Medals Research SARMs Vendor Review: Are They Trustworthy?

If you need SARMs for research purposes be it for any university project or any lab experiment I have perfect vendors for that. Well, I’m here talking about Medals Research SARMs. I know many of you don’t know about them so let’s take a look into it, shall we?

Medals Research SARMs Vendor Review

They are USA based company Medals Research SARMs sell SARMs for research only. They are relatively new in the market and have claimed that their products are 100 % pure. Anyways there not much evidence available to that as not many people are familiar with this company.

Medals Research SARMs

What SARMs Do They Sell?

They offer a wide range of SARMs. You can purchase any of them that you desire and not to forget they are cost-effective. Anyways those products are

GW 501516 (Cardarine)

Searching for something that will assist your research with losing fat, by then Cardarine is the perfect reaction for you.

The Best Vendor offer you the best quality SARMs including GW 501516

  • Comes in a liquid bottle of 30 ml
  • 39.99 dollars per bottle

LGD 4033 (Ligandrol)

One of those who will help you with your research on anabolic.

  • Comes in a liquid bottle of 30 ml
  • 39.99 dollars per bottle

MK 677 (Ibutamoren/Nutrobal)

In case you are separating for something that will help you with your research on getting mass by then don’t glance all-around MK-677 Nutrabal is the one you need

  • Comes in a liquid bottle of 30 ml
  • 44.99 dollars per bottle

Ostarine (MK 2866)

For better athletic result ostarine is perfect for you

  • Comes in a liquid bottle of 30 ml
  • 38.99 dollars per bottle

RAD 140 (Testolone)

It has low keeping sway on muscles so if you need something which contains high amassing of an anabolic effect

RAD140 is an other super SARM you cab buy from the Best Vendor

  • Comes in a liquid bottle of 30 ml
  • 40.99 dollars per bottle

S 23

If you are looking for something that is significantly astounding and solid that is the spot S 23 comes supportive.

  • Comes in a liquid bottle of 30 ml
  • 42.99 dollars per bottle

S 4 (Andarine)

On the best on the off chance that you have to go for something that cuts some weight yet simultaneously makes one look tremendous

  • Comes in a liquid bottle of 30 ml
  • 39.99 dollars per bottle

SR 9009 (Stenabolic)

It is perfect for research on weight lifters who also battle with the rest wake cycle as it moreover impacts it. You can get them

  • Comes in a liquid bottle of 30 ml
  • 49.99 dollars per bottle

YK 11

One of the most staggering SARMs opens right now. If you need something with high gauge, by then it is a perfect choice

  • Comes in a liquid bottle of 30 ml
  • 49.99 dollars per bottle

Medals Research SARMs

How To Buy Medals Research SARMs?

You can buy from them by visiting their website. All the products are available on the homepage but do remember one thing they are not for human consumption.

Medals Research SARMs Website Interface

They offer an easy to understand interface which a large number of you will discover simple to utilize. On the landing page, you will discover all the items recorded you that you want alongside their advantages given in the type of visual cues under every item so you have legitimate direction on what you need.

On the top there is a column which includes a few choices like web journals and audits from the clients, by tapping on them it will take you to that. 


Their items are financially savvy as should be obvious above. In any case, they go from 30 dollars to 50 dollars. You can buy any of them they do not have any limit set on how much amount to buy. Sounds pleasing right?


They are relatively new so they are not much popular among users.

How Much One Should Consume?

Medals Research SARMs give you the guide on measurement and projects which shift from item to item. For example, if you purchase Stenabolic SR 9009, at that point, one should take around 5 mg 3 times each day for about two months.

Also, you can see the measurements of every item when you click on that individual item that you need. 

Payment Options 

They offer flexible payment methods. You can buy from them using PayPal, Mastercard, Debit Cards, and many more that you can explore on their site.

Discount And Return Policy

Medals Research SARMs site doesn’t furnish with any of this data, however, you can get in touch with them utilizing their structure accessible on their site for any inquiries you have identified with that or anything. They will exact revenge on you as quickly as time permits. 

Contact Information

As I have referenced over that you can get in touch with them by filling the form provided on-site. At any rate, they don’t have any data identified with their number and email address so the main strategy to get in touch with them is by filling the form they gave on their site. 

Delivery Methods

They offer both universal and national conveyance, yet your request ought to be off in any event 500 dollars to get conveyance administration no mater global or national. 

Medals Research SARMs

Worldwide Delivery

You can have your item conveyed at your doorstep no issues any place you are far and wide if you request from them. You need not stress over on the off chance that you are far away 

National Delivery

They contrive quick track administration to national conveyance. It implies you can have your item conveyed at your doorstep in a day or two. 

Any Deals or discounts offered?

Another misfortune of requesting from them is that they other than having such high requesting value they don’t offer any limits or arrangements. They have modest items with no uncertainty however there request limit is additionally high. Well, this is how it is currently everything isn’t impeccable right? 

Activities Before You Buy From Them

Before getting you ought to consistently watch that whether the spot you live permits you to purchase such stuff because in certain nations SARMs are prohibited. So please watch that before you purchase, we don’t need you to confront any difficulty presently isn’t that right? 

Client Feedback

As the Medals Research SARMs are relatively new not much evidence is available to them. However, customers who have used for research purposes have found it highly effective and by its usage, positive results have been seen.

But research is still being done for human usage and might get approved of that. Do check out their website for more insight. I hope you find my review helpful and hope you enjoyed reading it. I will take your leave now. Enjoy and bye.


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