Life Force Kratom Review: Important Things to Know

There are several vendors in the kratom industry but only a few might create a good reputation. One of them is Life Force Kratom. Life Force Kratom (Life Force K) is a Massachusetts-based family-owned company. Life Force Kratom also claims that they sell the highest quality kratom, as all vendors claim to be the best. Let’s see whether this is valid, or not.

But in my opinion TGM Store deserves to be called the best kratom vendor

Life Force Kratom Detailed Review

This is useful to verify your supplier before purchasing the product. But we agree to write a detailed review of the products of Life Force Kratoms. So that people can better understand who they are? and what the business offers, and whether they are legal.

But I would like to point out the things that I have noticed on their website before that. They announced some issues as from October 2019. One is discussion of delays in shipping and the other mentions that Life Force K will move to a new location soon.

Customers find it pretty confusing.

Life Force Kratom Product Selection

Life Force Kratom

They are strong in this race. They know that customer wants to get his favorite strain, so they have a good kratom strain range. We must admit that Life Force Kratom has a pretty impressive lineup of products.

It is a lead to achievement vendor has a selection of Kratom strains. Most Kratom vendors usually sell 4 to 6 of the most common Kratom strains which are just lazy.

But on the other hand what I notice is they have mostly sold out the flag. I can’t tell if the stock was sold out or the stock was not. TGM shop is one of those sellers who have a vast range of best kratom strains.

Products in their Rack are:

  • Green Kratom – Borneo, Elephant, Jongkong, Maeng Da, Sulawesi, Sumatra, Vietnam, Super Premium Jongkong, and Super Premium Maeng Da.
  • Red Kratom Bali, Borneo, Jongkong, Maeng Da, Sulawesi, Sumatra, and Vietnam.
  • White Kratom – Borneo, Elephant, Jongkong, Maeng Da, Sulawesi, Sumatra, and Vietnam.
  • Yellow Kratom– Jongkong, Sulawesi, and Vietnam.
  • Kratom Blends – Special K

They opted for a very simple pricing system. Same price for all strains, and packing. They sell 3 sizes of any strain. In addition, they market only powder. No capsules, teas, or other varieties. Even the price for special K blends is the same.

  • 50 grams for $11.50
  • 125 grams for $26.20
  • 250 grams for $45.10

Life Force Kratom will change prices whenever they want. That’s one trickier thing. They’re not selling kratom in kg. It is up to you now to consider these rates as fair or cheap.

 Life Force Kratom Coupon Code

Life Force Kratom regularly offers coupon codes and other discount offers to their regular customers. I tried to apply coupon code but it seems there is no offer for new customers.

Life Force Kratom Consumer Reviews

Life Force K response has been very mixed. These guys on Reddit do not have a very good reputation but they got very good reviews on Facebook. The Life Force Kratom product is said to be top notch. They’re happy with consistency and fast service. It looks like the vendor impresses them.

But, Reddit people are debating some service and quality issues. One user reported buying from this vendor four different strains and receiving little. Even they could get no relief from the vast majority of those strains. That is rather disappointing. But they should note that price and quality are also vice versa.

Do They Have A Return And Refund Policy?

If you buy Life Force Kratom products, you will not be allowed to return and get a refund after buy unless the product has been damaged. You may also only have an exchange if the products are returned and not used in the prior state.

And indeed, when it comes to the returned product, you will still bear the shipping costs. For this reason alone, this is one to stop, because if you’re having pure kratom powder you won’t know.

Shipping and Customer Servise

Life Force Kratom

Most comments about Life Force Kratom mention a positive experience with customer service. Reviews say they got good customer service.

They do make it clear that they are shipping within the continental United States through Priority Mail. They do not mention upfront shipping rates, nor do they disclose that free shipping is available on any or all orders.

Life Force Kratom Payment Methods

This is another side in which Life Force K fails to live up to the kratom customer’s expectations. They only allow you to pay through e-check, money orders, and crypto currency, which can be inconveniencing to a lot of consumers.

It is easy to pay in cryptocurrency for many customers but for many it is really tough.

The Verdict

Customer service makes a big difference when it comes to looking for quality kratom. This vendor has very good customer service but they are not the best when it comes to delivery and quality. For nothing is more critical than consistency.

And I’m not going to recommend this vendor to you, but you should try yourself. You can visit TGM store if you are looking for the best seller.

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