LGD-4033 Review – The Shocking Facts About Ligandrol

An Example of SARMs ( Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator),LGD-4033 is similar in effects to other widely used SARMs. Though the product was discovered by Ligand Pharmaceuticals. But studies are still on the way to progress to get richer benefits from the compound, in this regard, Viking Therapeutics is in lead.

What is LGD-4033

The working of the compound Ligandrol do act on the same channels as do the anabolic steroids in connection with fat reducing or enhancing muscle mass. Another salient distinction of the product is that it slows down the process of aging.

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Apart from all the brighter sides the product promises to bring forth, one crucially important aspect must not be forgotten that along with all the SARMs, LGD-4033 is also banned since 2008 by WADA (World Anti Doping Agency).

Moreover, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has also not legalized its usage in food supplements, diet and in sports. The LGD-4033 which is also known as Ligandrol, VK5211 is treated by the certain agencies so unfavorably because of anabolical steroidal effects it has on the users. So, in any case or place, the use of the compound is strictly prohibited.

Amazing Benefits Of lgd-4033



Though Ligandrol is considered to have steroidal effects, thus banned by the concerned agencies, but as a matter of fact services rendered by the product regarding giving a raise to muscle mass, reducing the fat and others are really appreciable with promising results. As a matter of fact, SARMs bind to bones and other tissues, so do the Ligandrol.

The uniqueness of its working does lie in the fact, that it leaves the other internal body parts absolutely intact unlike anabolic steroids. Use of mentioned drugs means to welcome diseases in bulk driving out one only.

Muscle Wasting

The LGD-4033 works in a very selective way, as it not only functions for the task, it is targeted for rather it resists against muscle wasting as well. Working on soft tissues only it hedges around the strong muscles. Thus, imparts a toned and lean muscular body to the consumer. It restores back the muscles wasted as a result of injury or illness.

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Fast Recovery

As SARMS do bind with them tissues, so do the LGD-4033, but they do carry out their function in a “smart” and “selective” way unlike anabolic steroidal chemicals. So, here another interesting and useful impact does Ligandrol have on the user is healing. They not only safeguards injuries, rather as a healing agent works fast.

It works effectively in the restoration of health after an injury.

For Lean Muscle

Apart from giving strength, enhancing stamina and cutting fat, Ligandrol has a remarkable potency to benefit the user to gain muscles. If one desires to achieve leaner muscles with cut fats, then with the use of LGD-4033, he gets additional benefits of maintaining balance and having toned body.

For Fat Loss

Ligandrol cut the fat away by giving a natural raise to muscle mass. It works very smartly as it strengthens the hard muscles by eliminating fats for a smooth working. Thus kills two birds with one stone. The distinction of the compound is that it works as a “Quick Reaction Force” in reducing fats.

For Strength

The basic purpose of the usage of LGD-4033 is to enhance strength and stamina. This is the reason that the product’s popularity among athletes and bodybuilders who want to get desired results in an absolutely perfect way is increasing with the passage of time. Moreover, very promising results have been reported about the mentioned above.

A strenuous exercise and high caloric diet in this regard secures an intact position however. Ligandrol gives a raise to speed at which proteins work with cells.

Contraceptive for Males

One thing needs to be kept in mind without any fear is that LGD-4033 is friendly to male reproductive cells like the product is good to females. As it is much supportive to libido and to other sexual issues, so doubtlessly and fearlessly, its usage could be made as male contraceptive dose.


The compound is safe enough to be taken orally as the adverse effects are subsided as we quit the intake. While talking about fat reduction and muscle growth, their performance in any way is not legging behind than anabolic steroids.

Bone Density

The major role played by SARMS is working as hormone to protect and strengthen the muscles. Muscles are weak and frail without the powerful skeleton of bones which is responsible to hold the muscles and tissues firm.

