Kratom Tea Guide: 5 Amazing Types- Is It Safe & Healthy

Having Tea for refreshing your mood and Mind is Traditional way back. With the flow of time, tradition remained the same but its flavors or kinds have been modified since then, Now people take various sorts of Tea to please themselves by their choices. Kratom Tea is an other new option for kratom lovers.

If you are a tea lover (like me), well then it’s really obligatory for you to read it all. Imagine having a tea knowing its energizing and stimulating powers. Got goose bumps? No? Well you have to read down thoroughly for that.

What Is Kratom Tea?

It is made from the leaves of the kratom tree. This kratom leaves usually derives from the trees which are innate in Southeast Asia and sometimes New Guinea, and the Philippines. Till now we have studied about different methods to ingest kratom in powder or capsules form etc.

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But here’s an another amazing and pleasing way to enjoy Kratom Strains and that is “Kratom teaaaaa” or “Kratom tea”, it’s the same thing (please don’t judge me).

Strains & Forms To Make Kratom Tea

Every type of Kratom’s Strain (Green Kratom Strain, Yellow Kratom Strain, and Red Kratom Strain) can be used to make its tea. It’s all up to you, which Kratom Strain you use to brew your tea. Its taste usually remains the same or gets a little bitter but the Kratom effect will be a little mild as compared to other ways of ingesting.

You can use Kratom in following Forms to make this tea.

1. Kratom leaves

2. Kratom Powder

3. Kratom Extracts (Not recommended by users usually)

Kratom Tea

Types of Kratom Tea

You can have Kratom tea as:

  1. Regular(Hot) tea
  2. Iced Tea
  3. Mixed with green tea or other forms
  4. Flavored Tea
  5. Sun Tea

When Can You Take It?

You can take Kratom whenever you feel low or feel like drinking Tea.

You can have it:

  • in night before sleeping
  • in breakfast to be energetic all day long
  • In lunch, brunch or whatever you call it.

How to Make Kratom Tea?

If you are not so expert of Making Kratom Tea and are a beginner, then here is a whole step by step procedure on how to make it.

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You will need to follow following procedure to make Kratom tea of your choice. I’m sure you will enjoy it!

What do you need to make It?

  1. A container to boil water
  2. Kratom leaves or powder
  3. A stainer
  4. A cup or two or as much as you want

Step-by-Step Followup

Now people like to make it in two ways

  1. Brewing of Kratom Leaves
  2. Simple Mixing of Kratom Powder or leaves

Brewing of Kratom Leaves

  1. Put the container on stove and let the water to boil
  2. Put Kratom Leaves or Powder in it
  3. Keep it at low flames so that all alkaloids will not go to waste
  4. Now let settle Kratom Leaves at bottom
  5. If you are making it from powder, keep stirring it, don’t let Powder settle as clumps.
  6. Now pour it into cup with the help of strainer
  7. Enjoy!

Make sure you don’t boil leaves or Powder for more than a minute or two, otherwise it will lose its effect. Plus more you dilute your tea, lesser will be the effect.

Tip: You can add any Sweetener in your tea to lessen its bitterness if you want. It could be honey, Sugar or any artificial sweetener

Simple Mixing of Kratom Powder or Leaves

  1. Put water on stove to boil
  2. Put kratom powder in a cup
  3. Pour water in the cup
  4. Mix until there will be no clumps of Powder

If you want to do this procedure with Kratom Leaves make sure you let it soak for 10 to 15 minutes.

How to Make Iced Kratom Tea

Kratom Tea

Now if you are not a big fan of Regular Kratom Tea you can have Iced Kratom Tea too, It’s just you should try it however you like.

What you need?

  1. A prepared cup of Kratom Tea
  2. Ginger or other flavor if you want to add
  3. Ice


Follow this simple procedure to make it:

  1. Put garlic in your hot cup of Kratom Tea
  2. Now add some flavor if you want (It could be any fruit juice or artificial flavor)
  3. Add honey or sugar to lessen its bitterness
  4. Put it in a freezer to chill
  5. Now put ice in it
  6. Enjoy your coolest and yummiest Tea

What is Sun Kratom Tea?

Well in sun kratom tea you don’t have to mix sun in your tea in order to make it. This technique was used traditionally to make large batches of this tea. Its assembled ingredients are exposed to direct sun, in this way you can get a greater amount of tea at a time.

What you need?

  1. A large Jug or container and your desired cups of water
  2. Kratom leaves (as needed per each cup)
  3. Reusable tea bags

Mixed Kratom Tea

You can Mix your Kratom in your green tea or Regular tea also. All these choices are for your pleasure. Even you can invent a way to make a Kratom tea according to your choice or wish.

Flavored Kratom Tea

If you don’t like the bitterness of Kratom you can add any natural or artificial flavor in your tea to give it a unique taste as you like.


  1. Add water to the container or jug.
  2. Fill the reusable tea bags with crushed Kratom leaves or kratom powder. Make sure not to overfill the Tea bags. Place them in the water.
  3. Stir well.
  4. Place it in a sunny location for at least one hour and no longer than 4 hours. Make sure it to thoroughly exposed to sun
  5. Now remove the teabags from the jug. Your kratom Tea is ready for at least a week or so. You can refrigerate it or as you want

Note:​ You can also make this Kratom tea simply by Kratom Leaves if you don’t want to use tea bags for it. It all depends on your ease.
This will be less Strong than others.

Greater intake 

If you take more than 15g​ of Kratom in your Tea, it will have many nasty effects on your body internally and apparently. Your mind and body health will get worse and worse. It can cause:

  1. changes in heart rate
  2. Insomnia
  3. Loss of Appetite
  4. Memory Issues​ (Because of high Kratom intake, It will act as morphine thus not keeping you in your senses)
  5. Kidney and Liver Problems
  6. Seizures
  7. Coma or Death ​(According to FDA- US Food and Drug Administration, many death are reported in past few years because of greater kratom and other ingredients intake)

Proper Dose

You have already read how much adverse effect it can cause if you do not take Tea in the required amount. So it is necessary at any cost to maintain your health by taking a proper dose of Kratom.

  • well there is no exact amount of Kratom That you should take, it varies from person to person, but it is advised to take every Kratom strain less than 5g​to boost yourself and 5 to 15g​to use them as painkillers.
  • So basically you just need to start from lower dose so that it won’t disrupt your stomach and health
  • Keep in mind not to cross 15g of any Strain because it will cause drastic damage to your body and mind. You have to take care of yourself in any matter.

Vendors from where you can buy Kratom Tea

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Should you take It?

Well it all depends on you, how you use a specific product. If you promise yourself that you will be careful with it and will have a reasonable required amount of this Tea, only then you should have it. While taking Kratom you should definitely mind it’s Good and Bad effects. If all above boxes are checked, then you can for sure have Kratom Tea to energize yourself.

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