Kratom Strains Explained, Types & Dosage

A silent killer; most of you must’ve heard this term for many diseases but one thing that doesn’t get much attention is the “mafia” of silent killers, a thing that destroys you inside out without a single notice of others, a thing we can’t easily diagnose. It is the “mafia boss”: Depression! But don’t you agonize. We got all types of kratom strains to the rescue.

All you need to know about Kratom Strains

Just for your counsel kratom is a plant which works the same as opioid or morphine. It enhances the brain responses by reaching the opioid receptors in the cells for pleasure and effectively helps in pain relief making you feel zestful and high spirited. In conclusion it boosts up your level of joy if taken carefully from a reliable vendor like TGM Store.

In addition to treatment of anxiety and depression it treats:

1. Pain

2. Muscle Ache

3. Fatigue

4. Diarrhea

5. PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Use Of Kratom Strains?

You can use kratom in many forms as per your liking. Some use it in the form of tea by taking the dry leaves. Others use it by smoking it or vaporizing it. The most common methods used by people are:

Kratom Strains


This is the easiest way to intake kratom as it is just as any other pharmaceutical pill.

Tablets ​

It is almost the same as pills and can be swallowed with water


These are chew able and tacky just like you’ve been having chewing gum in high school.


These can be injected if you are not fond of other methods


​They have an extreme blend and can be added to drinks too.


This is fine and can be smoked up too as well as ingested by mouth.

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Kratom Strains

There are different types of kratom, known as kratom Strains. Usually the type of kratom is named after the place it is produced in or originated. There are numerous kratom strains available which you could switch from time to time for the required effects and results.

Each kratom Strain has something unique from the others and may be switched to get the ultimate relaxation so that you won’t get addicted to one. Here I would be showing you different types of kratom.

The Three Main Strains Of Kratom

Before going down to all the different types. Let me introduce you to the 3 main stream kratom strains. They are distinguished from each other by the process of manufacture and how they are prepared for retail and storing.

White Vein Kratom

It is usually used by those consumers which have used other types of strains as well because it is definitely a strong one. It is really famous for it’s boosting effects and energy.


Like all strains it is produced by the leaves of kratom which grows particularly in the countries of ​Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Common varieties of this kratom are:

1. White Vein Indo Kratom

2. White Vein Sumatra Kratom

3. Bali White Vein Kratom

4. White Vein Borneo Kratom

Red vein Kratom

It is ultimately the rarest kind of kratom breeds. It is known for its sedative effects.


It originated mainly from Indonesia and it is reddish in color.


Its varieties are

1. Maeng Da Kratom

2. Red kali Kratom

3. Red Indo Kratom

Green vein kratom

Green kratom is a roadway between white and red kratom. It has similar effects as white kratom. It is often dried first before usage or packing.


It originated from kratom leaves like other kratom strains and produced in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.


Yes, it is also branched like others. It is varied in

1. Green Bali Vein Kratom Strain

2. Indo Green Vein Kratom Strain

3. Green Malay Vein Kratom Strain

4. Thai Green Vein Kratom Strain

Kratom Strains

Other Kratom Strains

These were the mainstream kratom strains. They are mostly used and common to everybody. But if you want to vary a little more there are other strains from which you can choose from. Remember to use each with precaution and measures. These mainly are:


It is a little different than traditional red kratom. It relieves pain and boosts up your energy to maximum level giving you an active mind to work. ​Dosage: ​1/2 – 3 teaspoons.

​Maeng Da

It adds an energetic kick to things and has a stimulation of pain relief. It has alkaloid properties.

Dosage: ​1/2 – 3 Teaspoons

Green Indo

Balances pain relief and energy boosting qualities. It is not much concentrated as other but gives a longer milder effect. ​

Dosage​: 1/2-3 Teaspoons

White Sumatra

It is extracted from White Vein Kratom and it is 90% pure alkaloid. It has significant pain relief effects.

Dosage​: ​1 gram or less

True Thai

It is extracted from Thai Kratom and it is reapplied to Green Vein Thai Leaf. It has relaxation effects with pain relief. ​

Dosage: ​1 gram or less

Gold Reserve Extract

It is made from mixing Pure kratom with highly concentrated alkaloid kratom. It gives a notable energy boost with pain relief and relaxation effects. ​

Dosage: ​1 gram or less

Ultra Enhanced Indo

It contains the most euphoria and is endorphin inducing. It switches up the mood and gives a boost of energy to the whole body.

Dosage:​ 1 gram or less

Kratom Strains Dosage

Dosage of kratom depends on the benefit you are most interested in driving from it, as well as your personal statistics, like weight, and other physical factors. Based on these factors, different doses can have different effects on users.

If you are interested in getting an energetic kick start for the day then we recommend a daily dosage of ​3-6 grams per day, and not more​.
If​ relaxation is the goal then a slightly higher dose of about 7-9 grams​ will do the trick. But do not, DO NOT take more than 15g of any Kratom Strain.

The Best Vendor for Kratom Strains

As it’s found all around the world there are many sources to obtain Kratom Strains. You can buy it online or from a vendor nearby But the question that comes to mind is which retailer is the most reliable.

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Stay Safe!

But you must know that this cannot be a replacement or alternative of any medication and must be used with great care. You want your depression and anxiety gone but stay clear that you don’t want any other disease.

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