Mood And Mind Kratom Review: Important To Know About Vendor

You are here because you are looking for a reliable and authentic kratom vendor that can provide you the best quality kratom. And You want to know about Mood And Mind Kratom. But it is not an easy task to find a reputable trusted vendor out of so many.

People often get trapped by the vendors who pretend to be an authentic one but are fake and supply low quality kratom, this thing leads to disappointment, and to get rid of this struggle of finding a reliable vendor people often quit the idea of using kratom.

But is it the right thing to do? Of course not, and to make your task easier I have come up with an amazing online kratom vendor “Mood & Mind Kratom”, they are one of the few reliable vendors that have the top quality kratom. Let’s dive deep to know more about them.

Who Is Mood & Mind Kratom?

This company was established in 2008 by two partners Paul and Jen Sturgis, they were the resident of North Carolina with a passion for natural ingredients and holistic supplements.

For the best kratom products TGM Store is know as kratom hub

Mood & Mind Kratom grew to be the first and most successful e-commerce sites for organic remedies and aromatherapy products. Mood and Mind is a company that has been able to withstand all the trials and is still active and doing well. This store is stocked online.

They are one of the vendors to have sold kratom successfully on Amazon and to incredible results. Reviews that they got from customers were incredibly amazing and people praising the quality of kratom powder of this company. They were even called the “King of Amazon sales”.

Mood & Mind Kratom

The People’s Misconception About The Company

Mood And Mind Kratom is popularly known for selling high-quality kratom at fair prices. After the incident with amazon, and some of the pressure that’s been placed in many Mitragyna Speciosa vendors.

But TGM Shop is the only vendor who continuously providing high quality kratom

Many thought that it killed the supplies of Mood and Mind kratom a couple of years ago. But these are all false rumors and premature indeed.

Get Yourself Registered

The company decided to deal with the matter in a certain way and took a different approach, so now when you go to their website, you are not going to find kratom there unless you know their secret trick and that is, Users who are interested and want to look at their kratom offerings and products have to become their registered customers.

The registration is a free process and only takes a minute. After that, you can get access to their relatively large selection of options by entering “Tom’s Tea” or “Tom Tea” into the search bar.

Mood And Mind Kratom Products

They have currently 50 kratom products available online to offer to the customers. They are also offering the best deals possible including many options to mix and match 3+ strains in a variety of quantities, just like the way you want.

This pa and ma company has amazingly unique blends and potent strains, Their Premium Maeng Da has been leaving a great impression on all clients as it is containing their Mood and Mind Blue Lotus. Other products that are offered by them are:


Bali, Maeng Da, Indo White, Green Malay, Private Reserve Micronized Maeng Da, Red Borneo, Private Reserve Micronized Bali, Elephant Green, Red Thai, Thai Enhanced, Bentuangie, Harvest Blend, White Christmas, Dark Sumatran, Vietnam White, Red Sumatran, Golden Bali, Holiday Blend, White Maeng Da, & Green MD.


Bali, Private Reserve Bali, Maeng Da, Red Thai, Private Reserve Maeng Da, Indo White, Bentuangie, Red Borneo, Golden Bali, Green Malay, Red Sumatra, & Dark Sumatran.

Crushed Leaf

Bali, Maeng Da, Indo White, Red Borneo, Green Malay, Golden Bali, & Thai Enhanced

Mood And Mind Kratom

Let’s Talk About Their Prices

No wonder why this vendor is so popular and maintained their solid reputation over the last few years because their prices are extremely low with no compromise in quality. Let’s take a look.

  • Their 30grams bag of kratom powder will cost you $19.99, while the bag of 1000grams (1Kilo) will costs you around $199.99.
  • The bag of kratom capsule of 1 oz starts at $10.95 and goes up to 1 kilo for $323.95
  • The amount for 1 oz bag of the crushed leaf starts as low as $10.99 and goes up to $81.95 for 8 oz.

Moreover, sample packs, mixed packs, and gift sets start as low as $16.95.

About Mood And Mind’s Reputation

This company has made a positive place in the hearts of the kratom users, because of the quality and the services they provide to their customers.

A Reddit thread shows the usual mix of supporters and detractors, One User said “He never even bothered to keep looking after finding this vendor”, another user agreed with him and said, “I’m a big fan too…nothing compares to Mood and Mind”.

Mind And Mood Customer Service

This vendor is offering every convenience it can to its customer, they have a very generous returns policy. Every unopened item, along with any products that were received by the customer is defective or in damaged condition can be returned easily to them.

The customer has to send back the defective or damaged product to get a refund or replacement. Overall, they have got positive reviews and suggestions from their customers, they claim that the customer service of this vendor is excellent.

Customer Reviews About Mood And Mind Kratom

Mood and Mind Kratom is appreciated by the majority of customers and users. This user on a social forum was so happy with the kratom quality that he could not hide his happiness and said that this is the best kind of kratom he had used in his lifetime.

The main reason behind their high-quality kratom is because the company ensured to get their kratom from a similar supplier for over 5 years. Moreover, they are utilizing excellent quality control measures for their kratom, this is also a reason behind their kratom purity.

Among their various strains, the most popular are Red Vein Thai, Bali Private Reserve, and Golden Bali. They all are top on the shelves and are the favorite strains of people.

Mood And Mind Kratom

Satisfactory Prices

While some users are their loyal customers and are in all praise about their kratom, others are not very happy about the prices, according to them the prices are expensive which is a common misconception found in many people.

A user who was complaining about the product is expensive, but when he used the products, he concluded that they were worth the price.

Mood And Mind Deals

When it comes to discounts, Mood and Mind kratom hands out deep discounts from their online store regularly which is also a reason for the great attraction of people towards them. Mood and Mind discount codes are available which are good for 35% off your order at checkout. It definitely feels good to save some money.


After researching about their unique and potent Mood and Mind Blue Lotus Extract powder (50:1), we concluded that people are praising this unique extract of theirs.

According to the company: “Our Blue Lotus 50:1 extract powder is an all-natural mood-enhancing extract from the Blue Lotus flower that dissolves easily and has a mild, pleasant flavor.

This extract has a relaxing effect on the body and mind, while not causing fogginess or drowsiness. Some users also report that it helps them “open up” socially and with emotions, or to reduce stress.”


This company is run by great individuals who have a real interest in keeping things pure, organic, and inexpensive. They have the top quality of kratom that you may not find elsewhere.

Though their kratom prices fluctuate at times the quality of their kratom remains the same. Don’t forget to buy from this vendor because they are trustworthy.

Lab Tested & GMP Approved

Fastest Shipping