Kratom Reddit – Beginners Guide

If you want to hear from kratom users about the various kratom effects and tips for its usage then Reddit is the perfect website for you to visit. Don’t know what kratom Reddit is, I’ll tell you that.

What Is Reddit?

Reddit is actually an American social website provided to people for discussion. You can browse about any topics be it animals, clothing brand, or any other and you can get pretty good information about it from any user.

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You can also share your experience with anything in the form of text, images by joining any community that is of your interest. You can also vote on someone’s content you like.

How To Use Reddit?

Well for starters firstly you need to register yourself as a member. You do not need to pay to register but if you opt for premium membership then you have to pay 6 dollars a month. The advantage of premium is that it hides all the ads and provides privacy.

Anyways after you have registered then you got to join a community of your topic of interest be it news, fashion, or a specific product. After doing that you can see different content related to that specific topic and post your own and let people vote your content.

Benefits Of Using Kratom Reddit

Kratom Reddit

There are numerous advantages of using Reddit. You can not only view the content of the fellow community member but also share your own thoughts, experience and questions. You don’t have to miss something important as only those will be visible on your feed which community you have joined which will save you a lot of time.

In this community TGM Shop is very popular in kratom buyers. Now let’s get back to what kratom Reddit is now, shall we?

Kratom Reddit

As you know by now that Reddit works in the community. Well, kratom Reddit is one of the community groups in which you can get and share any information, tips usage techniques, images, and links related to kratom.

A lot of people nowadays use Reddit to share and take tips and news related to the subject of community. Anyways the total members of this community are 96.1k 

Set Of Rules To Be Followed By Members

If you want to join this community then there are a set of rules you got to follow. These set of rules are defined by the creators of the community. When you visit the homepage then you can see those on the right side of your screen.

Well, these rules simply emphasize not to compare it with street drugs or opioids, as you know kratom is a natural product obtained from plant leaves namely mitragyna speciosa. It also says not to mislead people by providing false information and be nice.

But most importantly it contains that any community member should not add any kind of review, spam, or paid promotion only relevant material should be posted.

Sub Reddits

Sub Reddits are located right beneath the sidebar on the right side below the rules. These are actually the subtopics related to the kratom. If you want specific guidance related to a specific topic then you can click on the relevant subtopic and get your required info.

The most visited sub Reddits are Kratom Wiki, tolerance, Kratom studies, Articles and Press releases, Dependency vs Addiction, and many more whatever you want to explore. Well, let’s take a look at the major ones.

Kratom Wiki

This sub reddit contains introductory information shared by people related to kratom. So if you want insights into what kratom is then I will recommend you to explore this section. This section is further divided into 3 parts so you can search efficiently and get your queries answered on point.

Vendors List

This section has the list of desirable vendors of kratom so you do not need to fret about finding a reliable vendor of kratom.

As I mensioned before TGM Store is a popular vendor on Kratom Reddit

Kratom Reddit Studies, Articles And Press Releases

As the name suggests this sub reddit comprises of articles and press-related links and new found discoveries of people who study kratom. So if any science geek is reading this here is a perfect treat for you.

Kratom Reddit


This is ideal for those who are newbie to kratom products. This is where you will find info related to experiences of people when they first started taking kratom and will help you to decide your dosage and effects one might experience.


Curious about how to store kratom then storage sub Reddit is where you will find your answers. This section will definitely help you if live in different areas which have different climate be it cold or hot. So it will help you manage accordingly. 

Your Go-To Kratom Resource Guide

Looking for an overall overview of kratom then this sub reddit might come handy. This is further divided into 4 parts so you can get the specific information you require without wasting your time on unwanted information.

Beginners Guide To Kratom In Europe

This section contains news, question, and legal information related to kratom products in Europe so if you live in Europe you should take a look at this one.

Kratom Reddit Success Stories

If you want to hear from people that how using kratom has changes their lives so this section will help you with that.

Quitting Kratom Wiki

For those who want to quit kratom due to any reason be it personal or medical then you must take a note from this section. It will help you be mentally prepared about the effects you might experience when you quit.


Moderators are those who are creators of this community on Reddit. These are the one who manage the entire community. The kratom Reddit has 5 moderators. 

Why Join Kratom Reddit?

Some information you might want to be related to kratom might not be available or some might experience difficulties understanding it.

So it is the most efficient and more informative way to get answers to your queries, be updated to latest discovering, in short, it provides you one platform on which all the required information is available rather than googling up different websites and getting confused. So I will really suggest to join it.

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