Miracle Kratom: Columbus, Ohio’s Premium Kratom Powder

The popularity of Kratom has increased over the past few years. People are getting more aware of the numerous benefits of this herb. But it is not easy to find a vendor, and people often struggle to do that. Other than Miracle Kratom, kratom is a miracle itself.

Every vendor in the market labels themselves as trustworthy and legit, but not all of them are, I can understand your struggle believe me, and also know that your hectic routine won’t allow you to do research that requires to find a reliable vendor, that’s why to make your task easier, I have done your part of the research.

So just sit back and relax! To save you time and money, I’m here and will tell you about an authentic vendor in the market who deals in all kinds of herbs and not only kratom.

If you haven’t heard the name of Miracle Kratom before then its ok, because I am going to tell you each and every detail about them so that you can easily decide whether you should buy from this vendor or not. Stay tuned!

About Miracle Kratom

Miracle Kratom is a company that is based in Columbus, Ohio found on 26 December 2016. It is a popular vendor in its locality because of its local store and not just one, but it also has another store based in Kentucky. They have a high quality of kratom to offer to their customers at relatively very affordable prices.

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Moreover, to make it more convenient for their customers they also have an online store that is very easy to use. Overall, the brand is no more than 4 years old, which would explain its image as a new entrant.

Their customer base is expanding with time because they deliver high-quality kratom to its customers.

Miracle Kratom

Products Available At Miracle Kratom

According to our general mindset, we tend to stay away from local headshops. However, it is not an average head shop that sells low quality, overpriced kratom. Instead, their only motto is to provide the best possible quality kratom to their customers.

MK is an active part of the growing kratom community in the US, as they regularly donate to the AKA. They have more than 40 unique strains of kratom to offer, each strain of kratom has a different price but they all are very affordable, the strains are available in different sizes.

Miracle Kratom Unique Blends

They have two novel miracle blends which include:

  • BlackJack kratom
  • Horned Leaf Maeng Da Supreme

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These blends are rare and very potent. BlackJack kratom is among the most popular and potent strain and can blend 21 strains with it, this increase the potency of this strain.

White Vein Strains

Aside from their unique and rare blends. This vendor has famous white vein strains which include:

Red Vein Strains

They also have an ultimate range of Red Vein strains, among them are:

This is not the end of the list; other than these mesmerizing strains they also have some of the potent Green and Yellow vein strains.

Miracle Kratom

Prices Of The Products

If you are a customer who lives in Columbus, then you are lucky because you head to the shop and buy one ounce or kratom powder at only $8, isn’t this price very affordable for a local buyer? But if you are purchasing kratom online than you might know it takes a little more money because of the shipping charges.

You have to pay at least $10 without the shipping for your order. Kratom enthusiasts who have a craze to buy kratom in bulks will be delighted to know that this vendor is offering kratom in bulk and for $180 per kilo.

Some people might find these prices a little bit higher as compared to other vendors, but they are far better than other vendors in quality and prices.

About Their Shipping Services

Miracle Kratom does not ship kratom to some states in the USA. Otherwise, they are very fast and efficient in their shipping services. An order that is made between Businesses days except (Monday to Friday) is processed between 1 to 2 business days.

While the orders that are made on Saturdays and Sunday are processed on Monday and it will take almost 2 days business days to get delivered to your doorsteps. You will have to pay around $7.50 during checkout for all orders before shipment.

They Also Do Shipping On Military Addresses

Furthermore, this vendor offers shipment to PO Boxes as well as APO and FPO military addresses. In case of any loss or damage, USPS is responsible to ensure the security of the product. Customers are also provided tracking numbers in the confirmation email sent by them, which customers can use to track their orders.

Payment Methods

To make it more convenient for the customers, they have 2 easily accessible payment methods.

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card

Miracle Kratom Return Policy

This vendor keeps check and balance before shipping the orders to their customers. The products are thoroughly inspected before packed and shipped to the customer. At this vendor all sales are final, but in certain circumstances, an exchange or store might be available for you.

But for that you have to contact the vendor within the 7 days after receiving the order, you have to meet the respective requirements of the vendor to get your order exchanged or refunded.

Few Rules To Keep In Mind

There are few rules of the vendor that you should keep in mind. To get your order exchanged or refunded, you will have to return the original order you made. Furthermore, the order that you are returning to the vendor must be unopened and untampered for an exchange to be issued.

Miracle Kratom

Customer Reviews About This Vendor.

People are in all praise about this vendor because of its wide selection of potent kratom strains within such fair prices. One of the users was claiming that this vendor us not only the best in its customer service but also has the mesmerizing variety.

While giving positive reviews another User said that they have amazing staff and products, they are friendly and cares for the customer and deliver high-quality products.


In an article written by Rachael Rettner (February 07, 2018), Does the kratom contain “OPIOIDS “?

She has mentioned that “On Tuesday (Feb. 6), FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb announced the results of new research suggesting that kratom compounds affect the body just like opioids do.

Using a computer model, FDA researchers found that most of the compounds in kratom bind to opioid receptors in the body.” Based on the new FDA research Gottlieb said in a statement. That, “we feel confident in calling compounds found in kratom, opioids.”


I have no doubts in my mind regarding the quality of the kratom they provide while recommending you to this vendor. This vendor has an incredibly unique and wide range of kratom strains and I can’t wait for you to try them.

Moreover, if find any difficulties and query related to the products their helpful and friendly staff is always there for your assistance. They have all the good qualities that you desire in a vendor, and you rarely find these qualities in any other vendor.

So, go buy from them because your search for an amazing vendor will end here, I bet!

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