The hallmark of all the SARMS including Ligandrol is to safeguard the body against oesteoprosis, so deficiency of minerals causes weakness of bones which is due to the scarcity of hormones, so as a hormone Ligandrol shields the bone against being fragile or getting broken.

How Does LGD-4033 work?



Why do users do prefer the use of SARMs to anabolic steroids, the reason behind the fact is that unlike later, they do in a “Selective Way” by not giving any harm to other organs. They work out the issues only they are targeted to. As they are bind to only selective androgen receptors, so give no harm to liver or other organs.

In a much focused way, they accomplish the assigned tasks yielding promising results.

Using LGD-4033 for Bodybuilding

LGD-4033 is matchless in popularity among bodybuilders. They, with an overwhelming sense of confidence recommend the compound for all the concerned issues. Fortunately, the clinical conducted up till now have also shown very favorable results recommending the product specifically for bodybuilding purposes.

It has already been elaborated that it was developed to enhance lean muscle mass, to safeguard against muscle wasting and to treat cancer like conditions. Here things become explicit and clear that all the characteristics directly or indirectly influence the bodybuilding traits in a very effective way.

Imparting strength and stamina, the compound tones and shapes the body in the desired way, without bringing even slightest side effects as expected from anabolic steroids.

For Bulking

I would rather consider it only a stereo type version that Ligandrol is ideally fantastic for shedding the weight away. Studies have discovered that it works in an equally effective way while talking about gaining bulk and size. The continuous and careful observance of dose and duration lead to user to get the desired size in specifically suggested time.

The compound very carefully works against muscle loss during strenuous workings. If the product is ideally useful for lean muscle gain then, automatically it is giving a hand in enlarging the size and bulk without even bringing the slightest anabolic steroid like adverse effects. The stack with Andarine and Testolone has even shown the greater results, as reported by the users.

For Cutting

The top most important thing for bodybuilding is to get rid of extra fats to give place to lean muscles mass. During high caloric intake of food shedding away fat becomes challenging. But binding with Astrogen Receptors, the LGD-4033 accomplish the task in a very effective way by only targeting the desired area of concern, leaving the other organs intact and unharmed unlike anabolic steroids.

With compound’s intake the process of high caloric consumption and adjust-ability with fats for bodybuilding purposes becomes smooth and comfortable. The higher the dose is, the lesser the fat is.


Side Effects

Though studies are being conducted to show definite results either positive or negative, still a profound research in the specific field is the need o the hour which could finally verdict the claims about its being harmless.

So, the cellular results are keeping us in dark for not having perfectly conducted researches as far as short-term or permanent effects of the LGD-4033 are concerned.

Water Retention

Though the adverse effects is disappeared the moment you got your cycle completed and quit intake of the compound, so no worries at all, but taking it with raised caloric food might lead to this mild health issue.

Prohibited for Medicinal Use

This is an alarming point that not only the use of Ligandrol is without any stack is allowed rather its use in forming other compound is too not recommended. So, a better estimation of its negative changes appear in respond to use of Ligandrol can be impartially drawn.

Other Negative Changes

As Viking Therapeutics is keeping the Ligandrol for research purposes, so according to its till date studies it is inferred that the side effects are like drop in ocean. However, the possibility of minimal or mild effects cannot be deliberately ignored.

The reason that brings popularity to Ligandrol is that the changes it shows in respond to usage are not that severe as of the anabolic steroids. Some users reported to get the feelings of:

  • Tiredness
  • Water Retention
  • Heavy Nerves
  • Nausea like Feelings
  • Muscle Strain

Viking Therapeutics however discovered wrong in purchasing place, dosage and other factors while talking about certain effects instead finding directly in the compound itself.

Best Dosage

Though need based doses vary from individual to individual, but an ideally prescribed amount is 5mgs- 10 mgs daily. However, the recommended period is 6-2 weeks. A minimal raise however, in some of the users have shown excellent results in some of the users.

A change in amount must be implemented at the beginnings only. An explicitly sizeable change or raise in dose could lead to vice e versa effects even.


