Ostarine Review: Amazing Results Of MK-2866

Before proceeding, let me unveil the fact that Ostarine, also known as MK-2866 and Enobosarm is a SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator). The compound was developed by GTx (Memphis Pharmaceutical Company). MK-2866 too is an investigatory product.

The Purpose Of Ostarine

The purpose behind its formulation was to prevent and cure muscle wasting during hormone therapy. In addition to this, the product was later used to treat atrophy, cachexia and sarcopenia. Apart from treating these diseases, Ostarine is also used to cure Hormone and Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

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This type functions dynamically wonderful in increasing muscle mass and in retaining lean body mass. However, it must not be mistaken with s1 which was formed before MK-2866 and is no more likely to expand.

Effects of Ostarine MK-2866 on Life Style

In this short span of life people blindly go after their desires to look strong and smart. Quest of beauty is the foremost important wish of everybody. On the other hand everyone wants to live a longer and healthier life. None wants to die of fatal diseases.

These two factors gave a birth to pharmaceutical firms that developed medicines and products to fulfill the purposes mentioned above.



Centuries back the cave man very deeply depended upon herbs to get health benefits and to shun off the deadly diseases. Few decades ago people excessively used anabolic steroids to overcome physical disorders and to give reality to their dreams of looking bold and beautiful.

Unfortunately, the use of steroids proved only one thing, “Say good bye to one disease and welcome many.” This is because the steroids brought adverse effects with them which were off course deadly fatal and caused severe health risks.

Benefits Of Ostarine (MK-2866)

It has rightly been said that necessity is the mother of invention. Naturally, everyone wants to ensure safety either in getting the bodybuilding related issues resolved or in having treatments of different diseases. Certainly,”A safer way is a better way.”

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The need of safety gave birth to SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptors Modulators) which proved to be far safer and risk free as compared to SARMs. So, MK-2866 is also one of the very effective SARMs.

Gaining Lean Muscle Mass

If the user keeps using Ostarine for over several weeks, then definitely he is more likely to get 5-10 Ibs of muscle. It is not only far safer than anabolic steroids rather it strengthens endurance and gives a raise to muscle mass. It work steadily but the effects are durable.

MK-2866 can yield tremendous and long lasting impact if is combined with appropriate diet and work routine. Some of the benefits are briefly elaborated that makes the product much popular in bodybuilding community.

Gaining Lean Muscle Mass

Fat Loss

Ostarine is the best fitted product for shedding fat and losing weight. In fact for removing fat strenuous exercise and properly lessened caloric diet is much important. As a matter of fact the desired goals of bodybuilders are still very difficult to achieve, but no worries at all. MK-2866 amazingly burns fat despite high caloric diet and less exercise.

Muscle and Bone Healing

The distinction of this SARM is that it very well performs many fold tasks simultaneously including removing fat and preventing and healing muscles and bones. The product amazingly gives raise to muscle mass. Tue consumer of Ostarine must be patient enough to wait for bit longer to receive late but much effective and long lasting effects.

Unlike steroids, MK-2866 ensures lean muscle instead water retention of fat folds. This not only heals muscle and bone rather strengthens them as well.

Benefits for Heart Health

Ostarine prevents against heart attacks. Clinical tests were conducted on the people passing through the process of aging. MK-2866 undoubtedly lessens HDL and triglycerides that harms the heart badly. When the people were given 1-3mg of MK-2866 per day, they maintained a very significant lipid levels.

Indeed it can be safeguards against muscle wasting, simultaneously it brings very good result for the heart patients.

How Ostarine Works

As the SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) get connected with androgen receptors, then consequently bone and muscle selective anabolic function is exhibited. This action, as a result builds up muscles by synthesizing protein intensification.

As a matter of fact, when the same function is carried out by steroids, then a lot of adverse effects do appear like suppression and disordered sexual issues. The way of working of Ostarine is quite similar to steroid but with no or least side effects. That makes it popular among the bodybuilders.

How to Use Ostarine

Let me tell you one thing that if you want to use Ostarine taking inspiration from others; experience, you are not making a sensible choice. As a matter of fact anecdotal experiences must not be trusted that much because needs vary from individual to individual.

Product is available both in tablet and solution form. It depends on the user how they prefer to take the compound.

The users who take MK-2866 for body re -composition, they take it as it is. And there are so many who want to stack it with other SARMs. A user need to be extremely careful while using MK-2866 as excessive amount does not always likely to bring about better results rather it might revert the situation in an unexpected way.

The Best Ostarine Cycle and its Length

It would be better if Ostarine is used 2 weeks to ensure safety and quality. If you want to get best results, then it is advisable to 20-30mg for 6 weeks. If you are having expected results, then cycle may be extended to some more weeks, but in this regard the things depend on your discretion only.

A prudent decision needs to be made to go on a risk free journey of treatment. The user may choose either tablet or solution. The compound is available in both the forms.

If one is going for tablet then an intake of 1-2 tablets is appropriately sufficient. The user may receive the positive results of the compound after having completed approximately three weeks. The most ideal cycle however, must last to 6-8 weeks. A break of 4 weeks is advisable after having completed one cycle.

To bounce back the health damage PCT is strongly recommended.

Product Half Life

As Ostarine’s half life is 24 hours, so taking it once a day is enough. This too would bring about amazing results. The user must be satisfied after having taken it at the start of the day as half life is bit longer as compared to other SARMS.

The Best Ostarine Dosage

There is no need of repeating the benefits yield by the product over and over again. The popularity of Ostarine among bodybuilders is enough to prove its potency. Regarding dosage studies have recommended 25mg to 50mg for 24-36 hours. Taking excessive amount of dosage to get quicker results might bring vice e versa effects instead good ones.

