from them or not. 

Kratom OG

What is Kratom OG?

With over 8 years in the Kratom industry, OG Kratom also known as Kratom OG is a top-selling Kratom brand/vendor. They claim to provide the best and most reliable products. When it comes to premium grade commercial Kratom, this vendor is nothing but a powerhouse.

This vendor has cemented its reputation among the public by constantly replenishing their stock. With each passing time, they are said to restock their items with forte blends and much-loved strains.

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Once you reach their website, it is close to impossible that you will not find your targeted item as this vendor provides everything and has almost all types of strains and products in-store. They are also known for having rare highly potent proprietary blends which user might not find anywhere around.

They are known with the name of “fantastic” Kratom vendors and have a solid status in the market. Their standing among the vendors is the reason why no one has reached their level so far concerning the variety they offer.

Location of Kratom OG

Kratom OG is a U.S-based vendor. They import their products from the native kratom areas including Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Borneo. All of their products arrived from the over-seas and are processed and brought into the eatable form before selling them in the United States.

The fulfillment centers of this vendor are located in the United States of America. If you are a local, you can get your package from them depending upon the legal status of Kratom in your respective region. 

Kratom OG Testing Services

One thing that might be considered as a draw-back that sets them back is their unpredictable quality. The quantity is something incomparable when you talk about this vendor but the case with quality differs as this does not ensure the safety levels of Kratoms by not testing them properly.

It is quite uncertain whether this vendor goes for the testing of potentially dangerous impurities for human health or not. It is an industry-standard to get your products to go through third-party testing and has become a trend now.

Many users do not trust vendors with zero testing no matter how cheap and affordable their dealings are. 

Kratom OG

How to order from the vendor?

Adding more to the drawbacks and downsides of this vendor, they do not have a good website layout. It looks more like a catalog and is confusing enough. You might end up throwing your laptop or phone as the website is tricky to use.

There is a specified address on which the purchaser is supposed to send an email straight away and tell the respective person about what they want to order. After this, the email responder shall redirect the purchaser to a payment model where he can make safe and secure payments.

It is certainly a great place to buy Kratoms from if you are not bothered by these issues and inconveniences, we have mentioned above which can be quite irritating sometimes. 

Products Available at Kratom OG

The strongest case of this vendor is its excellent list of Kratom products. Their wide range calls for the customer to try their services for at least once. From simple and common strains to the rarest product, they have got all in-store. Just an email away, you have all the products available in one place.

Not only just the classics, but this vendor also has the unique blends used for potent effects. Although, you can only expect them to provide you with Kratom powders as this is the only form they deal with. All tastes and budgets are welcomed here.

There’s very little to no chance that one might not find their desired item or something they are looking for from this vendor. They are known for selling Elite strains which sets them apart from other competitors. 

Kratom OG

Best Strains Found

When talking about the best and most loved strains which are a must to try, this vendor has to offer. The list includes:

  1. Elite Elephant
  2. Complex 1
  3. Red Elephant
  4. Bentuangie
  5. Super white

These strains mentioned above are considered to be the top-class and leading strains found on the vendor’s store. Although, all of the names mentioned above are not just classic strains they are a mixture of different compounds forming a perfect blend suitable for the customers.

Variety of Products

One thing that anyone can vouch for is the vast variety of the products found at Kratom OG. Just go and give them a try, ask them for ay type of compound and you might find it in one go.


One more factor that must be counted while setting this vendor apart from the candidates is its affordable prices. This is an area in which this vendor has surprised many people.

For such exotic items, it is usually uncommon to fix such low rates. This might be the reason why they are constantly growing in business. People do not care about the inconveniences as soon they are getting good items at such low prices.

Will I get some discounts?

With such low rates, one might not possibly look for a coupon code of discount voucher. However, you can still make the rates even lower by adding a coupon code which can be found from their website.

This vendor gives an additional 15% off on certain items under some conditions. The maximum discount that you can expect from this vendor is 40%. Impressive it is as it cuts off almost half of the actual rate. 

Shipping Policies of the vendor

This vendor uses USPS for their services therefore, if you have ordered from their website, you shall get your order in almost seven working days. Their orders are high in demand so you better be ready to experience a further delay. 

Are They Legit?

Despite the problems which you can face while placing your order, people’s reviews have proved that this vendor is not just reliable but is a legit one among all. It should be given a try. 

Lab Tested & GMP Approved

Fastest Shipping