Mmm Speciosa Kratom Vendor Review: Pros & Cons Guide

Kratom vendors usually buy Kratom from Thailand, except mmm Speciosa, who is buying it from Indonesia. The vendor is purchasing the Kratom from the localities of Indonesia. These include Bali, which is the reason behind its growing popularity. Below is a review of this vendor.

What is Mmm Speciosa?

Mmm Speciosa is one of the few suppliers who sell rare Indonesian Kratom strains. This is the reason behind its popularity and being high in demand. The reason behind its availability is its Eco-friendliness and ethical sources of sale.

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The product goes through an in-depth procedure that tests for quality and safety. All this is the reason why this business got such success in a small amount of time.

Products Rack

The product mmm Kratom is only available in mmm Speciosa from Bali. The product is available in powder form so you can have it with tea, or order it in capsule form. At mmm Speciosa you can find the following variety of Kratom strains.

Mmm Speciosa

  • Sunrise Bali
  • White Bali
  • Balik Bali
  • Bali India
  • Red Vein Thai
  • Green Vein Borneo
  • Green Malaysian

Those from other regions other than Indonesia include the following

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Quality & Prices

What is unique to them is that they ship bulk potions of the plant. One can get 25 to 250 grams of the Kratom. Most of the strains sold are costly. But they offer different coupons and deals for reoccurring customers. There is also a bonus for each customer. Mmm Speciosagives a free 25-gram sample for every order. Orders above 125$ get three 25-gram samples.

The cost of a 24-gram packet would be at 11.99 to 13.99 $, whereas a packet of 250-grams would cost 77.99$. This high cost only covers its quality but leaves out many people who cannot afford it. Mmm Speciosa only accepts limited payment methods including, PayPal, Credit Cards, Western Union.

These methods are no more in use now, and the only way to pay now is by Money Order or Check, Online Bill Pay, or ZellePay.


The delivery takes about 1-3 days through FedEx and USPS. Same-day shipping is also available before 2 pm.

Some Product Reviews

One shopper left the product reviews as follows

Green vein Kratom

It enhances focus and concentration levels, giving higher energy levels thought the day.


By using it concentration levels enhanced. Helped work through university projects and problem-solving tasks. No significant energy rush in the body. Its side effects include stomach ache, runny nose, and weight gain. The recommended dose is 1-2-grams.

Mmm Speciosa

Red Vein Maeng Da Kratom

It is an alkaloid in nature and efficient as a painkiller having an energizing effect.


Bought it for arthritis, for pain-relieving. It was efficient in lessening the throbbing pain in my joints and helped improve mood and stress. It also had a long-lasting effect of 6-8 hours. It is also good for depression. The negatives include constipation and dry mouth. Other people also complained of insomnia, anxiety, and loss of appetite.

Always take it in the prescribed dosage. Recommended doe is 2-grams.

Red Vein Bali Kratom

It enhances mood and relieves pain.


It was purchased for better sleep and calmness. It was capable of making my mood better and instilling energy in me. It also helped calm my muscles and help me sleep. So this is beneficial for anyone having sleep problems. The side effects include headache and nausea which went away after a while. The recommended dosage is 2-4-grams.

White Vein Kratom

Kratom is the most effective mood booster and stimulant. It is effective for fighting depression.


It has a mood-boosting, depression lowering, and giving an energy-boosting effect. It cheered up my mood and gave me the stamina to complete my work. The only side effect is difficulty sleeping. The recommended dosage is 3-grams.

Mmm Speciosa

Some Buyer Reviews

One 1st time buyers had this to say after purchasing from mmm Speciosa. I tried this after a lot of research. Their customer service is excellent and I highly recommend it if that is important to you. I made a purchase of the Green Malaysian for its pain relief.

It gave me relief from chronic back pain and gave me a happy day feeling all day. The second one is Green Borneo which made me edgy making me completes my work. So, a very good experience

FDA Warning

The FDA has recently issued a warning against the use of Kratom. The reason for it was as many side effects were occurring. These included dry mouth, nausea, weight-loss, insomnia, and digestion issues. A recent outbreak of Salmonella made this situation worse as it is related to the intake of Kratom.

Mmm Speciosa, In light of this outbreak Speciosa, tested its products. The results came out clear, i.e. having no Salmonella. So the product is consumed without any fear.


Mmm Speciosa is among the best Kratom sellers. They have outstanding quality and rarest strains. Although they are new in the market place they have made their mark in a small amount of time.

Trying out mmm Speciosa Kratom one feels a heightened mood and an enhanced sense of living. They also give stress relive and improve concentration levels. The benefits also include energy-boosting and pain-relieving properties. They also have some side effects which include irritability, nausea, headache, and digestion problems.

Kratom is an unregulated product. This means the right dosage is not prescribed.

So it is important to buy it only from reliable sources like TGM Store.

Lab Tested & GMP Approved

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