Dosage for Men

Either for cutting or beefing up the body, the men must use the same amount of dose ranging from 15 to 25 mg per day for the period of approximately 3 months. The dose must be taken 30- 40 minutes before routine working and after meals.

Dosage for Women

As women are the feeble specie, so same does go with the amount of dose suggested for women, the lesser than men. Women need to take before daily work routine and 30 to 40 minutes after meals. The cycle should last for 6 to 8 weeks.

Results Before and After from Ostarine

Results Before and After from Ostarine

Whatever the size of muscles you are having before, make sure that use of Ostarine will increase the gain up to 5 to 10lbs. Though taking MK-2866 on its own is more than enough but an appropriate stack might bring about tremendously wonderful results.

Gaining muscle mass along with shedding is appropriately possible with the use of MK-2866. The consumer may protect himself against muscle wasting during the process of cutting. To multiply the benefits to many, it must be taken with rich caloric food.

Importance of Protein

To get the body building related goals achieved excessive amount of protein is suggested in food as it brings lean muscle mass preventing against calorie deficit, thus gives boost to metabolism. A combo of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) with the smart tip just discussed might bring forth remarkably wonderful results right in the desired way.

Boosting up metabolism during muscle is as much important as during cutting phase. A sort of bulking with a combination of strong endurance and muscle mass may be confidently and optimistically expected from Ostarine.

Solo Performance

Most amazingly, Ostarine can give reality to bodybuilding related dreams including cutting fats and gaining muscle mass with strenuous exercise and rich caloric food. This target may be achieved from the minimal amount of 1 to 2mg  only for one month.

Now, it would be beyond our wildest dreams that what wonders can it cause if taken 20 to 30mg per day, which is in any way not a sensible idea.

For Bulking

For having a beefed up body, MK-2866 must be taken from 20 to 30mg for at least two months. Here this fact is significantly note worthy that for better results cycles may be prolonged or restarted after a short but prescribed time.

Side Effects of Ostarine

What you think expecting MK-2866 to be risk free is not that stupid. Yes off course that is, but not to a fuller extent as studies have proved MK-2866 to be safer and better.  Being non estrogenic in nature makes it without any side effects.

No Evidence

This is something most amazing that though it’s a SARM and works like steroids but up till now no evidence of liver damage, water retention, raised blood pressure, clotting sex and heart related issues have been found. But taking it to be completely safe is something like living in fools; paradise.

I would like to show you both the side of the picture as carelessly taken excessive dose along with prolonged cycles might cause decreased testosterone levels. But luckily this side effect is diminished as the user quits intake. For this only one month’s duration is enough.


However, to bounce back the adverse effects a PCT to accelerate testosterone level may be used. By this you will see a sizable raise in hormone levels.

Reliability of Vendor

This is also a crucially important factor that purchase must always be made from some trustworthy and authentic vendor.

Comparing Ostarine With Other SARMs

Until or unless high dosage of MK-2866 is consumed it does not decrease testosterone levels. Another striking fact is that MK-2866 is a weak SARM though highly effective. This is the reason a PCT is used during cycles to bounce back its negative effects.

Another striking fact is that along with other SARMs MK-2866 is also banned by WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) for having anabolic effects. The sale is allowed for clinical use only. Regarding comparison, my findings are much explicit that it is mildest in effects if dose is not exceeded the suggested amount.

Do You Need a PCT with It?

With an excessive dose and extended cycles, the user might get the adverse effect of lowered testosterone levels, so a PCT starting another cycle is advisable. To significantly increase the hormone levels, PCT is as important as oxygen to lungs.


Though no user or bodybuilder have reported anything negative about Ostarine’s intake but this thing must be kept in mind the crazy dosing might lead to suppression. I woud give you a sincere piece of advice to strictly adhere with the standard dose to avoid undesirable results including suppression.

In fact, “A safer way is a better way.”Why to take double the recommended dose at the cost of health? It is better not to exceed the suggested dose to safeguard against adverse effects. All the things are now left on you discretion, so choose wisely what to do.

Where to Buy Ostarine?

Though a number of vendors do claim to sale MK-2866, but to me finding best is the matter of consideration. One thing is very important here that to resist against the side effects reliability and legitimacy of the vendor must be prioritized. So, choose the vendor where quality is sworn.

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The distinction of Ostarine is that it simultaneously performs many fold duties; cutting fat, increasing muscle mass and granting strength. This amazing SARM is in lead regarding effectiveness. The foremost important thing is that to take the benefits o the compound it is very important to buy it from a reliable source.

Secondly, 20 to 30mg per day is the recommended dosage for better results. For effective impacts MK-2866 may be stacked with other SARMs. In a nut shell, the product magically resolves the bodybuilding related issues and treats certain diseases.

Frequently Asked Questions

The conscientious users do ask many questions to remove ambiguities for a safer and better result. Some of the questions which are asked over and over again are as follow:

  • Does Ostarine suppress testosterone?

Ans: Yes, if taken doable the recommended dose with prolonged cycles.

  • Does MK-2866 lower HDL?

Ans: Yes, it lowers HDL, this is why it is very beneficial for heart related issues.

  • Is MK-2866 legal to buy?

Ans: Along with SARMS, Ostarine too is banned by WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) for having anabolic effects, so its sale is legitimate only for clinical use.

  • What does MK-2866 do to the body?

Ans:   It simultaneously carries out many tasks including reducing fat, preventing muscle loss and strengthening stamina.

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