LGD-4033 must be taken daily as its half-life comprises 30 hours. It is advisable that there must be an appropriate gap between the doses, so that body may not negatively react to the changes. The amount does vary from gender to gender. Women are suggested to get an intake of 5 mg per day to be proactive.


As a matter of fact, SARMs do not bring forth such dire consequences as do the anabolic steroids, but Viking Therapeutics is   keeping it under studies. SARMs do affect the testosterone. To overcome the problem a mild PCT is suggested of Nolvadex or Clomid for a period of approximately one month.

There are others who prefer waiting to let nature get the things resolved itself.

Getting Desired Results

A thoughtful care regarding dose and duration is needed to get ideally desired results. Self-assumed and self-suggested decisions must be strictly avoided. However, an undesirable change in the dose is not recommended. Both discretion and consistency need to be observed. This is the most crucially important factor to be observed.

To discontinue the cycle or to restart, it is advisable not to step ahead without seeking an expert’s advice. An experienced bodybuilder is also much important in this regard. Moreover, an abrupt change in the amount of the dose could lead to opposite changes.

How Long Does LGD 4033 Stay in Your System?

Luckily, the compound stands out of other SARMs as far as life is concerned. Half the amount does stay in the body after 24 hours of the consumption. The longer the periods are between intakes, the lesser the amount does stay in the body.

According to the span of duration, as for two days only ¼ poduct remains in the body and for three, the amount is decreased to 1/8. If the accuracy of the instruments is not challenged, then through urine testing, the bio-availability of the compound after 7 days of use in males can be noted.

This is also true that the stay of the compound can be noticed in the body, even it has been long since the use was over, if a sizeable dose was taken for longer time.

Where to Buy Authentic lgd 4033

Where to Buy Authentic lgd 4033

This is a very crucially important fact that banned by WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the products’ use is not legally allowed in any form; food supplement, diet and in sports for athletes’ use, so the sellers most likely to sale with the title “Not for human consumption, for laboratory research only” like Swiss Chems.

The clinical trials with LGD-4033 have not yet ended up. Here shortly discussed point is worth noting that health steroidal like health risks cannot be resisted with the compound intake. Even the use of LGD-4033 is not approved by the concerned agencies or departments.

The inclusion of the product in some substances, as reported in some cases is not mentioned on the outer label which might lead to alarming health issues. So, why to be betrayed badly only because of ignorance only, that is not a legible excuse at all.


For Further Detail

Anyhow for any queries about the use, studies, substance, product and procedure, ‘drugreference@usad.org may be referred without hesitation. Moreover, a direct call may be made at (719)785_2000, option 2

Frequently Asked Questions

The sensible buyers or the ones looking forward to use SARMS are more likely to make queries that could lead them to a least irritable with richer benefits usage. So, here are some of the questions which may haunt buyer’s brain over and over again:

Is It legal?

Hard but truth is that, since 2008, LGD-4033 along with all the SARMS is banned by WADA (World Anti- Doping Agency) for having steroid like possible negative effects. Moreover, its use is not legalized in supplement, food and in sports. However, researches are still being conducted, so we can expect good.

Is It safe?

Safety is ensured, if a care is observed in connection with dose and duration. Otherwise we must be ready to face counter effects without any surprise. In fact use determines the safety or threat.

Within how many days can we get the product?

It depends upon the distance as well, for UK buyers; it may be delivered within a period of two days. As the distance increases, the time of delivery gets prolonged. Countries like Canada and Australia might receive within 15 days after the order is placed.

Where to Buy the LGD-4033 from?

Last, but not the least asked question, at the end of the completion of all the queries is about the authentication of the buying spot. Being banned by WADA (World Anti Doping Agency), the product is under red flag.

However, the compound may be purchased from reliable Vendor, for example, Swiss Chems. But the product must not be used for consumption, even if it is with the label “For Clinical Research Only”, as hidden health risks might exist.


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