Major Kratom Vendor Review: A Perfect Product Line

You are here because you wanted to explore everything about this kratom vendor, and to know either they are legit or not?

Well, you are in the right place. Before discussing Major Kratom, I must appreciate that you have made a wise decision to be using kratom for health issues instead of those chemicals based pharmaceutical drugs.

And if some of you have not tried kratom yet but wanted an alternative for those pharmaceutical medications than you got an option now. You can try kratom, it has some amazing healing properties that can work effectively in treating your health issues.

Even if you have decided to use kratom and made your mind in the first place, still you have to face the problems and do struggle in finding an authentic kratom vendor.

Don’t Lose Hope, Stay Consistent

Many people have lost interest in using kratom not because it has not worked for them but rather because it is difficult to trust a vendor. However, in a few of the cases among the majority, some people get lucky and successfully find an authentic vendor Like TGM Store without much struggle, but that’s very rare.

Most of the time people have to struggle so badly just to get a good quality kratom at an affordable price.


Not all online vendors are legit, and those who are legit, the product they supply turns out to be of low quality. Indeed, it is hard to find a vendor who is legit plus provides you a high-quality product. If you are tired of searching everywhere for an authentic vendor, just relax! Because I got your back.

To save you from all this struggle I have done research on one of the best kratom vendors of today and that is Major Kratom. You must be wondering why I am saying it “the best vendor“. Well to find out you have to be with me till the end.

Major Kratom

Who Is Major Kratom?

It is good to do some research and have background knowledge about the vendor before you buy kratom from it. If you talk about this vendor, the research shows that they are one of the oldest vendors in the entire kratom industry (at least the US industry).

But when it comes to the best vendor of US industry, TGM Shop is always stand on 1st position

The company was established back in 2010, almost 4 years before the kratom craze started to kick off in earnest here, this company has been growing pretty solidly in reputation and overall prominence ever since.

About Their Website

Their website indicates that they were “nominated for best kratom vendor by Kratom Connoisseurs” in 2011. The best thing about this vendor is that they do not compromise in the quality of their products, and nearly everybody wants to spend their valuable money on quality products.

They are offering a variety of strains to their customers while making it convenient for the customers to order by organizing their website such that they can know which product is available in stock before they go to the extent of making an order for their kratom.

The Product Line Of Major Kratom

Major Kratom is offering a decent variety if unique kratom strains ranging from Red Bang Baru and Mahakam River Maeng Da to Green Vietnam and Black B. Talking about their unique strain Black B, it is a blend of Maeng Da Kratom, dark green kratom, and red vein kratom.

So, you can imagine the potency of this strain. They are selling over 30 products. The majority of items available here are Kratom powders, also including supplies and other supplements.

The Following Strains of Kratom are offered by this vendor in powder form:

  • Black B, Balance Blend
  • Green Thai
  • Green Borneo
  • JongKong Green
  • Lush Bang Baru
  • Mahakam River Maeng Da
  • Major’s Maeng Da
  • Premium Green
  • Pure Red Thai
  • Red Bang Baru
  • Red Horn
  • Red Borneo
  • Red Kali
  • Red Vietnam
  • Buntok Maeng Da
  • Spec B
  • Spring Green
  • Sumatra Superior
  • Super Green Borneo
  • Super Green Kapuas Maeng Da
  • White Maeng Da
  • White Borneo
  • Yellow Matahari

Major Kratom adds new products to their shelves on a regular basis and the company is looking forward to increasing its limited selection. This vendor surely provides you top quality kratom that is 100% legitimate, 100% organic in quality with the highest potency.

Major Kratom

How Much Their Kratom Is Going To Cost You?

This vendor does not fail to impress anyone with its affordable kratom prices. Kratom prices play an important role in the decision of a customer to use it or not. Major Kratom is providing you the opportunity to have the top-notch kratom in your desired strain at such affordable prices.

Comparing their prices to other online vendors, their products are pocket friendly while other vendors give you low-quality kratom in much expensive prices. You should purchase from this vendor.

Affordable Prices

Additionally, they are offering their amazing strain Balance Blend in such a large quantity at a very affordable price. You’ll get a 125-gram pack for only $50! This is pretty cheap because this much quantity of kratom will easily cost you more than $100 in other vendors.

Most of their products start at $8.99 – $11.99 for 25g. You can also get bigger orders such as 250g at the price of $83.99.

How Is Their Customer Service?

In my opinion customer service is the key to attract customers, if a vendor is providing good customer service than customers are surely going to praise them and buy more often from them. This vendor is giving excellent service to its loyal customers.

They try to provide guidance to their customers facing issues regarding their order. You can also contact them through emails, which usually get answered in 24 to 48 hours. You can also call their customer service with the number on their site.

They Have A Perfect Sales Team

They also have an excellent sales team, dedicated to serving you for your satisfaction. They are quite friendly and guide you throughout the process. You are guaranteed 100% Customer satisfaction. They are understanding and helpful, if you happen to purchase something that was out of stock, then they will refund your money.

Consider Customer’s Views

To improve the experience of their users their team works very hard on it. They consider customer’s views and try every possible way to make the service even better. They even allow you to either take your money back or give them a chance to make it better in case you don’t like the product.

Major Kratom Provides Quick Delivery

I know we all tend to be excited to get our orders delivered but as soon as possible, just after placing the order, we all wait to get our hands on the product we ordered. Well at this vendor you don’t have to wait days or weeks for your order to arrive. You will get your order on the same day of shipping, well that is just amazing.

This option is available when you order on a working day, but if you happen to order on a holiday, you will have to wait for your delivery on the next immediate working day. The best thing about this vendor is that they pack their product in an air tight container to protect the quality and purity of it.

Major Kratom


New and new researches are being made everyday regarding kratom as this is becoming popular day by night. This vendor is listed in the top 20 best vendors of kratom. In the North India Daily site it is advised:

“Always try buying from a vendor who has diverse strains of kratom. Some sellers have only one variety of Kratom, such sellers are not genuine and can’t be trusted. Right vendors sell more than just one kind of kratom variety”

Final Thoughts

Now you know why I have called it the best vendor out of all these. They are one of the legit kratom vendors that you will come across online. They provide you the top-notch quality kratom at such good prices that no one can say no them.

Well if you are a beginner and searching for an authentic vendor than this vendor could be the best option for you. Now that you know every important detail about this vendor you must purchase from them, you’ll be amazed after seeing the results.

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