OPMS Kratom Silver: A Detailed And Perfect Review

Before I discuss OPMS Kratom Silver vs. OPMS Kratom Gold, I would prefer to explain about OPMS Silver . Some extracts of Kratom are harvested in such a way in which most nitrogenous portions of the compound are lost.

This results in a lack of adequate minerals and nutrients required to achieve the benefits which one asks for while consuming Kratoms.

But some strains are harvested by the experienced farmers who make sure to deliver the components having high concentrations of alkaloids. Today, we shall have a brief overview of one of the great and most popular extracts of Kratom, OPMS Silver Kratom sold by the OPMS Kratom. 

OPMS Kratom Silver

During extraction, some components are extracted with the help of alcohol and water with a high pressure to ensure the high concentration of alkaloids. This unique form of extraction saves almost ninety-five percent of the alkaloid component of the plant. A powerful Kratom can be born in this way.

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Besides, OPMS focuses on the extraction of 7-hydroxy mitragynine, this alkaloid promotes the regulation of pain relief and helps give a euphoric feeling. Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions or somewhere known as Organically Purified Mitragyna Speciosa.

OPMS is a great brand known for selling top class products. The two main products of OPMS are the Kratom Silver and Kratom Gold. The Silver lining is known as a 1x extract but before getting into detail let us have a brief overview of the brand which sells this extract. 

OPMS Kratom Silver

OPMS Brand

Most people can find OPMS products from local gas shops or local headshops. This indicates that OPMS is not a great and reliable vendor because its reputation is not so good in the industry.

However, one fact that differentiates this company from others is its longevity as this company has been in the marketplace since 2005.

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More than 10+ years, the company has been selling their items in the international world. The reason why this company is loved and trusted by the people is their long-time presence. This brand is one of the oldest Kratom selling vendors. The brand itself is based in Atlanta, Georgia.

They have maintained a great presence on the internet. They claim to be the leaders of Kratom, you will see them claiming about their leadership when you first open their webpage. 

What sets them apart?

One thing that sets them apart from other vendors is their extracting process which is unique and different from others. It involves the process of extracting hot water and then rapidly cooking the mixture.

Consequently, the mixture is filtered in such a way that the major components of the plants which are advantageous to health are not lost. 

Overview of the website

If we look at the website of OPMS, the first thing that comes to our knowledge is quite different and surprising. This brand, despite being so popular and first-class, only provides four product lines. Three of these product lines are Kratoms and the fourth one is Kava.

According to the vendor, the product range does not matter as long as the quality is bad. Therefore, they claim to believe in the product quality and are more focused on providing top-class items to their buyers. 

Another factor that you can see from their website is the fact that the company has dedicated a section of its website to the subject “authenticity”. At first thought, everyone believes it to be a section that is specified to share the lab reports and tests however, this is not true.

When you click on this section, you will see the claims of the websites and descriptions of different products. This section also shares the identifiers and the key features of various items.

OPMS Kratom Silver Properties

The first product that comes in the brand is Silver Kratom. It is also termed as “OPMS Silver”. This is the oldest Kratom in the world. It is also said that this product is kept consistent by blending different batches of products every year. The alkaloid level is never disturbed and is made sure to be kept similar in all batches.

This product has a relative effect on the user’s mood. It gives a sudden burst to the energy levels. It increases energy and provides stimulation. If you are going through a bad day or had a hectic day, you can have OPMS Kratom Silver to turn your day from bad to happy.

Two forms of this product are available which are alcohol form and or capsule extracts. However, because of its distinction, this product is quite expensive compared to other products. 

Consumers reviews about OPMS Kratom Silver

Some Kratom enthusiasts are loving this product and have a strong trust in this product as they consider it different from various extracts. People believe this kratom to be a strong one however it is very expensive and costs much more than other types.

One person claimed on the website that: “This is not just an extract but it is at best average leaf which is powerful and strong”. This doesn’t mean everyone is loving this product as some negative aspects of this product have made people think bad about the vendor and the item.

One the whole, Kratom reviews vary for different strains and the experiences are different for different people depending upon their body types and usage. 

OPMS Kratom Silver

Prescribed Dosage of OPMS Kratom Silver

One should always seek a Doctor or consultant before trying out Kratoms as misuse could leave harmful impacts on the human body. Depending upon the dosage you take, other people have different effects. Depending upon the desired outcomes, the following are the prescribed dosage which you can take to stay healthy: 

  1. If you want a stimulating effect or want to feel euphoric, you can take dosage which may range from 5-7 capsules.
  2. A moderate dosage of OPMS Silver Kratom is 8-11 capsules. 
  3. If you take 12-16 capsules per day, it could lead to sedative effects. 
  4. Very strong effects can be experienced by taking capsules more than 17 in number. 

Different Types

OPMS Silver ranges in different types of Kratoms. Some of the most popular and desirable extracts of Kratoms are the following:

  • OPMS Silver Kratom Maeng Da:
  • OPMS Kratom Silver Thai:
  • Silver Malay

OPMS Kratom Silver vs. OPMS Kratom Gold

OPMS has three products which are OPMS Kratom Silver, Gold, and liquid. The most wanted items from the website are OPMS Silver and Gold and they are the ones that are compared most of the time. Both are used for mediational and recreational purposes.

If either of them is abused, it can cause some severe effects which are rather harmful. It depends on your own choices and preferences which determines what you really want to choose among these two. 

OPMS Kratom Silver

How much shall it cost?

Retail prices vary for different suppliers. However, categorically these products cost more than other extracts. In simple words, one might have to invest much more to get OPMS Silver and its types. The average prices of OPMS Silver range from $6.99 to $25.99 for 16 to 120 capsule bags. 

Some major properties of OPMS Kratom Silver

  • You can get OPMS Silver in the form of capsules or alcohol dissolved.
  • Average Kratom Silver costs $7-$8 whereas regular kratom costs $2-$3.
  • Taking 5 or more capsules can cause you to start feeling sedation or dizziness. 

The Bottom Line

As a conclusion, we can say that OPMS Silver is a different and unique kratom due to its different manufacturing process. It is a product of a highly reliable vendor giving you a reason to try it out. 

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