Optim Research SARMs Review: All You Need To Know For Good

Since the time SARMs research compounds came out, the majority of the bodybuilders started consuming them. Many people perform SARMs circles which are categorized for strength improvement and muscle buildup.

However, it is a true quest to find the best supplier of SARMs and other testing sources. Well, to solve this pursuit we are going to show you a vendor named Optim Research and how it started its journey. Let us have a look!

Optim Research

Optim Research Chemicals had been one of the most famous vendors which came on top since the time it all started. Their popularity grew to another level when a chemist posted their advertisement on a social media platform.

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People started buying from OR and within no time, they achieved the title of a “top-leading SARMs vendor”. They provided pharma grade supplements for research purposes not to be used for human consumption as direct intact could cause severe problems. It is only used for individuals research.

When reaching their website, you will see a page saying “Website under construction” which implies that the owner has currently shut off his services and now they are not operating in the market. The current status of the website is still a mystery. But the period of their active marketing had the following characteristics.

Liquid SARMS

Optim Research

Research with liquid SARMs is very convenient and people who are into individual research prefer to have liquid compounds for their testing. Optim Research was a vendor that exclusively sold liquid SARMs. Liquid SARMs are beneficial and helpful for enhanced performance as well.

Optim Research was a“Yes” for all those who intended to buy liquid SARMs. Except for having liquid SRAMs and good website user interface, Optim Research also had a special section that had all the options including the dosage details and bottle size.

All you need to know about Optim Research SARMs

A wide range of SARMs was available most of which are research compounds. The liquid SARMs comes in the size of 30 mL bottles. The SARMs you could expect to get from Optim Research are as follows:

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However, the S-4, S-23, and YK-11 were missing and you cannot buy them from OR. Moreover, SR-9009 comes in the form of a nasal spray bottle having droppers which let you drop the compound accurately in the required dosage without unbalancing the requirements.

Optim Research


Pocket budget and items cost is the most imperative comparison that should have to be kept in mind before purchasing anything.

Optim Research has shut down their business which means that you cannot check the latest prices but based on our research made back in 2019, we have noted that their prices were higher than other vendors.

The cheapest SARMs that you could get from them were GW-501516 which was worth $69.99, MK-2866 for $64.99, and MK-677 for $139.99. the stats show that in contrast to other vendors, they were comparatively high in range and would cost you much.

Trustworthy Source

We will only recommend someone about which we are damn sure about as we are concerned for our readers as well. Keeping this in mind, we have concluded that the owner of the company is a person very confident about his deliverance.

As for him, he never hesitated about how someone is going to present his products and what others will say regarding his items. His confidence in the satisfaction of his customers implies that Optim Research has always been a trustworthy source.

The quality of this company was unquestionable and we can assure you a great experience. Unfortunately, we still have to wait for the company to have a great come back in the SARMs industry.

Coupons and Discounts

As of October 2019, Optim Research does not offer any discount on their goods. All of them come at fixed prices although some products had an on-going sale which reduced the price to a great level. You cannot get any discount code or coupon from the company.

Modes of Payment

Optim Research was not like others who provide a very limited list of payment options. The respective vendor got their payments in a lot of ways and modes which were:
Wire Transfers
Money Gram
Western Union
Square Cash
Google Wallet
Zelle QuickPay

They were very strict about their payment options and you cannot play around with the bills. If you ever try to do so, it would result in a great delay in your payment processing, and eventually, you might be added in a blacklist that would not let you buy again.

Shipment Policies

Orders were shipped 24 hours. Orders were processed and sent to their destination from a US-based distribution Center. Nothing had been specified about the international deliveries and time required for shipment.

However, for the estimated time, it depends upon the weight of your package and your destination. There had been nothing specified about the shipment policy on their website which had always been a confusion for the consumers.

Return Policy

Just like their strict regulations about other disciplines, Optim Research had a very hard rule that did not allow their customers to return their orders. You ought to be a good decision maker and should have been sure about what your targeted product was. All sales were considered final on their website.

However, if you’re a victim of getting a substandard or damaged item, then you were allowed to file a return complaint but followed by several rules and policies such as your item must have been unused, untouched, and be in the same condition as sent.

Where is this brand nowadays?

As the disclaimer says, this brand is nonexistent now. When you reach their website, you will probably get a message saying “Thanks for your business and we’ve shut off our company”.

It is a clear indicator that “Optim Research” might not come back again and all the points we have discussed above were based on the time they were actually operating their brand.

Optim Research superiority to others

Some discussions have been going on different forums which can hint a come back of our favorite Optim Research. If you try to find their website, you will not find any information about the vendor or its origin and the company’s information.

Comparing it to other vendors, it was a convenient platform for buying SARMs as they’ve had a limited number of items available which would not confuse the customer on buying the wrong item.


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