Kratora Kratom Vendor Review

Online Buying is never easy and confidential especially when it concerns your health and Buying quality Kratom? Well that is a whole other game dude. You have to look after every niche to get your desired high quality product.

To make Kratom purchasing easy for laymen, there are several vendors on the internet claiming to have top notch kratom. But it would be such a fool of us to believe everyone of them. Kratora comes in list of trusted kratom Vendors, So let’s see if they really comes up to the racks.

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Why Kratora?

Kratora is considered as one of the most trusted vendors of Kratom as they are in this business from 2013 and that’s something you can call “for a long time”. They sell the finest and fresh kratom. Their High quality kratom has attracted a lot of buyers to them.

They have also claimed to have the best customer service and all. Let’s have a look on specifics.

Kratora Kratom Products Rack


Kratora has excelled in placing every kind of Kratom on their shelves readily available for their buyers. They are never out of stock. The most attractive thing is. They have managed to sort their products in categories like:

  • Soothing
  • Uplifting
  • Relaxing
  • Calming
  • Stimulating
  • Aphrodisiac

Their Product variety of Kratom consists of:

  1. Kratom Plain Leaf Powders
  2. Enhanced Kratom and Extracts
  3. Kratom Variety Packs
  4. Liquid Kratom
  5. Kratom Capsules

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Kratom Plain Leaf Powders

Kratora has the maximum number of Kratom powder Variety. You can have whichever your choice is.

  1. The Red Vein Kratom
  2. Red Malay Kratom
  3. Red  Kali Kratom
  4. Horned Red Vein Kratom
  5. Green malay Kratom
  6. Green Thai Kratom
  7. Green Vein Borneo Kratom
  8. Green Vein Sumatra Kratom
  9. White Vein Sumatra Kratom
  10. White Vein Maeng Da Kratom
  11. Horned White Vein Kratom
  12. Premium Commercial Bali Kratom
  13. White vein Borneo Kratom
  14. Maeng Da Kratom
  15. Maeng Da Indo Kratom
  16. Kratom Stem And Vein
  17. Bentuangie Kratom
  18. Red Vein Sumatra Kratom

Enhanced Kratom and Extracts

Those who like kratom in a little high dose will prefer their Enhanced Kratom and Extracts.

  1. Ultra Enhanced Indo – UEI
  2. Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da – UEMD
  3. Super Enhanced Bali Kratom
  4. 25x Extract Kratom
  5. 50x Extract Kratom
  6. Extract and Enhanced Variety Pack
  7. Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da (UEMD) Kratom Capsules

Kratom Capsules


Kratom Capsules are usually available for beginners i.e for those who are relatively new to Kratom to keep them away from any hassle.

1.    Maeng Da Kratom Capsules

2.    Red Bali Kratom Capsules

3.    White Vein Borneo Kratom Capsules

4.    Green Malay Kratom Capsules

5.    White Maeng Da Kratom Capsules

6.    Thai Red Kratom Capsules

7.    Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da (UEMD) Kratom Capsules

8.    Red Vein Kali Kratom Capsules

9.    Ultra-Enhanced Indo Kratom Capsules

Liquid Kratom

Unlike any other Vendor, Kratora even extracted Kratom in liquid form to put ease for their customers. It is the only vendor so far selling liquid Kratom.

1.    Green Kratom Liquid Extract

2.    Red Kratom Liquid Extract

Kratom Variety Packs

This Category can be used for bulk Purchasing users or beginners that would like to try all strains of a specific Kratom.

  1. Plain Leaf Variety Pack
  2. Green Kratom Variety Pack
  3. White Kratom Powder Variety Pack
  4. Red Kratom Powder Variety Pack
  5. Extract and Enhanced Variety Pack
  6. Ethnobotanical Kratom Alternatives Variety Pack



Kratora prices might be a little high then other Kratom Vendors but if you put a keen sight in it you will know that it is somehow better in the long run, The little amount of high Quality Kratom will be as sufficient as a greater amount of some other Kratom and that even might be harmful for your health. So it doesn’t harm you to spend a decent amount on something you will not regret.

  • Their price range of Kratom powder usually starts from $11.99
  • Enhanced Kratom and Extracts usually starts from $15.99
  • Kratom Capsules usually starts from $16.99
  • Liquid Kratom usually starts from $19.99
  • Kratom Variety Packs usually starts from $29.99


If you are looking for a trusted vendor to buy Kratom in bulk then you are at the right place. At Kratora, you will find fresh, all-natural kratom at discounted rates for registered wholesale buyers.

 Kratora Gift Certificates

Kratora has derived a perfect way to please their customers. They has created gift certificates.  Once purchased, you can send the digital gift certificate to yourself to be printed out and handed to your special someone, or you can email the gift certificate directly to the recipient with a personalized note attached.

Whatever you choose, their gift certificates are a perfect, thoughtful way for you to let the people in your life know that you care about their well being. They provide Kratora Gift Certificate of $25, $50, $75 and $100.

Customer Care

If you ask me for a vendor with the perfect customer service, I will definitely come up with Kratora’s name.

  • You can email them for in case of any query
  • You can also contact them on the given number on their site
  • You can visit them too at their headquarters
  • The most interesting and attention seeking is, unlike any other kratom vendor it has a proper social media image which proves their authenticity


  • Kratora offers an affordable, fast and secure Delivery.
  • They offer both kind of deliveries
  1. Domestic Deliveries
  2. International deliveries

Free Shipping

This vendor offers Free Shipping on all US Orders over $50

Refund Policy

Even if you somehow not satisfied with their service, vendor offers you free returns and Full-30 Day Refund guarantee

Product Packaging


Kratora has the best Double Packaging of their products to keep them moisture resistant and germ protector. They even have great quality glass bottles for their liquid Kratom and they get sealed right away so that they won’t lose their freshness and quality.

User-Friendly Website

  • If you head on their website you will find it so easy and user friendly
  • There will be no pop-up advertisements or virus containing ads/links
  • They are damn transparent about their policies. You will find every possible information there

Lab tested

According to the claim of Kratora, every Kratom Strain is tested in the Lab before being available to purchase. And are under confidence of a third party Laboratory.


Apart from everything, the fine quality of Kratom and best services guarantees that The Company is authentic and fraud free. There’s no piracy and forgery of real products.

It is Veritable!!

Other Products

Other than Kratom, Kratora has managed to place a diversity of hygienic products for their customers. They have made every possible way to please their beloved customers. They provide a wide range of energizing and mind freshener products.

If you need to go through other Vendors, you can also visit TGM (The Golden Monk). They got the best kratom products so far.

Would you Choose Kratora Kratom?

Now being Honest and Critic, we don’t get any negative points about the vendor. So we can state that their Kratom is all

  • Organic and All-Natural
  • Freshly Packaged and Securely Sealed

And that they have the coolest customer service and shipping Strategy.

So now it’s your turn to give them a try! But try to hold your dose in check. Because, excess of everything is bad.


Lab Tested & GMP Approved

Fastest Shipping