Moon Kratom Review: The Best Guide To Know The Vendor

Do u feel less productive these days? Often tired and miserable? Losing your spark and confidence? Feels anxious and depressed because of your workload or hectic lifestyle?

Well, stop right there! You must be wondering why I am asking all this to you. Because I have the right solution for you, something that will never disappoint you, helps you gain your spark, makes you more productive and energized.

So, ladies and gentleman that ‘something’ is “Kratom”. It is not an ordinary herb, this herb has so many healing properties that can literally change your life for good.

Finding a good and reliable vendor is an essential part of making your kratom experience as safe, enjoyable, and effective as possible. Talking about a reliable vendor so how can I forget to mention “Moon Kratom”.

It is a leading kratom vendor, which can provide you an array of the potent, high-quality, wide range of kratom strains at some of the most unbeatable rates in the market.

Who Is Moon Kratom?

Before buying from a vendor it is good to have some background knowledge about it. So, who are they? This Austin based kratom vendor has been in the market since 2015. In these five years, they have become one of the popular kratom stores in the market.

The most popular kratom vendor is still TGM Store due to their high quality kratom and services

They offer a diverse range of kratom products. Their product is of high-quality and is carefully lab-tested before distribution, thus they ensure that their customers will not get tainted kratom powder and prioritize their customers’ satisfaction.

They have high-quality strains available in their stores and the prices are pretty affordable. To monitor and inspect every product for quality assurance they have representatives in all the kratom growing countries.

Moon Kratom

How Are They Unique?

Besides another good thing that makes them stand from the crowd is that their kratom does not go through the hands of any middleman or retailers. It comes directly from growers under the supervision of their Representatives, this reduces the operational costs significantly, and the savings are then passed on to the customers.

So, you might not find all these qualities in other online vendors. If you are looking to purchase high-quality kratom strains from an online vendor at pocket-friendly prices, then you won’t find a better option than them.

Product Range Offered By Moon Kratom

They are offering a variety of kratom products ranging from their exotic kratom strains Yellow Indo and White Borneo to their liquid kratom extract forged from premium Maeng Da kratom, making for some of the most potent extract available.

TGM Shop has the best kratom products range

Due to the availability of vast product range customers find it convenient to get their favorite strains all at once. They provide strains in the form of kratom powders, kratom capsules, and kratom extracts.

Additionally, each product is available in a variety of sizes, just like the way you want. It’s up to you either you want to buy in bulk or small packaging.

Recently they have added some more potent and high-quality strains on their shelves. The new strains include White Borneo, Yellow Thai, and Red Bali. Moreover, other than these there are other strains also available.

The list of Kratom products available at this vendor:

  • White Borneo
  • Red Vein Indo
  • Yellow Thai
  • Red Bali
  • Green Indo
  • Maeng Da
  • Yellow Indonesian
  • Liquid Extract
  • Powdered Extract

Besides all these, they also supply a branded snapback cap. This is an intelligent way to get the confidence of their customers and provide them the proof of their legitimacy.

Among all their kratom strains, the most popular and desired are Maeng Da, Red Bali, and Green Indonesian. And they all are fresh and organic as most of their other powders.

Moon Kratom

Product Quality Of This Vendor 

Moon Kratom is offering high-quality products that have gone through many quality tests before reaching the market. Products offered by them have passed in all the necessary tests required to ensure you about the quality for instance lab tests, customer reviews, and manual product evaluation.

They passed all of it. So it is a relief to know that now you don’t have to worry about getting a low-quality strain because it’s just not their style. Their kratom is always obtained from Southeast Asia Under the supervision of their representatives to ensure their customers get top-quality kratom.

Unlike other vendors, to prove the authenticity of their products they even provide their lab results on their website. This makes it easier for customers to get clarity and satisfaction.

The customers are often seen praising their product quality and giving them positive reviews, which is the best thing any vendor could expect from its customers. On different social forums such as the Reddit community, customers have given amazing reviews to their products.

Let’s Take A Look At Their Prices

They are offering their products at very affordable and budget-friendly prices. Though their product is of high quality, their prices are lower than the average prices of kratom. You don’t have to empty your pocket to buy their products.

Here, they are offering their kratom powder at 21$, without any compromise in the quality. This vendor is quite affordable I must say.

The product prices are as follows:

  • Yellow Indonesian Micro Powder Kratom


  • Green Indonesian Micro Powder


  • White Borneo Micro Powder Kratom


  • Yellow Thai Micro Powder Kratom



  • Red Indonesian Micro Powder Kratom


  • Maeng Da Kratom Micro Powder


  • 10X Kratom Extract


Some customers might find them expensive and some might not, it varies from customer to customer. But their prices justify their product quality. The good thing is you will get to experience your favorite strain at such affordable prices. So, you must buy from them.

Moon Kratom Customer service

The best way to judge a vendor is by looking at the reviews they got from their previous customers. And talking about this vendor they have got all the positive reviews and praise from the customers be it because of their customer service, their product quality, pricing, or shipping.

They are doing well in all these areas and providing good service to their customers.

Moreover, they accept refunds for all the orders that have been unopened. You can contact them through message, email, or even calls as they have provided a number on their website. They will reach you within the limit of 24 hours, and according to customers, they are very helpful to assist in solving customer’s issues.

Customer Reviews

A review shared by one of their customers was “Best Kratom I’ve found! Best price too! Very light, fine texture, nice and fluffy. I will continue to be a loyal customer because I really appreciate what you guys are doing.”

Positive reviews of the customers about the kratom quality, customer service, and pricing has put this vendor a level higher above many average vendors in the market.

Moon Kratom Shipping Service

Many vendors do offer free shipping services to their customers, and customers just love availing such free service but they are not one of them. However, their shipping service is quite good and fast. Orders are shipped on the same day that they are placed or take more or less 3 to 4 business days usually to reach the customers.

Moon Kratom

Latest Research

It is written in the Buffalo News Website that:

The FDA has declared kratom to be an opioid and has documented 44 cases where the substance was associated with the death of a user, often young, healthy people.

“Kratom should not be used to treat medical conditions, nor should it be used as an alternative to prescription opioids,” said FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb in a statement. “There is no evidence to indicate that kratom is safe or effective for any medical use.”


Moon Kratom is the perfect choice for a customer who is looking for high-quality strains at very affordable prices. They have an amazing reputation and incredible customer service, and now you are very much aware of all the plus points of buying from this vendor.

They are a legitimate vendor that you can trust and never get disappointed. So go check out their attractive website and order your favorite kratom product!

Lab Tested & GMP Approved

Fastest Shipping