Motark Kratom (Motark Best) Vendor Review: Exclusive Guide

One part of life is ups and downs. But that’s more effective in online business. Motark Kratom is a popular Kratom seller also known as Motark Best. This vendor has more than one time faced the same situation. The Kratom market is one of the world’s biggest and fastest growing online marketplaces for herbal supplements.
In this case , people forget the seller, and find a new one. So it did, with Motark Kratom. But this vendor came back and you can find MK on Google search now. More people discover kratom each year and decide to get over it. And more and more kratom vendors are opening up to meet this customer demand.
This is extremely important to do research before you buy kratom from any vendor. To make it easy we always give you reviews on different kratom vendors. Today you will know about Motark Kratom.
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Motark Kratom (Motark Best) Review

Is Motark Kratom a legitimate and trustworthy vendor or a scam? Once the website goes down, the vendor becomes a question mark. This is not surprising as many kratom sellers face this period. DEA ban on kratom use was an issue which was later lifted.

So this reason cannot affect once reliability in any way. They are supplying kratom in the market as before.

Motark Kratom (Motark Best) Product Range

Motark Kratom

Before the Motark Kratom went down, this vendor was known to sell the best kratom strains with large range of variety. Now they have almost 11 kratom strains available on their website. But if you don’t enter the word “speciosa” in site’s search bar, you cannot find kratom.

Moreover, you have to choose a strain without any picture. Because they don’t want any bad experience this time.

Some Kratom products that this vendor sells include:

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Almost all of these kratom products are sourced from cultivars in Southeast Asia, people that have a history and tradition of growing kratom for literally hundreds if not thousands of years.

Motark Kratom (Motark Best) sells some other products as well. Candles, herbal tea, and turmeric powder are some useful products they are selling on their site.


It’s little tricky to buy kratom from this vendor. As mentioned above you need enter the secret word speciosa to reach the online kratom shop. Here you can find the products and prices. Most people avoid taking herbal products since they are considered to be very expensive, but this is not the case with Motark Kratom.

Motark Kratom has been in the market for some time now, and they offer their products at affordable prices. In 4 different packing sizes you can buy your strain. The prices are same for all the strains. You can also buy in bulk by splitting kilo orders (up to 3 kilos).

  • 100g – $13
  • 250g – $25
  • 500g – $45
  • 1 kilo (1,000g) – $79

Motark Best Kratom Quality

Motark Kratom

In the old days, Motark Kratom was very popular and known as the best vendor. Do they have the same repute today?

Reviews about this vendor’s products are full of praise, especially regarding their potency and effectiveness. Motark Kratom has a very strict and quality control process. All the products come from credible and reputable sources.

Some Consumers are quite satisfied and said this “The old Motark magic”. They praised the packing and quality of products with free samples at their doorstep. They are more satisfied with the low price in fact.

But my experience was not very good. They don’t have a high-quality kratom as I need or used to buy from the best kratom vendors. I had to take an extra dosage than I take normally to get results.

Motark Kratom (Motark Best) Shipping & Customer Service

Shipping is an important review that customers should know. Most customers wish to have free shipping. Some vendors are offering free shipping and some are not.

Normally shipping fee varies with the distance between the buyer and seller, and weight of product. But Motark Kratom offers free shipping services to customers who buy kratom in bulk. Once you have paid for kratom, it takes between one to seven days to get your order in your hands.

Customer services are always dependent on the quality of the website. And you know the quality of the Motark Kratom website is not good. They have only an email address for customers help.

Motark kratom

Return Policy

Motark has no return policy for any customer. They accept return in exchange policy for another product, if the product you ordered is damaged before reaching you. However, this policy only stands as long as you return the product as soon as you find fault with your product.

Final Verdict

If you have good quality products with reasonable prices and fast shipping with good customer support, then no need to hide yourself. This vendor has all these qualities with improved status but still hiding Kratom options.

The vendor has mechanisms in place to ensure that your personal information. Such as credit card details remain secure during your transaction. There is a fear of getting chased as it happened in the past. So you have to buy kratom with many security measures from this vendor.

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