Kratom Stomach Pain: Causes And How To Handel It?

Are you experiencing kratom stomach pain? Well, don’t get worried or panic about it. If you are here you probably already aware of the healing properties of kratom, and that it is utilized for relieving chronic pain, boosting energy, reducing anxiety and depression.

However, inadequate use can result in side effects for instance kratom stomach pain, constipation, and nausea. The beneficial effects vary from person to person depending on age, weight, dosage, and your digestive system because the effects of kratom are due to its alkaloids.

Kratom alkaloids affect the receptors in our brains. But for you to experience maximum kratom effects, your body first needs to absorb the alkaloids, and this happens through your digestive system. 

What To Expect

You can get unlimited benefits from kratom. It can be the best natural alternative you can look forward to getting that extra boost of energy to start your day. It gives you that extra kick of energy. And in the middle of the day when you lack attention and focus, it enhances your cognitive thinking abilities, improves your focus and attention level. 

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But keep in mind that all these benefits of kratom depend on your digestive system because unless your digestive system does not absorb the herb’s alkaloids you would not get the desired benefits, and secondly, the dosage you are taking. The overdose of kratom can also lead to digestive issues. 

These digestive issues usually go away even without medical intervention, but if you are still experiencing it after two or three days, it might be more than just the effects of kratom. 

Kratom Stomach Pain

Causes Of Kratom Stomach Pain 

Alkaloids make up a huge part of Kratom’s properties. These are the factors that react with the opioid receptors in our brains. This process enables us to experience the usual benefits of kratom for instance pain relief, reduced anxiety and depression, higher levels of energy in the body, improved focus, euphoria, and milder opioid withdrawal symptoms.

But unfortunately, before you accolade with these benefits, your body has to absorb the herb’s alkaloids. During this stage, you could come across stomach pains and other digestive tract issues. 

Having A Sensitive Stomach

Talking about a sensitive stomach, if you have a sensitive stomach or other prior digestive issues, you are far more at risk of encountering digestive pains than others. Apart from this if you have taken a dose that is larger than the recommended dose, this will cause the onset of pain as well. In many cases, the latter is a common one in people causing digestive issues. 

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Beginners have more chances of experiencing an upset stomach Because of the above reasons since kratom is new to their bodies. 

My advice to you is to not take kratom products on an empty stomach. Because taking kratom while you are hungry can make it more potent and speed up its effects, and makes you more vulnerable to stomach pains. Always eat something before consuming kratom products, it will decrease the chances of you suffering from stomach upsets. 

One more thing that could be the reason for your stomach issues is your method of kratom consumption. To combat this, try brewing kratom tea instead of washing or capsule method. 

How To Handel Kratom Stomach Pain

Drink plenty of water 

Dehydration is one of the most common causes of kratom stomach pain. Our body is made up of 60% of water. Which is utilized in different body processes such as urine, feces, sweat, and even as we breathe.

To keep the balance of the body we have to look after the body’s natural requirements, among which is drinking enough water to save it from dehydration. For optimal health, we need to continuously replenish our body’s water reserves. 

Surprisingly, the chances are that you are not drinking enough water. Even if you think you are, it is common that we assume we are drinking enough water. But that does not mean that it is enough for our body as well.

Some studies indicate that it’s a worldwide problem, it’s estimated that Americans’ on average drink only half of the recommended water amount. 

Additionally, we consume coffee and soda which is another cause of our dehydration. Kratom has fibrous components. Fiber is needed in our digestion because it binds with water creating bulk and helps the body pass stool. 

But this whole process requires water. So, if you are not drinking enough water as per body requirements, then there are good chances that kratom can dehydrate you further. The solution to that is drinking plenty of water. 

Kratom Stomach Pain

Lower your kratom dose 

There are guidelines provided regarding the optimal dose of kratom. Taking high doses of kratom is quite common in new kratom users in particular, that are trying to experiment with high doses without knowing the tolerable limit of their body. Many factors are responsible for the effects of kratom, and the right dose will vary on a case by case scenario. 

Some of the factors are age, weight, habits, diet, and metabolism of a person. People with lower body fat percentage will require a lower dose of kratom. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that you can’t follow another person’s dosage plan, because you will not know what dosage is optimal for you until you have tried it on yourself. My advice for you is if you are a beginner always begin with the threshold dose and gradually increase it as per your need. 

Don’t Consume Kratom on an Empty Stomach

For more potent results, some kratom users taking kratom on an empty stomach, it can cause kratom stomach pain for those who have a sensitive stomach. 

So, you have to change this habit of taking kratom while you are hungry, always eat something before or after consuming kratom. It will surely help you with your kratom stomach pain. 

Remedies To Stop Kratom Stomach Pain 

If you are a person who is already experiencing kratom stomach pain, then don’t worry these are some of the things that can be beneficial for you in curing your kratom stomach pain. 

  • Add lemon to your kratom tea
  • Eat some yogurt 
  • Chew on ginger 
  • Switch from kratom powder to capsules 
  • Add mint to your kratom tea 
  • Respect the recommended dosage 

Kratom Stomach Pain

New Research

It is written in the Buffalo News Website that:

The FDA has declared kratom to be an opioid and has documented 44 cases where the substance was associated with the death of a user, often young, healthy people.

“Kratom should not be used to treat medical conditions, nor should it be used as an alternative to prescription opioids,” said FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb in a statement. “There is no evidence to indicate that kratom is safe or effective for any medical use.”

Why Use Kratom? 

Kratom is used as an herbal remedy for chronic pains, which happens to be effective most of the time. It is a green plant from Southeast Asia. Its natives used it for centuries because of its healing properties.

It was always a favorite ingredient in local medicine. It has started gaining recognition globally when people get familiar with its unlimited healing abilities. The benefits of kratom are therapeutic, as history says. People use it casually for relaxation purposes. 

The well-known effects of kratom are pain killing, mood booster, cognitive enhancer, anti-anxiety, and stress relief agent. Moreover, it is good to use in routine for major health-enhancing effects. For these reasons, there is the least chance that it can be a morbific agent for anyone. 

Closing Thoughts 

In the end, the kratom-induced digestive issues can be uncomfortable, but they are easily avoidable. Don’t need to worry about them, you can easily prevent them by following the remedies and tips and tricks I have mentioned above. You have to stick to the optimal dose for your strain, eating before consuming kratom, hydrating properly, and avoid using citric acid if you have a sensitive stomach. 

So now that you know that the possible causes of your kratom pain, just try to avoid them as much as you can and you are good to go. To enjoy kratom at its fullest just create a balance between kratom doses. And believe me, kratom would not let you down.


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